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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A tribute to Michael Jackson's extraordinary life and career, featuring rare behind-the-scenes footage of the King of Pop's last rehearsals

Last night, we went watched Michael Jackson's movie. Actually it was not a movie, it is a documentary about his rehearsal 8 days before his concert in London. On this documentary you will see how incredible and talented he was. He is one of a kind person. It is so sad that he had to go so sudden.

Here are my souvenier for the movie.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Olive is one of my favorite finger food whether green or black. But what do you know about Olives? How Healthy are They? Which Olives are Best?

Olives are one of the oldest foods known to man, dating back some 8,000 years in the Mediterranean region. The olive tree was valued as a symbol of peace and happiness, while olives were used as food and a source of oil.

Olive soup is a good remedy for a sore throat, according to traditional Chinese medicine (it's also the only time olives are used in Chinese cuisine).

Today everyone knows how good olive oil is for health, but the humble olive is often passed up (often because they've unfairly gotten a bad rap for being high in fat). However, olives are actually a very healthy fruit, one that's been lending superb nutrition to mankind for centuries. So there's no need to pass up that tempting olive bar at the market any longer -- olives are good for you!

All Olives Start Out Green

If you take a look at your local supermarket, you'll see olives in a rainbow of colors, from green to brown to purple to black, with flavors just as diverse, ranging from sweet to sour. But all olives actually start out the same: green.

Unripe olives are incredibly bitter and not edible. To become the tasty fruits you're more familiar with, they must have their bitterness, which is caused by a substance called oleuropin, removed. This is done through a variety of curing processes, as even simply cooking an olive is not enough to get rid of the bitterness.

olive recipes

Some Olive Varieties You
May Not Have Heard Of …

Beldi: A small, fruity olive from Morocco.
Halkidiki: A tangy green olive from Greece's Halkidiki peninsula.
Gaeta: A small, salty Italian olive.
Cerignola: A very meaty, giant green olive harvested in Cerignola, Italy.
Bitetto: A sweeter olive from southern Italy.

Olives are picked at varying stages of ripeness (as they ripen they gradually turn from green to black) and cured using one of several processes, including soaking in oil, brine or water, or dry packing in salt. A more artificial (but faster, taking only days as opposed to months) method also used (particularly for canned black olives) is soaking the olives in lye, which removes the bitterness but also takes away much of the olive's flavor.

The Health Benefits of Olives

Traditionally cured olives, such as those found at most olive bars, offer a host of health benefits. For starters, they're rich in iron, vitamin E and copper, and are an excellent source of fiber. But what about all the fat?

It's true that olives do have some fat, but it's the incredibly healthy monounsaturated variety. Monounsaturated fats have been found to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

However, olives contain a triple whammy for your health that works in synergy to provide extreme benefits. Along with monounsaturated fats, olives are rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that neutralizes damaging free radicals, along with polyphenols and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is the combination of these three health-boosting compounds that make olives:
Have a protective effect on cells that can lower the risk of damage and inflammation.
Help reduce the severity of asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis
Help prevent heart disease
Help prevent colon cancer
Help prevent the frequency and intensity of hot flashes in women going though menopause.

When choosing olives for their health benefits (and flavor) always opt for those that have been traditionally cured (as opposed to lye-processed). No matter what the variety, they're sure to add a burst of flavor and nutrition to any dish.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Timezone travel is a pain. When you're flying across timezones, it can take your body a bit of time to adjust. In the meantime, you're graced with unpleasant symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, confusion, and more - enough to make any trip or vacation difficult to enjoy - while your body matches its internal clock to your new external clock. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease and speed up the transition.

Before Traveling
Every week, push your schedule one hour back or forward, depending on where you're going. The more time zones you're flying across, the earlier you'll need to start. This will give your body a chance to gradually adjust to your new time zone. If the time difference is several hours, however, it may prove inconvenient to spend your final week before leaving 3 or 4 or more hours ahead or behind everyone else. Alternatively, you can shift your eating and sleeping schedule by an hour a day.

While Traveling
Stay hydrated. On the day of your flight, drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is one of the symptoms of jet lag, and the dry, cabin air on the plane doesn't help. Stay away from any beverages with alcohol or caffeine in them, as the side effects can do more harm than good. Set your watch to the time at your destination as soon as you begin your flight.Sleep (or stay awake) like you're already there. If it's daylight at your destination, try to avoid sleeping on the plane. If it's nighttime at your destination when you're on the plane, try to sleep. Use earplugs, eye shades, and turn on the air-conditioning valve (cooler temperatures help you fall asleep faster). If you'll be needing sleep while on the plane, try to book a roomier seat. In a narrow economy seat with little leg room, your body will produce an adrenaline-like substance to keep blood flowing up to your brain, and you won't be able to sleep as a result. More leg room in first class or business class seats helps prevent this from happening. Eat like you're already there. Avoid eating airplane food, since it's generally served on a schedule that's consistent with the time zone you're leaving, not the one you're going to. If you're hungry, snack lightly until you arrive at your destination, and eat during what would be mealtimes there.

At Your Destination
Play or exercise, preferably in the sun. If it's daytime at your destination, spend as much time outside as you can. The exposure to sunlight will help your brain adjust to the new timezone. Remain active - don't just go to your hotel room and sit in front of the television. If you desperately need a nap, take one only for 30 minutes. Any more than that will make jet lag worse. If you are on a business trip, play may be out of the question. No problem; any exertion (for example, a brisk walk) will help, and doing it in sunlight will make it even more effective. Can't get outside? Open the curtains over the hotel window to let in as much sun as possible, and do some exercises in the room. Outside is best, but any exercise in bright light will help a lot. Be creative!

Eat light meals according to your new timezone. Not only is your sleep cycle adjusting, but so is your digestive routine. If you have any large, rich meals, they'll make it all the more difficult for your body to adapt, and symptoms like constipation and diarrhea will put a damper on your vacation. Exercise in the evening and in the morning. It'll help you get better sleep by tiring you out before going to bed (as long as you exercise a few hours before bed, so that the body has time to calm down) and it'll help make you feel more awake in the morning by getting your blood flowing. Have a protein-rich breakfast the morning after you arrive. It'll help with alertness.

Taking synthetic melatonin as a dietary supplement may mediate the effects of jet lag, but the long-term effects of taking melatonin and the lack of watchdog measures make it a controversial solution. Some people report that it worsens their jet lag symptoms, so consult your doctor before considering this option. If you're only away for a few days, stick to a schedule that coincides with the time zone at your home. If possible, arrive at your destination a day early to help adjust to the new routine. The medical term for jet lag is resynchronises. Remember that if you change your watch before you leave, you may have some confusion if you have a layover in a different time zone. Make sure you know how long you have between flights to avoid missing a connection.

Layoffs due to economic cycles and changes in the way employers do business may be inevitable. But education can provide a buffer and reduce the amount of time spent unemployed. It pays to plan ahead. Tough times teach valuable lessons. Become a Security Consultants. If your passion is protecting peoples safety, you might want to check out firearms training in los angeles and pursue on getting your online guard card

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Don't have the space for a full-sized pumpkin to make a jack o lantern out of but don't want to disappoint your kids? This is a cute and alternative way to have fun this Halloween!

1. Buy a pomegranate at your local grocery store.
2. Set it out on a cutting board.
3. Grab a sharp knife and a spoon and start sawing through the top of the fruit just as you would with a pumpkin.
4. Start hollowing out the fruit's seeds, as you would with a pumpkin.
5. Set on a paper towel in the fridge for it to dry out for the decorating.
6. After half an hour, take out the fruit and start to trace the design on it.
7. Cut the shapes out.
8. Store the fruit in the fridge until Halloween night.
9. Set a candle on it, then light.
10. Set it out on your front steps or in your window for all to enjoy.

Keep it cold and fresh in your fridge.Don't let children do this without adult supervision! Watch out! The fruit inside stains. Clothes, curtains, wash clothes, towels etc. are all at risk when working with Pomegranates!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My older sister was a breast cancer survivor. I had watched my sister struggled and fight for breast cancer, it was very devastating for our whole family. She ended losing her right breast because of the cancer. Cyro-Cell is advancing in spreading the word out about stem cell research. Stem cells from menstrual blood is proven to treat medical diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, as well as neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, osteoporosis and spinal cord injury and more.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cryo-Cell International, Inc. is making a difference by teaming up with the National Institutes of Health (NIH)to explore the potential utilization of menstrual stem cells to treat breast cancer. You and I can make a difference and be a part of C'Elle Breast Cancer Donation by enrolling during month of October for limited time.

Participate in Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cryo-Cell is offering contributions to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. $50 for each purchase of the “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” service and $25 for each purchase of the “C’elle Menstrual Stem Cell” service. To learn more about stem cell research please visit cryo-cell.com.


I finally receive my new passport today. After all the hassle and the changes that the Consulate made, my new passport finally made it. Philippine passport had changed from green to brown. According to the Consulate of SF the green one is no longer readable. As far I know, I never found out the reason. But over all I am glad I have it in hand, now that I have it, all I have to do is planning my trip back home next year. No month and date schedule yet, but I am excited to go back.

We, sometimes get so hooked up on what is going on around us and on our lives. Sometimes we take things for granted and forget to look back and thank someone who made a difference in our lives. I often sit back and think about what life would be like, if I did not do this, what if I did not do that, what if I did not listen to my best friend.

I was low of self confidence and felt like nothing good was going my way. But because of my best friend for seven years, my life changed. My best friend was my mentor. My best friend was there for me when I needed encouragement, whenever I am down and felt like I cannot accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in life, he was there to pushed me up emotionally and mentally. He used to tell me "stand out for yourself because nobody will". Life is what we make it, these words are true! Nobody will change things for me but me. He was the one who gave me courage ,who gave me advice, who helped me with my personal problem. He was the one who encouraged me to go back to school. Without his patient, his encouragement, I would not be here where I am now. I would not have a better life without his support. I would not have a better education without him pushing me to finish what I have started when I was about to gave up. Life has changed, he and I got so busy with our own separate lives that we have lost communication. It has been four years since we last talked and the last thing I knew was he was moving to Florida.

MyLife make things easier for us to locate someone. Mylife.com can help us search for anyone like our mentor, so that we can thank them for what they have done in our lives. If you have someone who made a difference in your life and wanted to thank them? Mylife.com can help you find that someone, myLife.com is America's number one people search. Mylife.com will help you and I find the person who made a difference in our lives no matter where they are. Join mylife.com now and search for someone who is close to your heart, who changed your life, your mentor. Mylife.com one way to find that person, so that you can let that persons know that you appreciate him/her. So, visit now!


How are you all doing today? Hey! It is finally Friday, but it does mean a thing I get so busy no matter what day it is. But anywho, the weather here in Seattle suck! It has been raining all week long, we got a break from rain yesterday but it didn't last long. Last night it rain all night,and right now look like it is going to rain again. It is so depressing :-((. But, oh well it is better than snowing right? I know Seattle people do not know how to handle snow that is for sure.

Between my kids, husband and I, watching our favorite shows was kind of difficult. We had to schedule who watch their show first and who will watch next. I often gave up watching my show to avoid attitude around the house. Of course, sometimes kids does not understand the word "wait for your turn" or patience. If they want to watch their show now, that is mean they want it right then!

But am thankful for charter. Having High-definition television or HDTV from Charter is very convenient in many way. We can experience TV like never before with Charter HD, we can now watch our favorite movies or show whenever we want to. The good thing about Charter on demand is we do not need to set up schedules who watch first or will watch last. With Charter, we will be able to watch our movie or show later that day or the day after they air on TV. Free!
Watch thousands of movies and shows, and access all movie on demand. And the great thing about it is it's free to gain access! Why bother driving to movie store just to rent a dvd, when you can just sit and relax and watch your favorite movie or show on charter HD and on demand?!

So, if you have a busy schedule and could not watch your show right away? Charter introduce you the easy way on keeping up with your favorite movies and show. Visit charter.com to get more information about charter HD and learn more at charter.net/ondemand. You can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

July of the 2007 was my first time visit to CA, we drove, my husband and I take turn to drive the wheel while the rest of the family enjoy the ride. It is 16 hours drive from Seattle to LA. It was so exhausting, but it paid off when we got there. Second time I'd visited CA was Oct. 2009, I must say, I enjoyed every moment going to CA, the atmosphere , the view, the beach, the SHOPPING lol. I did not have the chance to take a pictures the first I visited but the second time I'd only took a few, so here it is, sharing them with you.

I took these picture at my husband uncle's house which is over looking LA. There is the LA, full of smug lol.

There is my hubby at the white shirt and a hat, and my mom-in-law with her brother under the shed.

The image above was taken in Sacramento going back home. It is hard to missed the wonderful rainbow after the rain.

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Travel can be a lifesaver. The right vacation at the right time can revitalize your whole year, not to mention your body and mind. But in today's economy with airlines adding new fees almost daily and ticket prices sharply on the rise, many have written off travel as too expensive. However, with a few savvy tricks and a little research, there are still lots of great deals to be had on airline tickets and more.

Early Bird Gets the Deal. Travel experts say that there are certain times of day when more deals are available. Airfares can change three times a day as airlines adjust their prices to fill up flights. Early morning is when the fares tend to be lowest, but it is a good idea to check every five hours to track prices as they change throughout the day. Also, it's a good idea to check again at 5 PM when the airlines are trying hardest to fill empty seats.

What Wouldn't a Business traveler do? Flying when business travelers don't can save you a bundle. Most business travelers fly on Mondays and Fridays, so Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days. Airlines will usually lower their prices on these days to aggressively try and fill empty seats.

Avoid the Crowds. Fly to popular places at unpopular times. The slowest time of the year for travel is in the Fall between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Again, to try and fill more vacant seats, the airlines will lower prices and offer better deals to get people to fly during this time of the year.

Right place, "wrong" time? By flying to popular destinations at unpopular times, you can secure the best prices from travel companies and airlines. Here's where flexibility in your planning can pay off. Going to the airline websites and planning your vacation around the best ticket prices offered can result in a fun, cost-effective vacation and maybe widen your horizons to a place you might never have considered before.

Package Deals Many times the best deals on airfare can be found as part of a package rate. Most travel sites have package rates available and they are definitely worth a look. Often times, the entire package (hotel, airfare, rental car) is cheaper than just the plane ticket on another site. Even if you don't need the rental car, with the money you saved on the flight, you can afford to not pick it up. These deals are especially good on last minute bookings.

With a little inside knowledge and some good timing, you can get yourself a steal on a ticket to the vacation you thought was out of reach.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video games can be considered by some a 20th and 21st century form of art. You can appreciate any video game, no matter how old it is. Much like a painting, there is just so much precision, skill and patience that goes into the creation of video games.

Do you love playing video game online? Check out free online RPG. Algadon is a fantasy role playing game set in the medieval land of Algadon. The free online (web browser-based) game allows players to explore the land, perform quests, battle monsters and other ferocious beasts, fight other players, place a bounty on another player, and attempt elite missions. As a dragon, orc, elf, dwarf, mage, mystic warrior, elemental forest princess, archer, sorcerer, sorceress, assassin, barbarian, realm defender, knight, or merchant, you can buy weapons, armor, food, and potions to help in advancing levels, training to become stronger, and performing quests. Players can also join a clan with friends send private messages to one another, or post public messages on another player's profile. As you advance through the game, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available to you. Experience the journey within the mystical land of Algadon!

Painting a pumpkin is a great project for Halloween. It's ideal if you have an artistic side or you just don't want the mess of carving a pumpkin. This could also be a good school art project.

1. First, you need a pumpkin. It should have a smooth, even surface.
2. Clean the pumpkin if necessary. Make sure it's dry before you start painting.
3. If you're afraid you'll mess up, you can draw a pattern of what you want on paper and cut it out.
4. Start painting! If you're using a pattern, hold it on the pumpkin and paint around the outline. Once the outlines are done, you can remove the pattern and fill in the outlines.
5. If you're using light colored paint, you may need to add additional coats. Make sure the existing paint is dry before you add any more paint.

Acrylic paints work best because they adhere to the pumpkin and have vibrant color.Stick with simple pictures; there's only so much you can do on a pumpkin.
Never use watercolor; it's the worst paint you can possibly use on a pumpkin.

Millions of people want to lose weight, but very few people lose weight the right way. You have to be patient and understand that it takes time to become healthier and lose weight the correct way. Diets, counting carbs, etc; they all seem to be ineffective to losing weight. The best diet is the one you can put together; the one that works with your body. Let's tackle this first, before anything else. If you've tried to use another person's diet and aren't seeing results, don't be surprised: other people's diets may not work for you.

Herbal Remedies Elite Store natural remedies is the right diet to lose pounds and still feel healthy. Take advantage of market-health-elite-store product. Lose weight feel healthy!

Becoming franchise owner can be a great way for an aspiring entrepreneur to become a successful business owner.

Franchises provide pre-packaged solutions to many of the problems that plague independent entrepreneurs. With a franchise you can start with a product that has a proven record of success, as well as marketing campaigns and business procedures that have been proven over the long run.

Nearly a third of all independent businesses fail because they cannot find solutions to problems in areas like operations, marketing, accounting or distribution. With a franchise, the solutions to many of these issues have been refined down to a science, saving you the headache of creating your own solutions to these complex business issues. These procedures work as a safety net for someone opening a business, allowing them to focus on making money and being successful in their market.

Here are some tips for making a successful entrance into the franchise arena:

Know your limits: One of the first steps is to take stock of your finances. Decide what you are willing to spend on opening this business. Even franchises have costs associated with start up like any business, but they are far less than starting a business on your own. Be aware of your credit rating in case you need a loan to help with startup costs, and if you're partnering with someone in the venture, know their limits as well.

Know your market: Take time to think about the franchise that would be most effective for your market. Make sure there is an established client base for your product in your area before you commit to the brand. Often times the franchise company will provide you with research and consultations.

Use your resources: Franchise companies typically provide access to people who can help you get started; from lawyers and CPA's to real estate agents, landlords and business consultants. Take advantage of these resources and get as much information and help as you can to make your opening a smooth process.

As usual, a big decision like this should always be thoroughly researched. There are guides and other resources to help you make an informed decision and provide you with useful information about any franchise you may be interested in. Do your homework and the process will be much easier. In an economy that is full of peril and at a time where failure is the norm for many American businesses, franchising offers you all the opportunity of owning your own business while minimizing the risk to you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrating Halloween is more fun when you decorate the outside your home with many people to scare and those who dare to walk up to your door. All lit up at night, a decorated home welcomes all the little ghosts and goblins. With the addition of some scary music, the little ones will giggle with delighted terror as they knock on your door, yelling, "Trick or Treat". The fun parts about Halloween is picking out customs, going trick or treating, giving away who comes knocking at your door. My kids cannot hardly wait for Halloween so that they can wear their customs and gather candy as much as they can.

Speaking of GIVING AWAY! Jack's Quest is giving away some great prizes this Halloween. Join Jack's Quest by submitting your Best Halloween Adventures. Anyone who join the quest and submit their stories, pictures, or videos, will be automatically rewarded with a shopping discount and will be eligible to win even more prizes.

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"Coming this fall - Jacks Quest. Let the Halloween Adventure begin!:

Boothwyn, September 7th, 2009 - Halloween Season has begun, and so has Jack’s Quest for the Best Halloween Adventures. Anyone who is looking to spice up their fall season and win some fabulous prizes need look no further. Jack, the hip, young spokes character from Halloween Adventure, invites Americans to join his Quest and to share their individual Halloween adventures. Whether these adventures involved a child’s first Halloween, a terrifying Haunted House, or even the look of surprise on a boss’ face when he saw an employee clock in to work in a gorilla suit, Jack wants to know about them.

Everyone who joins Jack's Quest, by submitting their stories, pictures, or videos, will be automatically rewarded with a shopping discount and will be eligible to win even more prizes. Everyone can help Jacks choose winning entries by voting on the adventures; everyone is a judge in this Quest. And because Jack is taking the Quest seriously, he is giving out over 100 prizes to the top ranked adventures chosen by YOU!

Ready to join Jack's Quest? Log on to the Jack's Quest website (http://quest.halloweenadventure.com) to enter your adventurous stories, pictures, or videos. Claim your award for joining and post a "Vote for me button" on your blog, MySpace page, or FaceBook profile to attract people's attention and gather support for your adventure! But hurry, Jack's Quest begins September 7th and ends October 25th 2009. You do not want to miss the start! The contest will reset on November 5th, 2009, when it opens to submissions for the 2010 contest. For complete list of prizes and rules, visit Jacks Quest at www.HalloweenAdventure.com!


It's a rare family that's not on a food budget. The family food shopper searches for any way possible to cut back on the amount of money spent on food. One of those is using coupons.

Conservatively speaking, there are millions of coupons circulating every day that could cut your food budget by 30 to 50% - even more if you're willing to turn couponing into a passion.

Even the casual coupon clipper can become quite successful overnight and with more work and dedication become a super saver shopper. You have to be patient, flexible and perhaps give up your favorite brand, but it can be done and you can save a lot of money.

Remember, coupons are designed to sell a certain product and get you in the store but if the item is not one you need and use, then saving money on that item is a moot point.

Food coupons can be found anywhere. The Sunday newspaper is usually the best source but also look on line, at public libraries and at coupon swap boxes at the store itself. Some stores issue coupons at checkout for use on your next trip. Be sure and note expiration dates and if a cash value is offered. Don't let them expire and go to waste.

The keys to a successful coupon strategy are:

Organize before you shop. Keep coupons sorted by food type in an easy to search through container and match coupons with needs on your grocery list. Some coupons have mail in rebates. Beware of this and follow up.

Use Store Loyalty Card Programs. Sign up for a store loyalty card that usually offers coupons plus bonus points that are cumulative each time you shop. Using a store's own credit card can lead to double points and free item coupons.

Combine regular coupons with sale prices. If a coupon item is not on sale and it's not an urgent buy wait until it's on sale. Be on the lookout for sale and bonus points tags.

Compare ads. It may pay you to drive to more than one store if it's an item you need, have a coupon and it's not available anywhere else. But, before you burn up extra gas, ask if the store honors its competitor's coupons. Many will do this just to keep you in the store. You can call ahead to save a trip.

Don't buy too much. Don't be susceptible to the 2 for a dollar marketing tool unless it's to your advantage with a coupon. If you need two of the item go ahead and buy them; but save by buying only one if that's what you need. For example, the sign may read: 15 limes for a dollar. Unless you're a big lime user, some could go bad before you use them.

There was a time when some shoppers felt using coupons was not appreciated by the grocer and hesitated to use them. They didn't want to hold up the line while the checker scanned coupons.

It's a faster and easier method now with computers. Some of these strategies may not be right for you. It takes practice and patience, trial and error. If stretching your food dollar is your goal, there are few better ways than using coupons.

Monday, October 19, 2009

With unemployment rates spiking higher than ever before, the competition in the job market is increasingly challenging. It’s more important now than ever before that people are able to set themselves apart from everyone else, and sell themselves to a company. There are a number of different things you can do to set yourself apart, and you will not land a job unless you go above and beyond, and take every step necessary to shine through the competition.

So you are looking for a new job. Well, if you got an interview, you are well on your way! But how do you make a good first impression? It starts when you walk in the door. Although it would be nice if things weren't this way, the way you look is very important. You've got to dress to impress! If You want to look impressive going for a job interview?

Visit Gillette.com for a few pointers. Gillette just launched Gillette Career Advantage. The Gillette Career Advantage is designed to help guys by providing them with the tools, information and advice they need to rise above the competition in today's competitive job market.

According from the recent survey, more than 500 HR professionals, commissioned by Gillette and conducted by Harris Interactive, show that 84% of HR professionals agree that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well-groomed. When it comes to first impressions, 90 percent of HR professionals place more importance on being well-groomed than even a firm handshake.

Advance your look with Gillette's products. To get more information about Gillette products or to review survey findings and obtain advice from grooming and career experts, visit Gillette Resource Center.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Scientists have long marveled how some people in certain countries live remarkably long, healthy lives while we, in the west, suffer from high rates of chronic diseases and other health problems.

Computer analysis has enabled researchers to determine which populations are the healthiest and live the longest and analyze what these populations have in common.

The results point to one key factor; diet. The healthiest groups eat certain foods in much higher quantities - these foods have come to be called super foods.

Common problems such as lack of energy, poor skin and hair, and dramatic mood swings as well as serious problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers can also now be traced to poor nutrition.

Scientists have analyzed the super foods that these healthy populations eat and found they contain hundreds of micro-nutrient compounds, vitamins and antioxidants. A growing body of research from laboratory and human studies suggests that these nutrients work best in concert with each other, or synergistically.

Bottom line: Giving your body the right micronutrients in the right combination can make a huge difference to how long you live, how much energy you have, how often you get sick and even whether you get certain types of cancer or heart disease.

The problem of course is that we all live busy complicated lives. In a world of processed food and limited time, it is unrealistic to think we can eat the optimum diet including all of these super foods.

Enter San Diego, CA basedwww.superfoodsrx.com. This new company has addressed this problem by developing a daily nutritional supplement designed to provide the same mix of super-nutrients that are found in the so called super foods.

Dr. Steven Pratt is the developer of this remarkable nutritional system. A best selling author of nutrition and longevity books, Dr. Pratt also consults for top athletes and is a senior staff member at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California.

Just how remarkable is the supplement. Dr Pratt commented, "The nutrients and antioxidants we use in SuperFoodsRx have been shown to decrease symptoms of fatigue and to increase the effectiveness of dieting by helping to reduce the appetite and boost metabolism. They have also been linked to a lower incidence of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. There are several key micro-nutrients we included that can help to improve your complexion and strengthen hair and nails and the premium omega 3 found in SuperFoodsRx has been proven to reduce stress and mood-swings and improve memory and focus."

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Logo Having a house you call it your own is the greatest feeling that anyone can have. But with our economy's down, many people find themselves looking for a new job during a slow economy. You may have been laid off due to the hard economic times due to downsizing. This is when you feel behind payment bills.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why, hello there October!

In what might be considered an appetizer for the usual fall stormy season, an abrupt change in the weather pattern is under way, going from dry and chilly to wet and windy as three storms make their way toward our zip codes this week.

Let's talk about the first one first, as it'll be the strongest -- it's remnants of a typhoon that went through Japan last week. But it appears most of Western Washington will be spared the worst of the storm, with the greatest calling card being gusty winds in the Cascade foothills and along the coast and western Strait of Juan de Fuca on Tuesday.

The storm begins its approach Monday, keeping us cloudy, but rain looks like it'll hold off until late Monday night.

On Tuesday, the storm is well-developed with a central pressure of about 970 milibars -- in the moderately strong category -- but it is forecast to turn to the north well offshore and drift back toward the southern Gulf of Alaska. Since the center of the storm is not expected to make landfall, this will spare most of our area from any strong, damaging winds. (A typical windstorm would have the storm moving inland around Vancouver Island or the north Washington coast as we need that center to be to our north to pull in the strong, southerly winds.)

However, this does present a windy situation for the Cascade foothills starting Tuesday morning. We have some lingering arctic air in Eastern Washington, which has higher pressure due it being cold and dense. Meanwhile, as that storm center goes by off our coast on its way north, it'll create a big difference in pressure between Eastern Washington (high pressure due to arctic air) and off our coast (strong low pressure due to storm).

This is a classic setup for gusty east winds to come shooting through the mountain passes and through the foothill communities like North Bend, Enumclaw, Gold Bar, Cumberland and Snoqualmie -- those of you who have lived there for a winter know all about this. A WIND ADVISORY is in effect for these areas from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The good news is, the storm appears to be far enough offshore and a good chunk of the arctic air in Eastern Washington has moved far enough east that we're not talking major winds. Call it noticeably windy -- perhaps gusts to 45-50 mph that might cause a few power outages/tree falls -- but not the 60-80 mph gusts you can sometimes get in a major wind event over there.

In addition, the western Strait of Juan de Fuca area (Neah Bay, Clallam Bay) can get strong east winds during these events as well.

Of course, it's not just the wind but the rain, but in another bit of good news (for us), it appears most of the rain intensity will be focused in Northern and Central California, leaving us with some light to moderate rain at times, but barely noticeable on the fall storm scale of things. (Could this be a preview of this winter? El Nino typically focuses what would normally be our heavy rains to California. Usually El Nino doesn't get going until after New Year's, but maybe it's a warning shot for California.)

But you can track the rain with our new interactive radar. Maybe bookmark it and keep it handy this week.

And not to forget -- it could also bring an early season snow to Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass on Tuesday -- but just 1-3" at most and with snow levels around 3,000 feet, and I'm thinking it'll be a fringe event at the Pass, and then snow levels quickly rise back to 6,500 feet Tuesday night so whatever falls will quickly melt.

So to recap Tuesday: Rainy and breezy, with windy conditions along the Cascade foothills to 45-50 mph and along the coast and western Strait, but nothing too extreme on either the rain or wind scale. In fact, winds might be near calm across places that are not susceptible to an east wind. And maybe some flakes up at Snoqulamie and a few inches at Stevens Pass.

The east winds taper off Tuesday night as the storm moves off to the north. Meanwhile, a front associated with the storm moves in early Wednesday morning, bringing another round of steady rain for a while. It won't be until after this front passes around mid-to-late morning that the Puget Sound area and other spots get their usual southwest breezes with this storm, but by now, the storm center is way far away, and while it'll be a breezy to windy day on Wednesday for most everyone else, including the Seattle metro area, I don't expect wind speeds to get over 30-35 mph, except for maybe the coast (40-45 mph) and Northwest Interior (35-45 mph) -- all old hat for October.

Now, the pattern shifts again toward the end of the week as with that main storm center pulling off to the Gulf of Alaska, it'll pull the storm track back to the north along with it. Two more systems (not as strong) are expected to rotate around the main storm Thursday and Friday, giving us a better shot at heavier rain. The Thursday one is more the rainmaker and breezy-but-not-too-windy, while Friday's at this point is more wind than rain (usual fall storm windy -- 25-35, gusting to 40-45, maybe 50 coast and north. No east wind concerns), but cumulatively, the rain amounts will bear watching. It doesn't look too extreme right now, but we'll keep tabs on it this week.

Once we get into the weekend, the pattern calms down to just some lingering scattered showers. But November's main course is just around the corner.

Thank you MelCole's for giving this tag back at me. I appreciate it and your warm friendship. Thank you once again.

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You know that teen, the one whom all the parents love and all the other kids are jealous of? The one who gets amazing grades and wears clothes that are to die for? Well, you can be that person, as long as you challenge yourself in ways you never thought of and leap out of your comfort zone. Ready? It's gonna be a long ride.

1. Pay attention to your school work. It doesn't matter how smart you think or don't think you are, you have to try to get great grades. Do all of your homework, even if you think you don't know it. Many teachers give completion points, and those add up! (see School section for details)
2. Tell your parents where you are going and who you're going with. If you are striving to be perfect, you obviously are not going to be doing anything bad, so what's to hide? They will respect you more for it and may even give you more freedoms.
3. Get a job. You might not want to volunteer for being Ronald McDonald at the local burger joint, but something at least borderline cool and well-paid will cut it. This will show your parents that you're responsible and want to be able to treat yourself to somethings instead of having them give it all to you. Plus, you'll earn money which will come in handy!
4. Talk. Parents appreciate it when you take some time out of your day to tell them what's going on in your life. You don't have to spill everything, but do tell them about something funny that happened at lunch or that killer history test. Listening is a part of this too. Ask about their day, and truly try to get interested. Establish a relationship and maybe, just maybe, they'll refrain from embarrassing you next time your friends come over.
5. Have good hygiene. When you are a teen, your body is growing, so it tends to sweat more. So make sure that you take a shower everyday. Also, it's important to take care of basic hygiene. This means brushing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your face, etc.
6. Wear clean clothes. Wearing clean clothes is important. Like having good hygiene, keeping clean clothes on is important. Like it said above, when you are a teen, you tend to sweat more, and sweat makes your clothes stinky and dirty, so wear clean clothes everyday.
7. Keep up with your health. When you're a teen it's easier to make good habits and keep them, so start now. Make regular visits to your doctor, dentist, etc. to make sure you're on top of your physical health. Also, exercise is important as is eating well. Be sure to get 30 minutes of strenuous exercise at least 5 times a week and you should be in excellent shape in no time!
8. Be neat and tidy. Keep your room organized and neat and make your bed after you sleep on it. You are old enough to make your own bed. Don't just fling clothes around on the bed or floor; hang them up.

Always be polite. Greet adults, and show respect to others. Do not be too proud. Try hard to control your temper. Screaming and getting a temper are immature behaviors and will not help your cause. When you must argue, think of a lawyer in court. Quite often a lawyer is able to argue his client's case without screaming "I hate you!" at the judge. If you have a limit on the usage of the phone or messaging or computer, stick to the limit. Don't let your parents nag at you to stop using the computer. They will think you have no self control.In certain situations, such as joking with friends, sarcasm is all right. Your goal is to be good—not to be a total uptight, wannabe adult.
Don't necessarily cut your friends off, unless they do illegal or unethical things, like dealing drugs or stealing from work.Your emotions cannot be perfect. Feeling angry, sad, bloated or annoyed doesn't mean you're bad, it means you're human. Same applies to weight!

Monday, October 12, 2009

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When the word "Halloween" comes to mind, the first words are "candy" or "dressing up". However, before collecting candy for the night, there's several cautions that needs to be known. Observing "Halloween Safety Month" will keep you and loved ones safe while having fun trick or treating.

1. Make sure that costumes are health and visual approved. Cut the eye holes big enough so that vision is fully clear and is not blocked. Makeup should be non-toxic or hypo-allergic. Be sure that the costume is not dragging or is past/longer than the ankles; tripping onto concrete or the road can turn the night around.
2. Use the buddy system at all times. Kids should never go out trick or treating without an adult. Have an adult walk the kid to the door or wait in the driveway. Travel around other groups and walk to doors at the same time as other people. Insist teenagers to go with friends if they refuse to go out with family.
3. Have rules for candy. Don't let kids eat their candy until they get home and you have inspected their gatherings. Ask them what they got and observe what kinds and brands of candy and items they have received.
4. Stay on sidewalks as much as possible. Cross the street with caution and when there's no cars present. Avoid jaywalking and find the nearest cross-path; this is the legal way to cross a major street and to avoid a vehicle accident.
5. Be home at a certain time. Use the house as the meeting grounds and not the park or shopping center. Have the adults set the guidelines and curfews.

Reflective clothing is a high recommendation. If this is not possible, try to attempt to wear a reflective belt or tag. Flashlights can be waved around but it's not reliable as much. Glow sticks are the new trend for Halloween, so don't hesitate to stick one in your child's candy bucket or costume. Always have a responsible adult pass out candy for the night. A suggestion of passing out candy is to sit outside of the house, preferably on the driveway so that they can be clearly seen. This may relieve parents because the kids don't have to go up to the stranger's door.

When it comes to Halloween, you try your best to be original. You look at store bought costumes, and you even try to think of something to put together by yourself. It seems you end up never really knowing what to wear. When Halloween comes around, there are many options for who to dress up as. If you would like to dress up as a transformer for Halloween, you got to check out halloweenadventure.com. Halloweenadventure.com sale a wide variety of Halloween custom.

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Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

If you're short on cash, but want to spook up your house, here's how you can decorate with materials and things you have lying around. 1. Gather up your supplies. Old pieces of cardboard, colored paper, markers, and glue are some of the things you can use.

Take cardboard and cut out bat shapes (use a stencil if you need to). After you cut them out, use markers or paint to add color. Black bats look great hanging with a bit of fishing wire or string. Make fake tombstones out of cardboard. Just cut out the shape, paint it gray, and write RIP or other sayings on them. They can then be placed in a window, or in a place where they won't get wet.Use yarn or crepe paper to create giant spider webs for windows.Use colored paper to cut out pumpkins, black cats, or other Halloween pictures. These can be placed in windows, or on walls. Recycle old costumes and clothes. Old masks can be used to make life size monsters with just some old clothes and newspapers. Be creative. Using your imagination, you can turn almost any household product into something scary.

Gather all the odds and ends first. Sometimes it helps to see what you have to work with. Keep scraps of fabric and old clothes throughout the year. These will come in handy to make scarecrows or other life size beings. Alternatively, instead of the yarn spider webs, you can purchase bags of "fake webbing" for very little cost, these often include eensy plastic spiders and the occasional glow-in-the-dark ones as well. For a bonus, change out your front porch light with a black light. It gives an extra creepy glow. If you happen to be a gardener, save any dead flowers and plants. Putting out some dead flowers and plants can make your house look haunted (just get rid of all the dead plants after Halloween!) Stick bin-bags to front windows and stick CSI tape to front of the house to make it seem deserted.When using spray paint remember to use it in a well ventilated area.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Couples Retreat is one hilarious movie. I wasn't what we thought it was. I was looking what the couples retreat movie rating on the internet and it say it just 1 1/2 star. Usually if the rating is down the movie is not any good. But decided to go see it anyway. Every couple would love this movie.

Couples Retreat is a comedy centered around four couples who settle into a tropical-island resort for a vacation. While one of the couples is there to work on the marriage, the others fail to realize that participation in the resort's therapy sessions is not optional.

To go see the rest of the movie, you should take your husband or wife to see the movie, it will make you laugh. Laughter is the best medecine to all problem.

Friday, October 9, 2009


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Shop around. In most states, insurance companies’ rate vary wildly. Different companies may have better rates for different vehicles or different zip codes. One company may have the great rates one year and then raise them the next, so it pays to shop around periodically. Get as many quotes as you can, and get them in writing if possible. Be honest with each agent so that he or she can give you an accurate rate, and have each company quote you for exactly the same coverage—if you are not getting “apples-to-apples"? quotes, you cannot tell which company is really cheaper.

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ADHD, unlike what people say today, is a true gift that the beholder has and cares for. You want your child to understand ADHD?

1. Sit down with them. Tell your child that she/he has ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Tell them it is a disorder that makes them feel: anxious, hyperactive, unable to do simple tasks and etc.
2. Go on the Internet with your child and tell them this what their brain looks like.
3. Tell your child that she/he has nothing wrong with them at all and that they shouldn't feel bad if they have ADHD as it is a gift and that they are lucky to have so.
4. If they feel bad about having ADHD, treat them out. Take them to the amusement park, the mall, the roller rink or any place that they like that will make them feel much better about themselves.

Show your child famous people who have ADHD, like: Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Edgar Allan Poe, Einstein, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.Tell your child that you love them and that nothing in the whole world can change that.

Maple Leaf Foods is having a contest, a kitchen makeover. This contest is for Canadian Residents only. Which three of my friend would be trilled to enter this amazing contest. Maricel and her husband Ray just bought a home which needs a major renovating, this contest is perfect and I hope they win. Maple Leaf Foods are celebrating their new website that is why they are giving away $32,000 cheque who's lucky enough to win and build their dream kitchen.

To enter the contest, just follow this simple steps. Just enter your email every day until December 15, 2009, for a chance to win a $32,000 Kitchen Makeover. Plus, you could win one of 12 Frigidaire fridges stocked with new Maple Leaf Prime Premium frozen chicken! As a bonus, every person who enter this contest will be eligible for a $500 rebate offer from Frigidaire.

Visit mapleleaf.com and explore the website. Get the chance to meet the butcher, the baker and what she is up too. Every month, the Maple Leaf Foods baker brings you a great recipe idea to give your everyday lunch or snack some global flair. While checking out the baker do not forget to check out the pasta maker, and check out her OLIVIERI’s authentic fresh pastas that are made from Maple Leaf Foods finest ingredients for fresh meal ideas. If you want something different for dinner tonight check out mapleleaf.com recipes, you will find variety of recipes that you would like to make for dinner tonight. I would definitely try Simple Chicken Stir Fry, this recipe look so simple.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Choosing the right career training can be difficult, especially if you have been out of school for awhile or if school is difficult for you to tackle.

Consider your favorite subjects and how you can earn a living that way. When you pursue an education based on your interests it becomes easier and more approachable. Review current job availabilities in your areas of interest. A simple Internet search will give you a myriad of information about hot jobs and how to pursue them. Talk to people in the field you want to study. Find out their background, experiences and advice. By asking questions, you can get a better idea if the career is the right one for you. Don't get discouraged. If a particular job doesn't seem totally suited to your abilities, look into other opportunities in the same area. Contact potential schools and talk to their advisors about the curriculum. Discuss your interests and abilities with the advisor or counselor and get their suggestions. Talk to students who are taking the courses you may want to pursue so you know what to expect. When you find the right career path, go for it! Sometimes you know yourself better than anyone else. After all, it's your life and the only one who can make your dreams come true is you.

Get a part-time job in your area of interest. If you want to be a nurse or medical technician, volunteer at your local hospital. If you want to be a journalist, run errands for the local newspaper.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As I was trying to get ready to start my day, the mail came in and I got a thank you post card from my hair dresser. See... every month I have to go to a pro hair stylish. I like pampering my self once in a while. I think every women deserve to pamper their self in anyway.

Anway, she sent me this thank you post card and she said:

As I'm watching summer to fall,
I just want to thank you for your business
That continues season to season.
I'm so fortunate to have a client like you'
And I always enjoy our time together.
When you are here, you make my day.
I hope I make yours too.

It is so nice of her. I will be going to see her in a couple of weeks and thank her then.

So your friend isn't giving the scoop of what's going on with them. Maybe there is a way...

1. First of all, let him/her believe that you trust them completely. Always try to stay besides no matter how busy you are. Don't expect any reactions while they are into some hardships. Showing your genuine suppport will be the key here. Talk practical, never guide them if you aren't sure.
2. Be open to talk. Don't encourage it too much but be opened up for it, and let your friend know if they need to get it out you're willing to listen.
3. Do small things to cheer them up for the moment, you cannot fix the problem but you can make them smile. Jokes, inside jokes, invite them along, do stuff they like to do, etc
4. If your friend seems to be getting worse and worse talk to them about talking to someone, but don't offer advice
5. When they cry, ask what is wrong, if he or she won't tell you then let them be.
6. Be a good listener.

Give personal space Offer help and support, not advice.If your friend does tell you what's wrong keep everything confidential unless it is suicide, abuse, rape, or anything where he or she can get hurt.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Start copying here:

Be the kind of women that when your fit hit the floor each morning,
The devil says "Oh Crap, She's Up.
Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe in everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promise it would be worth it.
Today is sister's day.

I am only strong as the hair spray,
I use and the friends I have.
To the cool women that I have touched my life.
Here is to you.....LOVE U!!!


Tag all your sisters, mothers, daughters, girlfriends,
Including me if I am like one. If you get tag back seven times, you are loved.
Happy sister's day! LOVE YA SISTA!!!
Girlfriend and sistre's WEEK.

Now I am tagging all my blogger friend whom I consider special friend eventhough I have not seen them: Demcy, LuLu, Cacai, ms ray, Meryl, Eva, Mommy Tez, Mel, Amiable Amy, Tata, ,Clarissa, Mel cole, Chuchie, Lisgold,Kathy.

For all bloggers who I have missed mentioning here, please do not hesitate to grab this tag. Happy tagging all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Do you keep any secrets that must be disclosed? Then read on and hopefully you'll be able to tell the secrets to anyone without feeling awkward.

First of all, think if the secret really must be disclosed. After all, some things better stay unsaid. If you are sure, then think in what way your action will influence the person in front of you. Is the secret about someone close to them? Could it have a negative impact? If so, think again. Maybe you shouldn't say anything. When you have decided to tell someone, approach the other person carefully. You could give them a hint or two. Sometimes that would soften the impact. Ask them not to tell anyone, this is a secret after all. Look serious while telling the secret. Otherwise you might look like you're making things up. Tell everything and don't feel awkward. If this secret must have been disclosed, then you have done a good thing. When you have finished, give the other person some time to think. Don't say anything silly like 'So, do you want to go and have some soda?'

Provided the secret is of minimal importance, most of the above steps do not apply. Do not speak in very loud voice if you're at a public place. You don't want others to hear anything, do you?

Don't disclose other people's secrets to make fun of them or to get them into trouble! It's both immature and silly! Always think twice before disclosing a secret! Remember that someone has trusted you and told you the secret.If revealing something big, consider the possibility that they are not ready to hear what you have to say. After all, there is a reason you have kept the secret as long as you have.

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It's october 1st and it is time to give appreciation to all the EC droppers who stopped at my blog. Once again, I thank you and appreciate you.
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When you start a home based business, it is essential to gain an edge over other competitors offering same products or services in your market. In order to attract customers to your site you will have to promote your site through blog advertising. Even if the quality of the product or service you offer is the best, it will not gain attention from the customers. Without advertisement, there will be no sales and no revenue.

Pay attention to the market. Currently, there is a trend towards digitalization. You can create a domain with an attractive dot com and file your site to free web directories. This can add great value to the products and services you are offering. Try shared advertising on the internet. Here you need to find people who are also in need of product exposure at least expenditure, and merge your advertisement along with their product. This method gives definite benefits as long as you differentiate your product well from the others. It can also be less expensive. Any surfer that comes to visit the other product or service will definitely have a look at yours. Shared advertisement is very common on the internet. The more advertisers you share with, the greater the exposure of your product. Use banners with good designs can prove effective. Well-designed banners can attract more attention from the customers and provide credibility to the product. Visit Paying Post's Blog everything about blog advertising.

Advertise through dmoz, ezines, classified ads, and blogs. This can also attract the attention of the customers to a great extent. Link up with partners who sell a different product or even the same product. You pull advertising dollars and you will rotate each others sites on your prospective sites. For example: John will rotate Willie's and Bob's website on his site and they will do the same for Willie, this will increase each members exposure to a broader audience. This technique could also be used for classified ads, solo ads, and any other promotion technique you could ever dream about. Barter/Trade. If you have a website with a high page rank, you could negotiate with another webmaster/ezine owner. You could trade links for an advertisement. The possibilities are endless with this technique. Add your url to search engines and directories.

Whichever method you follow, it is essential to see that the advertisements are clear and impressive. It should state all the qualities of the product in a clear and crisp manner to attract the attention of the customers. A lot of the information mentioned above can be done for free. Just type these suggestions into your google search engine. The internet is moving extremely fast these days, and Social Networking is an extremely effective way to get a great deal of traffic in a short amount of time, which leads to more sales, which means more money in your bank account. You may also consider grass root advertisement. Simple by creating flyers and passing them out or creating business cards to leave at place of businesses or places where you know many people hang out at.


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