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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You know that teen, the one whom all the parents love and all the other kids are jealous of? The one who gets amazing grades and wears clothes that are to die for? Well, you can be that person, as long as you challenge yourself in ways you never thought of and leap out of your comfort zone. Ready? It's gonna be a long ride.

1. Pay attention to your school work. It doesn't matter how smart you think or don't think you are, you have to try to get great grades. Do all of your homework, even if you think you don't know it. Many teachers give completion points, and those add up! (see School section for details)
2. Tell your parents where you are going and who you're going with. If you are striving to be perfect, you obviously are not going to be doing anything bad, so what's to hide? They will respect you more for it and may even give you more freedoms.
3. Get a job. You might not want to volunteer for being Ronald McDonald at the local burger joint, but something at least borderline cool and well-paid will cut it. This will show your parents that you're responsible and want to be able to treat yourself to somethings instead of having them give it all to you. Plus, you'll earn money which will come in handy!
4. Talk. Parents appreciate it when you take some time out of your day to tell them what's going on in your life. You don't have to spill everything, but do tell them about something funny that happened at lunch or that killer history test. Listening is a part of this too. Ask about their day, and truly try to get interested. Establish a relationship and maybe, just maybe, they'll refrain from embarrassing you next time your friends come over.
5. Have good hygiene. When you are a teen, your body is growing, so it tends to sweat more. So make sure that you take a shower everyday. Also, it's important to take care of basic hygiene. This means brushing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your face, etc.
6. Wear clean clothes. Wearing clean clothes is important. Like having good hygiene, keeping clean clothes on is important. Like it said above, when you are a teen, you tend to sweat more, and sweat makes your clothes stinky and dirty, so wear clean clothes everyday.
7. Keep up with your health. When you're a teen it's easier to make good habits and keep them, so start now. Make regular visits to your doctor, dentist, etc. to make sure you're on top of your physical health. Also, exercise is important as is eating well. Be sure to get 30 minutes of strenuous exercise at least 5 times a week and you should be in excellent shape in no time!
8. Be neat and tidy. Keep your room organized and neat and make your bed after you sleep on it. You are old enough to make your own bed. Don't just fling clothes around on the bed or floor; hang them up.

Always be polite. Greet adults, and show respect to others. Do not be too proud. Try hard to control your temper. Screaming and getting a temper are immature behaviors and will not help your cause. When you must argue, think of a lawyer in court. Quite often a lawyer is able to argue his client's case without screaming "I hate you!" at the judge. If you have a limit on the usage of the phone or messaging or computer, stick to the limit. Don't let your parents nag at you to stop using the computer. They will think you have no self control.In certain situations, such as joking with friends, sarcasm is all right. Your goal is to be good—not to be a total uptight, wannabe adult.
Don't necessarily cut your friends off, unless they do illegal or unethical things, like dealing drugs or stealing from work.Your emotions cannot be perfect. Feeling angry, sad, bloated or annoyed doesn't mean you're bad, it means you're human. Same applies to weight!

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  1. Glenda said...
    great list... =D hopefully, lot of teenagers will be able to apply those. :) that will be awesome!

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