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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friends are important - they love you for who you are . Everyone needs somebody to respect and trust, [not including your mom], but can your friends always respect and trust you?! So, you want to find out, but how?! Following this simple technique will make friendship last for a long time. Read on to find out how you can change your friendship.

1. Understand that if your friends spot something in a shop that they really like, buy it for their next birthday.
2. Get together and have some fun (e.g, bowling, shopping, etc.) It is great to have fun, you'll create memories you'll most likely never forget. Tip: Take pictures! Even if it's a bad picture of you or a dorky one overall, it will help you remember how much fun you really did have that moment.
3. Never stop believing in them. And, remember, if you want someone to have your back, always have theirs. You're never going to know who you will need in the future years.
4. Help them study for tests, or tutor them. It really makes you two connect on a better level so you can understand that they can learn just like everyone else. And who knows? Throwing in a few conversations could be nice.
5. Listen to them. The most important thing that anybody can do is just listen. When you need to let out what happened to you, it's great to have someone to understand you and let you vent. Do that for all your friends. They'll discover your truly trustworthy and a great listener, and most likely they will come to you with most of their problems.
6. Be friendly to their family, and if they do something extra embarrassing that your friend is cringing over, act like you didn't see, so they feel immediately better.

Introduce them to everyone you know, just to feel closer. Be someone who you'd want your friends to always treat you- that way they will learn from you, and everyone will have better relationships.Don't let a friend walk all over you, there's a line between respecting and cherishing a friendship and being a pushover towards a friendship.


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