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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something terrible happens to businesses that don't advertise - Nothing. Follow these advertising tips to make your business thrive.
Take into consideration what you are trying to advertise.
Remember your audience. If you are targeting a specific gender, age group, etc. be sure that your advertisement reflects that.
Choose a location for your advertisement. Pick a place that can be easily noticed. Always remember; it's all about location, location, location.
Try to avoid what is most commonly ignored by people. This would include: popups, email (spam), junk mail, etc., because most often people just toss aside and ignore these.
Be creative and original. If you use phrases that are becoming old such as: "Would you like to...?", "What if I told you there is a way to avoid...", "and gain...?", "Call now! Only pay S&H!" This will automatically pull their attention away, because they know it's just like all the others they come across on a daily basis.
Be funny. Nothing catches peoples attention better than bright colors, a funny picture, and music!
Choose a method! You can hand out flyers and brochures, you can make a commercial, a billboard, text messages, posters, etc.
Create a catchy tune/ slogan/ symbol for your advertisement. Studies show that these have high impact on making people remember your advertisement.
Have real promotions if you are selling a product. Nothing says buy my product like "free sample!" or "buy one get one free!" People LOVE this. Just make it real and simple, though. If you say "1 week trial, only S&H" they won't believe you.
Spread the word. Nothing gets around the world faster than gossip. Tell family, friends, neighbors, etc. about it and see how many people come to you.
Just have fun with it! If you act interested others will be interested.

* Make it colorful, musical, and funny!
* Have fun and be interested
* If you're making a commercial, don't make the people look "Brady Bunch Happy" instead, make them look like NORMAL people

Avoid common advertising methods and phrases. People will toss them aside.

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