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Friday, June 26, 2009

As we were watching the news yesterday, breaking news interrupted the news at MSNBC. The breaking news was about Michael Jackson been taken to UCLA hospital as we was in cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is very dangerous, once the heart stop it is very hard to save the patient from it. Michael Jackson died yesterday from cardiac arrest, doctors tried to revive for an hour but they did not succeed . Michael Jackson 50 years old,the king of Pop had died living his three kids.

Everyone is devastated including me yesterday, I was going to post about him yesterday but I couldn't. It is too painful, I admit I am a fan of Michael Jackson. I love his music in fact we have all his song on cd's. Even though, Michael is gone he will always be alive to all people who touch his music. His death is so sudden to everyone, a lot of people gathered at the hospital front to pay a resfect. Last night, most of TV channel played Michael Jackson's music video to remember him. Even though Michael Jackson is gone his music will always live on.


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