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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got a call from a friend last night asking me if I wanted to go out and Karaoke, since I am so bored and need to do something.. I said what the heek, hell yah! Anyway, we went to Eagles ( that where the Karaoke bar is ) for Karaoke, when we got there, a bunch of filipina were there. I said hi since I haven't seen them for 4 years... some of them knows me by appearance but forget my name. Can you imagine that?

Anyway, we had fun. ate eda( the one on the picture, I did not took a bunch of picture just the one above) she tried to make me sing, but I told her i haven't done any karaoke for 4 years so my voice is kind of rusted. When we used to do karaoke before I move to Seattle, we always sand a song called "Almost paradise". She did put that for her and the other filipina named Lydia for then so sing... but guess what? I end up helping them cause ate lydia does not know the song LOL. Was funny but was fun. We had some intermission between people singing. The DJ usually put disco music during intermission so.... I got to dance. I rather.. disco than sing anyway :)). But over all we had fun.

Yesterday was my daughter's dentist appointment. The funny thing was when the receptionist asked me what my daughter's birth date... i paused and had to think when. My mind just went blank all of the sudden, not that I don't know my kids birth date... i guess I have my moment today. Felt like I am so tired and my mine was not working at all. Anyway back to my daughter's dentist exam, they took ex-ray, she lose 4 teeth since the last visit which was in august.

The dentist said her teeth are healthy, no cavity that's a plus. She just need to brush it real good on the front , and avoid soda . Anyway she did great and had a excellent report. Just want to share some snap shut.


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