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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The clothes we wear can have a large impact on what others think of us, and how we think about ourselves. Dressing like a stunning, modern-day beauty may be difficult sometimes, but I'm sure these tips will help you.

See the stars! No, you don't have to go to a glamourous movie premiere, or live in a Hollywood neighbourhood, just flick through the pages of any glossy magazine. Celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Dita Von Teese, Goldie Hawn and even Victoria Beckham know how to look modern yet sophisticated. Many high-street stores have "copycat" outfits and accessories avalible at much cheaper prices.
Start with one item, and build on it. Perhaps purchase a pair of shoes (such as high heels, or ballerina pumps) and buy matching dresses and colour-coordinated accessories.
Have a reason to dress this way. Whether it's a fancy party or wedding night, you need a good reason to dress a certain way. Maybe you don't, and you just want to add a touch of modern glamour to your wardrobe. This is perfectly fine, but make sure you have some upcoming events to show off your new outfits.
Get shopping! Purchase glamourous frocks in bold colours. Reds, blacks, whites and yellows help you stand out and be noticed. Heads will turn if you try diamonds, glitter and sequins. Perfect the art of buying shoes by purchasing elegant footwear. Heels, pumps and a stunning pair of flip-flops for casual occasions are must-haves when it comes to shoes.
Accessorize! Splash out on silver diamond earrings, expensive necklaces, and high-brow watches. Handbags are must-haves, so purchase bags from your local high street, or Rodeo Drive Copycat.

Choose a favourite designer. From Christian Dior to Chanel, every elegant lady has a favourite fashion designer.
Mix `n' Match! For example, a red dress with black earrings looks elegant, classy and modern.

Don't spend too much! Many beautiful outfits can be found without spending your holiday savings.
Don't change overnight -- take it step by step.
Don't buy things just because your style icon wore them -- make sure they look good on YOU

Shopping is everyone's favorite past time, and this is especially so for the wealthy. There are different reasons for shopping - shopping for pleasure, shopping for needs, and shopping for others i.e. buying gifts. Shopping can also turn into an addiction, which can bring about the term "impulse buying" which is unhealthy for normal people like us. In this guide, you can learn how to shop smart, and still be fashionable! Shopping smart does not mean shopping for cheap clothes, rather it is making your buys worth your money.

Review your budget. As all of you know, in order to be a smart shopper, you'll have to control your spending. Write a budget and stick to it. If you see an expensive article of clothing e.g. top that you really like, consider if that top would match most of your bottoms, so that it would not be well worth your money.
Go to the right places. Find the nearest flea market. Why flea markets? They offer unique rare pieces from all around the world at cheap or second-hand prices. Basically, you would not want to have a tee that everyone else has, and you want to stand out stylishly in the crowd. Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable about using second-hand items, try buying new clothes that are imported in bulk. Flea markets may have the most uncomfortable environment but they may provide the best variety of clothing.
Follow your interest. Read magazines before your shopping trip to get ideas on what style you are inclined to, so that you can save time by directly going to the specific concept stores Ben Sherman for British-Indie inspired style.
Find clothes that fit. Buy clothes that fit right at the store, especially pants and dresses, so that you will not need to spend extra money on tailoring.

Make frequent trips to your shopping districts for latest information on newly-opened stores and new arrivals.
Tees sold on the web usually cost more, but they are one of a kind. Decide on your main priority.
Less is more. Buying a good quality tee-shirt and taking care of it is good value. Buying 5 cheap ones is not and you don't look as good!

Shopping is addictive - Use of credit cards is discouraged. Use cash instead.
Be prepared to take a long time to find the nice clothes you want at flea markets.


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