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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today, I tried going to the mall to finished up my Christmas shopping done. My son, my daughter and her friend wanted to come along, so I went with three kids. Not that they are not well behave, the problem was... the Mall was pack! My gosh, we can't hardly move around the mall. I told my self this was a bad idea bringing kids to the mall with me. First of all, my son was keep on telling me he does not want to go to the girly stuff so he end up waiting outside claires until my daughter and her friend buying some earring.

I decided to take the kids home and just come and shop by myself. We stop by at Mc Donald and grab a bite before taking back home. At least one thing was done despite of how crowded the mall was. I was not sure what was I thinking when I agreed to take the kids with me since this is the busiest month of the year. Atleast they get to see the giant Christmas tree in the middle of the mall. This time we are not allowed to take a picture with the kids on the back ground, unless you pay $20. One thing I'd learned " don't bring kids when you go shopping during Christmas Holiday.


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