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Friday, December 11, 2009

My daughter have her friend Emma over for sleep over. They decide to play cook out, they gather as much as they can find in the fridge, juice, roll ,peanut butter etc..etc. They decided to make some peanut butter sandwich with m and m on the top. They said its for me to eat when I get hungry. They are so funny.

Later on they are going top play dress up.They are having so much fun.

There is nothing like a good hot tea, when the weather is freezing cold. I have been cold all day, well... its most of the week anyway, its because the weather/environment changed for me. From the Seattle rainy,cloudy,green environment weather to North central WA freezing cold single digit at night weather. I tried my best to be warm, with a hot tea, scarf, thick coat and glove to go pick me daughter up from school is all the time needed.


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