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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last night I got a text from my older sister penny telling that she needs to talk to me about our mom. You see, my mom has been so sick, she got type 1 diabetes and heart problem. according to my sister, my Mom has not been feeling so good in a few days, end up her sugar was so high, which is 375 ( I wonder what she ate to make her sick like that) and also her blood pressure is up.

I had been talking to my sister and my dad often on today, see what was going on. They told me that they have to take my mom to the hospital. And so they did, my mom is under specialist care right at this moment. Hopefully they will settle her down. I am so worried, sometimes it's pissing me off because I cannot be there personally to see what is going on. One more thing the cell phone reception kind of suck at time. Either they cannot hear me or I cannot hear them. As of now , I am waiting for an update about my mom's health. Hopefully everything will be okay. That is what I am telling my self at least.


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