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Friday, October 31, 2008

We , women loves to be pampered I know that for sure. Women usually love shopping for clothes, shoes, purses , I know I do. Sometimes, even though we don't need another shoes, because you just bought a shoe last weekend and the box hasn't been open yet. Well we love to buy one because they look so cute and look like it will matched your the outfit you bought the other day. I am like that, I have to admit.

I usually buy my clothing online, at Newport and ,BodyCentral .

Today , I had an appointment with my hairdresser. I usually get my hair done once a month. A full high light, and a trim. But! today I only got a partial high light, it's cheaper than full. Usually, the full highlight , trim and press cost $ 150.00 but today it only cost me $85.00 it save me quiet a bit.

You know, we have to pampered ourselves once in while, to make us feel great. Beside we need to look great for our man. (Wink!!!)

I noticed that a lot of people love to visit one place to another. If you are a traveler , retiree or just simply love to take a vacation from all around the world. Weather you are taking a vacation for pleasure or just there for a business.

One great place to be is the El Casco Antiguo region of Panama the southwest of the city on a small peninsula.Panama has a wide variety of destinations, activities and world class attractions: beach, mountains, nature, a sophisticated captial city, fine dining, shopping, golf, sportfishing, Indigenous culture, and history among others. It's a place has a lot to offer. Panama is a exotic and great place to purchase your very own condo hotel. It's a great place to live invest and purchasing homes.

Check out the Hotel Casco Antiguo, it's very luxurious hotel condo to live in. When you decide where the best place to retire overseas, choosing Panama it's the best retirement destination because Panama is a nature and beach lovers paradise , and has a very low cost of living compared to the high cost of retiring in Europe or the USA. To get more information just simply Register for an eBrochure Here . Keep in mind , In Panama City, the beaches and lowlands there’s a year-round warm climate. In the mountains and highlands there’s a year-round spring-like weather. It's a great place where you want to be.


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