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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have been so busy lately that I could not be able to dropped on any one's blog. I will be eventually. I have been so busy researching and I put a lot of though what about to make which is making my own jewelry. I really wanted to make jewelries for for quiet some time now and putting works on how and when to start. Now, that I put my self together... I started buying material and start my first two jewelry creation.

I was please with the outcome, though I am that expert yet. I will get there one day I hope :). Anyway I would like to share the jewelry that I have started today. I will be launching my Jewelry online store soon .

The image of the earring above is made of silver materials. It glared up because of too much light when I was taking the photo.

The image of the earring above is made of silver wiring with glass beads. Kind of blurry I guess I will be needing a better camera.


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