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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do you keep any secrets that must be disclosed? Then read on and hopefully you'll be able to tell the secrets to anyone without feeling awkward.

First of all, think if the secret really must be disclosed. After all, some things better stay unsaid. If you are sure, then think in what way your action will influence the person in front of you. Is the secret about someone close to them? Could it have a negative impact? If so, think again. Maybe you shouldn't say anything. When you have decided to tell someone, approach the other person carefully. You could give them a hint or two. Sometimes that would soften the impact. Ask them not to tell anyone, this is a secret after all. Look serious while telling the secret. Otherwise you might look like you're making things up. Tell everything and don't feel awkward. If this secret must have been disclosed, then you have done a good thing. When you have finished, give the other person some time to think. Don't say anything silly like 'So, do you want to go and have some soda?'

Provided the secret is of minimal importance, most of the above steps do not apply. Do not speak in very loud voice if you're at a public place. You don't want others to hear anything, do you?

Don't disclose other people's secrets to make fun of them or to get them into trouble! It's both immature and silly! Always think twice before disclosing a secret! Remember that someone has trusted you and told you the secret.If revealing something big, consider the possibility that they are not ready to hear what you have to say. After all, there is a reason you have kept the secret as long as you have.


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