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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A job of a nurse and doctor are very important and can be very difficult. They make sure their patient is well taken care of. They make things better and easier for every patient they have. They save people's live, we call them heroes. If your career is in the medical field or if you are planning to be in the medical field, this amazing Website called Scrubs would be very helpful for you. This Website is great for everyone who needs motivation toward healthy living. If you want your health to be on the right track towards healthy and good living then you must visit scrubmag.com. Scrubs is an online magazine where you can read some useful reviews about lifestyle in the medical field that is inspiring, uplifting, positive speaks to the stages of a nursing career. Scrubsmag is so much different from other clinically Website I have visited.

Srubsmag.com is very informative online Website. The stories are breath taking and uplifting on nurses experience during their duty at work. Scrubsmag is not only very useful health Website, you can also do some fun stuff, like giving someone "The scrubby". Visit The Scrubbies and create the scrubbiest certificate for someone you know, someone who deserve to have the scrubby award. The procedure is very simple, just create the award by re-input your name and the nominee's name and click refresh to preview your award, when it 's done you will be able to print the certificate by clicking on print. And if you want to take a break from reading those articles, why not participate on Nursing Poll, just answer the question and get the result right away. To read some articles about health and more, please visit scrubsmag.com your guide to healthy living.


Do you ever wonder if you should avoid telling the truth to keep from hurting someone's feelings? It is possible to be comfortably honest with people in situations that seem to require an offensive response.

1. Remember that honesty is the basis of any healthy relationship, whether with a friend or a significant other. Honesty gives rise to trust, which is absolutely essential. Lying to your friend can ruin a relationship almost instantly, if the lie is significant.
2. Consider the person with whom you must be honest. If he or she is shy or sensitive, then don't be brash and to the point. If it is a close friend with whom you can tell anything, then inform your friend accordingly. Adapt to your friend's personality and convey the necessary message properly.
3. Recognize some potential situations where the truth is necessary, but where a white lie might not be reasonable.

* The "Am I fat?" question. If your friend is being self-conscious, and is only a little bit on the big side, then reinforce that belief. Don't say "You're not that fat", as this comes off as sarcastic or insincere. Rather, use a comparative note. Consider, "You are not fat—trust me! There are a ton of people out there that are much bigger than you."
* The "Am I ugly?" question. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective! Everyone has different areas of beauty; it's important to stress these areas. Your friend might not have the most beautiful body, but he or she may have gorgeous eyes, or a smile that stops traffic. Make this clear to your friend/significant other!
* Your friend wants to break up with his or her significant other. It's important to stress your opinion, but only if it's relevant. If you simply do not like your friend's boyfriend, then don't use that as an excuse to persuade your friend to end it. If your friend's boyfriend is abusive, then convince your friend to break up on the grounds that she might get hurt.
4. Give advice constructively. When expressing an opinion that may conflict with that of the other person, particularly if it is about some work that they have produced, focus on the positive aspects of a recommendation, and avoid phrasing it as a mandate. Rather than saying "I don't like it because..." or "You should do this instead...", try something like "I think it would help to..." It is also best to mention any positive remarks you may have about the subject before giving advice. This way, the person is less likely to perceive it as an affront on their abilities and is more likely to consider following your advice.

It's easier to hear the truth from a friend than from an acquaintance or stranger. If you aren't particularly close to a person with whom you would like to be honest, but you still want to convey your message, then ask someone who is close to that person. For example, you might tell this person's close friend that he or she has bad breath, rather than telling the person yourself. Remember—take note of the person with whom you want to be honest, and adjust your tone accordingly. That is, don't be over-the-top with a quiet and shy person.
In short, don't be rude. There are other ways to inform someone of something without directly hurting his or her feelings.

While excessive white lies are counterproductive, remember that some things are just better left unsaid. That which you haven't said doesn't need to be taken back.

Helping to prepare your child for kindergarten may be a bit challenging for some and a breeze for others. Its all about the individual child. Here are some things to help get you and your child started.

Practice and get used to separation. This may be especially challenging for some, parents and children alike. If your child is not already in a day care or other child care situation, it is crucial to practice separation. Leave the child with a trusted entity twice a week for an hour or two. Practice makes perfect. Change the child's nap schedule so that it will be similar to the nap schedule at school. If your child is still taking naps everyday, it is a good thought to get them on a new nap schedule that will not alter with their school schedule. If your child is crabby during school, he or she may not get the full experience of nursery school that you would expect because they are too tired to learn.

Validate that your child is potty trained. Of course, this is apparent, but on occasion when some kids start preschool they’re not properly toilet trained. If you child isn’t completely trained by preschool, it not only puts a load on the teacher, but singles out your child as undeveloped with his peers. Meet the teacher with your child. When you meet with your child’s teacher be sure to talk over any matters. What’s more, introduce the teacher to your child as this will help to lessen some unease on the first day of school. Walk past at break-time to show children playing happily outside. This might help your child be more comfortable on their first day of school. Take them their the day before so that they'll be more at ease.

Talk about your child's interests and the things (s)he'll enjoy there - for example "there will be tons of sand to play with - you'll love that" or "there'll be book time". Talk about the enjoyable activities he'll be doing that build on things he already does at home - painting, drawing, cutting and pasting and listening to stories, for example.


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