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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We often get so irritated if we get some sort of zit ,black heads,blemish in our face. We usually freak out about it, and find some face product to get rid of it. Let's get real! That thing on your face that just pop out this morning, you can't get rid of it in one day.

I used to have those stuffs on my face. I used to believe, that eating oily stuff like peanut causes you to get some so called"pimpol" or zit on your face. Well! As came to find out, that wasn't true. There are 1,2,3 things causes why we get those yucky stuffs. It's because, either a person is under a lot of stress or you scratch your face with your dirty finger nails or you went to bed without washing your face.

Here what you can do to avoid those problem. To get rid of your blemish, black head and avoid getting those zit. Ladies ! Wash your face every night before hitting the sack. And I recommend you to exfoliate .It's good for getting rid of your black and white heads. Right now I am using St Ives Facial Products Blemish Control . You can buy this product anywhere. Continue using the product for a week and you will get the result . I did, and still using it.

How do you achieve a certain hair fine style? You can either go to a salon or do it yourself procedure.I usually go to a salon every month. And I have triedVo5 products. They are excellent products by the way,and by using their products you can achieve an excellent and Extreme Style by VO5 .

Do you know what Victory Hair and what it meant ? Well! I have heard it before,and I thought that it is all about hair and the products. This may sounds funny but this is the first time I ever heard what Victory Hair really meant and how do you really make it. Okay! Here we go! When a wife or a women wants to please her husband or boyfriend just to go and get her hair done, and the hair look so nice and shiny by using Vo5 products. And when the husband or the boyfriend see his women looking so great , and they gets turn on, and they get into the point that they can't hardly wait to reach the secluded area . But when they reach that certain location to be alone, that where all the magic happen between the two of them, they get so messed up, sweaty and that how you get the Victory Hair.

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As of me working on how to achieve my victory hair,if I like the guy, I will go introduce myself and if everything goes well, ask him for dinner or movie, and we go on from there .

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