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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wheego Whip is an all-electric low speed vehicle with a price tag of around $20,000. Will you buy one in May 2009?

Once you've started something don't give up. If its hard or even if you just don't have time for that 1 thing at the moment, still keep trying. It may be hard at first but once you start getting it you can have a lot of fun doing it.

Find something challenging for you like doing a front hand spring you've been trying to do it for a long time now and still can't do it but you don't let yourself down you try and try again.
Start doing that one thing and have fun with it. It may hurt or feel weird on parts of your body but just because of those small things doesn't mean you should give up on it.
Set small realistic goal for you to achieve, by completing small task it helps you build up to finish what you started .
Self motivate yourself believing that you CAN do this, this helps to complete things you need to do
Tell yourself you will treat yourself to something nice, maybe a nice dinner , so you know you got something to look forward to.

Just believe in your self and don't give up.
If you are using step 5, don't rush what you are doing, it could turn down the quality of work or miss parts of what you are doing.

Don't do things that will get you seriously injured! Do something hard, but not too hard.
Don't stress over completing everything that you started. One step at a time!

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