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Sunday, February 14, 2010

To most of us, cell phones are a life saver, but rude cell phone users are the thorns in our sides. They're pretty much anywhere that there's a cell phone signal. The thing is, we could all probably use a little primer on cell phone etiquette. After all, most people who are being annoying don't realize they're being annoying. Could that be you?

Keep a 10-foot (3 meter) distance between you and anyone else whenever you talk on your phone. No exceptions. Don't talk too loudly. Generally you don't have to shout in the microphone to be heard on the other end.Don't multi-task. Don't make calls while driving, shopping, banking, waiting in line, or doing pretty much anything that involves interacting with other human beings.

Don't talk on the phone in any enclosed spaces, even if you're more than 10 feet away from anyone. They can still hear you (because it's an enclosed space) and usually, they're forced to just sit there and listen.

* Bathrooms
* Elevators
* Waiting rooms
* Auditoriums
* Taxicabs
* Buses
* Trains

Don't even let your phone ring in any of the following settings:

* Meetings
* Libraries
* Museums
* Places of worship
* School
* Lectures
* During live performances
* Funerals
* Weddings
* Movie theaters
* Work Place
Don't use your phone when having a meal with someone. Ideally, you should turn it off entirely. If you're anticipating an important call, let the person you're with know beforehand that you're expecting a call that you'll need to take. No matter what, don't hold a conversation at the table; step away, follow Step 1, and don't stay away any longer than you would for a bathroom break. Never, ever text at the table, even if the conversation died down.Turn off your phone at the movie theater. Even if your phone is on vibrate, people can hear it during quiet parts of the movie. And even if they can't, the light from your phone's screen is very distracting. Don't check the time, don't check your text messages; just turn it off until the movie is over.

Learn to text. When you're in an enclosed space, or you can't put yourself 10 feet out of everyone's way, it's inappropriate to talk but it's acceptable to receive and send text messages. In such cases, keep the following rules of texting etiquette in mind: Use the vibrate feature instead of an audible text alert. Only text when you're standing still or sitting and out of anyone's way. Don't text while you walk or drive. Don't text while doing anything that requires you to be attentive. A good example would be while waiting at an intersection for the pedestrian signal. Don't text while at a meeting or conference when you should be attentive to the guest speaker.Don't discuss personal things while waiting at an airport - believe me, people can hear you and don't really want to know about your date last night!Be aware of people around you if you insist on talking on your cellphone whilst walking through the mall - please don't run into them!


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