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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tired of your boring old bedroom? Your room should be a sanctuary of your own. A place where you can escape from all the drama in your life. If your room doesn't fix that description, then it's time you give your room a makeover. If you need some furniture that can make your room stands out? Then you need to visit elte.com. They ship their product anywhere around the world. Visit the website now and browse their overwhelming products. They have all the furniture's and accessories that you will need for your room make over or better furniture's for your entire home.

Shop from custom rugs, linens, lighting for any room. Don't forget to check their amazing and unique antique reproductions . This Adelle Road Mirror is one of my favorite at elte.com. I think it is very unique and cute it will be the right mirror to put on my haul way.

Check elte.com now and browse their amazing and great finishing furniture.

When the word "Halloween" comes to mind, the first words are "candy" or "dressing up". However, before collecting candy for the night, there's several cautions that needs to be known. Observing "Halloween Safety Month" will keep you and loved ones safe while having fun trick or treating.

1. Make sure that costumes are health and visual approved. Cut the eye holes big enough so that vision is fully clear and is not blocked. Makeup should be non-toxic or hypo-allergic. Be sure that the costume is not dragging or is past/longer than the ankles; tripping onto concrete or the road can turn the night around.
2. Use the buddy system at all times. Kids should never go out trick or treating without an adult. Have an adult walk the kid to the door or wait in the driveway. Travel around other groups and walk to doors at the same time as other people. Insist teenagers to go with friends if they refuse to go out with family.
3. Have rules for candy. Don't let kids eat their candy until they get home and you have inspected their gatherings. Ask them what they got and observe what kinds and brands of candy and items they have received.
4. Stay on sidewalks as much as possible. Cross the street with caution and when there's no cars present. Avoid jaywalking and find the nearest cross-path; this is the legal way to cross a major street and to avoid a vehicle accident.
5. Be home at a certain time. Use the house as the meeting grounds and not the park or shopping center. Have the adults set the guidelines and curfews.

Reflective clothing is a high recommendation. If this is not possible, try to attempt to wear a reflective belt or tag. Flashlights can be waved around but it's not reliable as much. Glow sticks are the new trend for Halloween, so don't hesitate to stick one in your child's candy bucket or costume. Always have a responsible adult pass out candy for the night. A suggestion of passing out candy is to sit outside of the house, preferably on the driveway so that they can be clearly seen. This may relieve parents because the kids don't have to go up to the stranger's door.

When it comes to Halloween, you try your best to be original. You look at store bought costumes, and you even try to think of something to put together by yourself. It seems you end up never really knowing what to wear. When Halloween comes around, there are many options for who to dress up as. If you would like to dress up as a transformer for Halloween, you got to check out halloweenadventure.com. Halloweenadventure.com sale a wide variety of Halloween custom.

If you feel like dressing up on halloween and do not really know what the best custom that really suit you? Halloween adventures store is the place for you, they have so much custom to choose from. From adults, children, holiday customs. They have it all! Halloween Adventure Costume Super Stores has successfully brought the Magic, Fun, and Excitement of Halloween to millions of customers, both young and old from Coast to Coast! Browse the super wide variety custom at halloweenadventure.com and don't forget to join their contest. Join the Quest, uubmit your own PICTURES or PICTURE from last Halloween to the contest and GENERATE A 'VOTE FOR ME' BUTTON from the Jacks Quest, and place it on your blog. You never know, you might win.

This is a picture of my kids custom last halloween. Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

If you're short on cash, but want to spook up your house, here's how you can decorate with materials and things you have lying around. 1. Gather up your supplies. Old pieces of cardboard, colored paper, markers, and glue are some of the things you can use.

Take cardboard and cut out bat shapes (use a stencil if you need to). After you cut them out, use markers or paint to add color. Black bats look great hanging with a bit of fishing wire or string. Make fake tombstones out of cardboard. Just cut out the shape, paint it gray, and write RIP or other sayings on them. They can then be placed in a window, or in a place where they won't get wet.Use yarn or crepe paper to create giant spider webs for windows.Use colored paper to cut out pumpkins, black cats, or other Halloween pictures. These can be placed in windows, or on walls. Recycle old costumes and clothes. Old masks can be used to make life size monsters with just some old clothes and newspapers. Be creative. Using your imagination, you can turn almost any household product into something scary.

Gather all the odds and ends first. Sometimes it helps to see what you have to work with. Keep scraps of fabric and old clothes throughout the year. These will come in handy to make scarecrows or other life size beings. Alternatively, instead of the yarn spider webs, you can purchase bags of "fake webbing" for very little cost, these often include eensy plastic spiders and the occasional glow-in-the-dark ones as well. For a bonus, change out your front porch light with a black light. It gives an extra creepy glow. If you happen to be a gardener, save any dead flowers and plants. Putting out some dead flowers and plants can make your house look haunted (just get rid of all the dead plants after Halloween!) Stick bin-bags to front windows and stick CSI tape to front of the house to make it seem deserted.When using spray paint remember to use it in a well ventilated area.


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