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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Actually my son Justin's birthday is not until tomorrow but he does not want to celebrate his Birthday in school days. So we celebrated his birthday today, he wanted me to cook pancit( which is a Philippine dish), fried chicken -the American way. So, I did cooked the dish we requested just to make him happy for his special day.

He got 3 gifts, one is from me, his sister and from his dad. I bought him a memory disk for his SDI so that he can save game as many as he wants. His sister bought him a sonic game for his Nintendo PS and his dad bought him a Wii points. I don't know what is it for but my son definitely does. My son's 13th birthday party are not that fancy, just very simple, anywho here are some photos I took

This video is about the environment, it really happened in real life. That's what I love about Michael Jackson, every song he sing and wrote there's always a great message if you listen to it.He is the great artist ever. Hes a musical genius and his song will ever live on.


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