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Thursday, October 22, 2009

July of the 2007 was my first time visit to CA, we drove, my husband and I take turn to drive the wheel while the rest of the family enjoy the ride. It is 16 hours drive from Seattle to LA. It was so exhausting, but it paid off when we got there. Second time I'd visited CA was Oct. 2009, I must say, I enjoyed every moment going to CA, the atmosphere , the view, the beach, the SHOPPING lol. I did not have the chance to take a pictures the first I visited but the second time I'd only took a few, so here it is, sharing them with you.

I took these picture at my husband uncle's house which is over looking LA. There is the LA, full of smug lol.

There is my hubby at the white shirt and a hat, and my mom-in-law with her brother under the shed.

The image above was taken in Sacramento going back home. It is hard to missed the wonderful rainbow after the rain.

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