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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's on 70's here today. The weather is really nice compare in the pass few days.I was out earlier playing with our puppy pepsi. And of course flowers are out, the air full pollen and that causes my eyes to swell earlier. I end up going inside the house for I cannot take the it anymore. My eyes was itchy and watery... that mean my allergy is kicking my butt. I know it's time of that year again. Allergy pill routine.

My niece just have her first born Wednesday. She called me six hours after she had the baby. The delivery went really well, she had second degree rip which is natural for natural birth. She had a baby boy named Nataniel, the baby weigh 7lbs 5 oz. Which is I think the baby is big compare to my niece size. My niece is very slender that is why I said that. Anywho.... I got to go see the baby yesterday... the baby is so tiny and cute. Seem like I forgotten how tiny is the baby when they are born LOL. Hey it's been like 9 years, since I had my daughter.

My niece was complaining that her back is killing her,it's normal because she had that normal birth. Her body is still adjusting from all the pushing and things. So, I gave her a massage, which it ease the pain a little bit. I told her to soak at least twice a day and ask her husband to massage her back.

I wasn't able to take a picture when I visited her yesterday, we were busy chatting and giving her tips on things about the baby. But definitely take a picture next time I visit her.


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