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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This tag has been given to me by Betchay a few days ago. I apologized for the delay on posting this tag. But I truly appreciate betchay for passing me this tag.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:
Choose a minimum of Seven (7) Blogs that you find Brilliant in Content or Design to pass on this Award. Then list at least 10 honest things about yourself.

1.I am a deep thinker
2.I am the kind of person who say sorry alot!
3.I am very passive... I am trying to change that though.
4.I shop my clothing online...well most of them.
5.I pluck my hair armpit( is that too much info lol, I have to say it though).
6.I love chicken/shrimp chow mien (I eat it once at least once a day).
7.I am funny and I can be serious too.
8.I gained 10 lbs in the pass 6 months.
9.I used to have a low self steam.
10.Finally, I don't have a filipino/filipina friend where I live, only friend over the blogosphere.

I would like to pass this tag award to some fried of mine:
David Funk

I would like to make this tag open for a grab as well, for the rest of my blogger friend who I have not mentioned. Happy tagging everyone.

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You find yourself falling short of your desire or you don't even come one step closer to what you tried to achieve. You lose any inspirational thoughts you once had and sink back to where you came from. You will learn how to use fear to create action on any goal you want.

Choose what goal you want. What do you want to achieve? Ask yourself, what will happen if you don't achieve this. Are you sick of arguing with your partner or friends and you want to have more intimate relationships? Is it that you're tired of worrying about being able to put food on the table, provide clothing, and shelter? Are you embarrassed by how those additional pounds make you look?Understand that reaching your goal is entirely dependent on your internal emotions. Reading self improvement information temporarily effects these emotions and puts you in the same situation after a short period of time. Retrieve that internal fear and make it strong whenever you do not take action on your goal to fuel action. Using the financial example: you are struggling to create and provide the necessities. Use your fear that one day you will be unable to provide, or that for once in your life you want to give without worrying about the financial burden. This is the fear you use when you don't take action.

Every time you feel you don't want to do something, think of what bad results may happen if you don't take action. Try getting a friend or relative to punish you in a way if you don't get your goal.


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