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Friday, September 19, 2008

Having trouble cutting back on something you eat too much of, but don't want to cut it out of your diet completely? Use these tips to help yourself!

Instead of trying to stop cold-turkey, then try to cut back one in an allotted time. It will be a lot easier, plus you won't feel so deprived.
Substitute something healthy for the bad thing your eating. A piece of fruit or some yogurt is a lot healthier

If you struggle to take one chocolate bar(as an example) off your diet every day,try it in weeks
Have a friend or family member do this with you for extra support
If this is to lose weight,maybe buy a piece of clothing you wish to fit you to give you motivation

This only works with food,if this is to hep quit,lets say smoking, you would have to probably quit permanently or have doctors help


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