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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everyone will experience stress in their life, whether it is work related, school related, or just plain old depression stress. One good way to get rid of it is to work it out with exercise. Your heart must be in it though, there's no point in trying it if you are stressed into a mindless zombie.

Dance it out! Go on, get up and switch on some happy dance music and just stomp around and wave your arms in the air. Let it all go. Imagine you're stress going into your arms and out through your finger tips. This will only work if you really believe it will work, like most stress relievers.
Stand up from your computer now and do some press ups. You could do them on the floor, on the desk or in the garden. Channel your stress into rage and let it fuel the press ups.
Run around the block. Sprint it all out, just run like the wind and picture treading all over your stress as you run. Don't get hit by a car, though!
Get your skipping rope and skip. Fast pace, slow pace, double jump, it doesn't matter, just smash your feet into the ground and it will make you feel better.
If you own a punch bag, go punch it. Kick it. Hit it with the frying pan. Just wack all your stress into it.

Don't wear yourself out over it. If you find yourself becoming too tired, stop.
Stay safe. Don't break anything and stay off roads.

This isn't guaranteed. People find different stress relievers more effective than others.


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