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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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A vibrant and robust romance is one in which both partners actively engage one another with thoughtful and fun activities. The state of your romance is the result of not only your efforts, but those of your partner as well. A caring and supportive demeanour is also important. Often, you can run out of fresh ideas to keep your romance exciting. The best solution to this dilemma is to look to other sources for ideas. So here are a few ideas to add to your arsenal of plans to maintain your vibrant romance.

Try your hand at a new recipe. Even if you don’t cook often you can pick out an interesting recipe and surprise her with your new culinary skills. You guys out there should not underestimate what you could do with this idea. Most recipes are written well enough so that even a novice can follow the directions. You will make her feel real special if you take the effort to actually “wine and dine” her.
Go to a dude ranch with her and take a horse ride on a trail. Many of these venues will offer a great campfire steak dinner after the trail ride. My experience with this was great! I can’t wait to do it again.
If you have always wanted to go ballroom dancing or learn swing-dancing, why don’t you make it a priority? Talk it over with your sweetheart and let him or her know that this is what you really want to do. Once you both agree then go ahead and sign up for lessons. Most organizations that provide this service will have a big dance with live music at the end of the lessons.
Go online and search for wineries in your area. Once you know where they are you can plan a romantic wine-tasting excursion. Bear in mind that most wineries have a gift shop where you can buy your sweetheart a nice gift.
Next time you are invited to a wedding you can play a secret pretend game. At the reception, you as a couple can secretly pretend that you are the bride and groom! Then at the end of the evening you can retire to your “honeymoon suite”. Need I say more?
Go to a theatrical play together. Plan a nice restaurant dinner around it. Does this sound rather mundane? What can make this idea more exciting is to dress to the nines. You know the song: “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”? And you guys know what a nice evening dress can do, don’t you? Does this work for you now?
Plan an all-day date together at the next state fair in your area. Reserve a motel/hotel room so you will not be concerned with the trip back home. Beforehand, check a newspaper or internet site for events at the state fair that interest you the most, such as music concerts or fireworks.
Plan a canoe or kayak trip down a river in your area. Pack a blanket and a picnic lunch, and don’t forget the wine. Plan to stop along the way for a romantic picnic in the wild.
A relaxing way to spend time together on an inclement weather day is to visit a museum. Most of the larger museums will have a restaurant or two to choose from. I have dinned in a few where the food is excellent! Visit the gift shop while you are there and buy your sweetheart something nice.
OK, the weekend is near and you don’t have a clue on what you are going to do. Look up in your newspaper or internet what sort of comedy clubs you have in your area. Comedy clubs are fun!
Many churches occasionally sponsor a weekend relationship encounter program. I have a cousin who told me that she and her husband were “joined at the hip” before they attended one of these programs, but now after their weekend encounter she stated that “now we are one”! A glowing recommendation I would say!
An excellent way to get to know your life-partner better is to exchange a favorite book with each other; then each of you actually read the exchanged book. This plan has the potential to provide valuable insights into who your partner is. What could be more romantic?


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