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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I feel fat, I don't like the way that I look. This is a simple way to transform yourself physically and mentally in six weeks. Most importantly, it's free.

In order to fully transform yourself in six weeks, you have to be committed and willing to do this for YOURSELF, and not to please others.
First, take a week to examine yourself starting with your diet. Make a list of things you would normally eat on a regular basis.
Decide what diet would best suit you.
Eliminate all the junk food you would normally eat and reduce the amount of carbs you would eat on average.
After you've started with your diet, associate it with exercise but don't over do it. Exercise 3 times a week leaving 4 rest days in between.
Look at your appearance. Are you happy with the way you look? If not, try a new brand of clothing that suits your style and shape, try new hairstyles, shave, etc.
Makeup: go ahead and get it done at the mall and get tips from the artist. Start using lotions to smooth out your face. If you have an acne problem try to use a acne cream and wash your face every night.
Within about 6 weeks, if you can lose 10-15 lbs, clear up any acne, and build a stronger self esteem, You can be beautiful. Remember, this is a self choice NOT for pleasing others.

Remember, this is a self choice NOT for pleasing others.
Drink a lot of water.
Eat more proteins.
Avoid fast food.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Try yoga.
Walk; do not park close to a store, park farther away to get more exercise.
Remember not to push yourself too hard, but have discipline.
Look forward to the new you. You'll be a amazing person with more confidence.

Do not tell everyone your on a diet, let them notice the changes.
Try not to stress out.
Do not diet to the extreme; for example, starving yourself.


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