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Friday, August 21, 2009

Today was my son's turn to go to the Dentist. His appointment was at 2:30 today, we got at the dentist office 30 minutes before his appointment so we have to wait for 30 minutes before he get to see the dentist. Anywho, when the assistant called my son, I was able to go back with him in the room, because they only had to do some check up and ex ray. I waited at the waiting room for 15 minutes, it was not that long. The dentist came out and talk to me about my son's teeth, he told me that Justin have some very healthy and straight teeth, so that was a great news, he did not need any braces at this moment.

After the dentist we were off to Costco and did some grocery shopping, we enjoy strolling around Costco and taste most of the sample that they were trying to sale. I got stuff up. We bought watermelon, roles, granola bar and much more. Sometimes if you don't watch what you are putting on your shopping cart , that $200.00 is gonna go that fast.It was a great day, my son and I enjoyed spending time together, since my daughter had a play date today.

How's your friday folks? I got up this morning felt so lazy, I felt like I wanna stay in bed all day long but I know I cannot do that for I have two children to take care off. The other day was my daughter's dentist appointment, today is my son's turn. We'll see what would the dentist will say.

Well, I will see you guys later, I will be blog hopping later. I will have to get ready and drop off my daughter to her friends house and off to the dentist.


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