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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't have anything to wear? Look again, but this time be creative. You can be fashionable using your existing wardrobe. Here's how:

Attach long ribbons to a dress and weave them around your waistline.

1.Be simple, but elegant. Add a single string of pearls.
3.Add a blouse to a sleeveless sundress.
4.Wear a sleeveless blouse as a vest.
5.Wear a vest without a blouse.
6.Wear a short top or long blouse over a long skirt.
7.Wear a long blouse over a tank top or camisole.
8.Wear a blouse as a lightweight jacket.
9.Wear a shawl in the evening.
10.Wear a wide belt around the waist of a blouse, dress, sweater or jacket.
11.Wear a couple of thin belts around your waistline at the same time.
12.Wear leggings beneath a short skirt, long shirt or long sweater.
13.Roll up jeans to capri length and wear sandals or cool knee socks.
14.Lace or braid several long ribbons through the belt loops of your pants. Tie them to the side or at the front.
15.Wear scarves around your neck, as a headband or belt.
16.Wear a scarf of a different length. Tie the knot of a scarf close to your neck, below your neckline or let it flow freely.
17.Pin small hair bows onto your shoes or the cuffs of your shirt. Pin a small bow to the top of your shirt pocket.

No matter what you wear, put on a smile.Recycle fabrics to decorate your clothes. Make ribbons, bows or fabric flowers. Add a pocket, cuff, trim or ruffle.


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