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Monday, November 16, 2009

Leap Fish has teamed up with he Make-a-Wish Foundation to Raise $10,000, adopt and Tweet an ill child’s dream and help make that dream and wish come true. Jacob, age 4, has a rare and life-threatening disease called atresia, a rare life threatening disease that has affected him since birth.This disease causes severe suffering and claims the life of hundreds of children like Jacob each year. He has one big wish in life , to go to Disneyland with his family. LeapFish and the Make-a-Wish Foundation have joined forces to help him achieve his wish through Twitter.

Let us help Leap Fish and Make-a-Wish Foundation and make Jacob dream come true. To all twitter member, I encourage you to tweet-a-cause, a social media fundraising initiative, will give Twitter users the power to grant an ill child’s dream to go to Disneyland, one Tweet at a time. LeapFish will donate 5 cents per Tweet to the Make-A-Wish Foundation until $10,000 has been raised and the child and his family can go to Disneyland.

If you have your own twitter account, please tweet the following message:
Just tweeted 2 grant a childs wish! #LeapFish donates to #makeawish foundation for each tweet. http://bit.ly/3Tj8A Please retweet! And if you do not have your own twitter account, this is the time to open an account and participate and make Jacob wish come true.


After a few days break from rain here comes the storm. Since yesterday , Seattle is experiencing a bad storm, 60-70 mph wind. A lot of tress came down already and ruin so many houses. Some people lose their cars because of the land slide. The weather channel say that this weather will be sticking for more days.

I had enough rain already and I am ready to see the sun shine. It's Seattle, what else could I expect. So every time, the sun take a pick we usually take advantage of it. But so far I haven't seen that lovely sun.

Have you heard about the “You Gotta See This” Video Contest? Gottaseethisnow.com has launched a “You Gotta See This” Video Contest. Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction wants to know how your lives can improve the procedure and you could win great prizes. For the person who have the best video will win Grand Prize of $5,000. Not only that, you could also win HDTV package, a $2,500 value and Flip UltraHD camcorder, a $199.99 value.

To enter the iLASIK Video Contest just simply a video in one of the following categories:
a.“My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
b. “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision”
c.“You should see life after the iLASIK Procedure”

Don't miss “You Gotta See This” Video Contest, submit a video at gottaseethisnow.com and you could win $5,000! After submitting your video, do not forget to tell your friends to vote. It is very important to tell your friend because votes are one of the key factors in determining which videos win a prize. For more information about “You Gotta See This” Video Contest visit gottaseethisnow.com



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