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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speaking assertively is not magic. It is a technique that you can practice at home in your own time, by yourself or with close ones to provide feedback. This article provides some tips on how to go about assertive communication.
When you talk, use the word "I". Avoid using the word "you", as this stops you from trying to make the other person responsible, blame them or put words into their mouth.
Maintain eye contact in a way that is both natural and comfortable. Don't outstare a person but do look them in the eyes regularly to show your interest in them and your certainty in yourself. If you worry about looking into the eyes, look just above.
Keep your body posture alert and confident. Don't slouch and think of stretching yourself from your head to your toes, sitting or standing. Pay particular attention to the neck, shoulder and upper back regions. Also, don't give off angry or self-effacing vibes - stand/sit straight!

Avoid confusing messages. Mean what you say. If you say yes, you should mean it. If you say no, you should mean it. Don't go back on promises or firm statements.
Remember that silence is a tool, not an enemy. Learn to be comfortable with silence and use pauses to main effect to let the other person digest what you have just said. This is also useful for public speaking - people hang off what you have just said and wait for your next words.
Always know what you want when you are asking for something from another person. Keep this goal in mind and don't sway.
Speak clearly. Always. Mumbling, muttering and circular sentences do nothing to further communication.
Don't swear (curse) or talk rudely in tone. Use proper language.
Be careful about the tone of your voice. Keep it evenly moderated and avoid getting a high-pitched, whiny or tearful tone.
If you feel tears or anger coming on, breathe very deeply from the stomach - you should be able to see your stomach rise out and pull back in. This deep breathing will calm you in as little as 4 - 5 breaths.
Be careful to speak at a conversational level - not too loud and not too soft. If you are too soft, the other person will think you are trying to hide yourself and may ignore you. If you are too loud, the other person may become scared or angered by your voice.
The most important thing is to believe that you are responsible for yourself. No-one else is responsible for how you behave and who you are. And your wants are as real as anyone else's. Don't blame or resort to whining about another person's behavior.
Express your emotions clearly. Focus on how you feel rather than saying "you did X, Y, Z."

If you are someone who keeps your emotions repressed and your body muscles take the full brunt, it is important to exercise and stretch those muscles to stop this. You will stand taller, breathe better and feel stronger if you do this and exercise helps to free your emotions.
If the conversation becomes too heated, ask for time-out or a break. Explain that it has nothing to do with the other person, it is just that you feel confused, tired or need time to reflect and that you will resume the conversation later.
Don't yell or say things you'll regret later. This may seem like an easy option at the time but memories linger and it achieves nothing more than agitating and angering both parties. Assertiveness is about conveying your wants and needs without raising your voice.
Learning assertive communication takes time. Don't give up, just keep on practicing in everyday situations - supermarket queues are excellent!
Many of us try to seek people's approval in our actions, speech etc. Before we do something or say something, we try to think whether the other person will get angry at us or not. We try to avoid saying things that can earn the wrath of others, even if that is the right thing to say or do. When we let go of this habit, we will not only be able to freely express our thoughts, we can also become more assertive. we will say and do things without bothering what others will think of us, and it can help turn us into a more charismatic person.
You should care if you offend someone. You should care for others' feelings but in a positive way, not in a way which weakens you. There is no problem if you hesitate to say something because you do not want to hurt the listener, but if your hesitation is due to fear and not because of genuine sympathy for the listener, then you need to work on overcoming this negative trait within you.
If you have been in the habit of constantly seeking other's approval, then you might not overcome this habit overnight but if you keep working at it, eventually you should.
If you suffer any form of violence, seek immediate professional help or a refuge/shelter. Violence is not communication; it is domination.

Time to practice breathing and speaking clearly in front of a mirror
Family or friends you can trust to practice with
An open mind and a courageous heart

Friday, May 30, 2008

You need to know why you chose the belief. What reason did you have? Make sure it is a good reason so you aren't caught off guard or look bad.
Do plenty of research on it. If it is a different religion, look up the religion in textbooks or on the internet. If it is a style, you may do research if you want, but also you need to stand as to what you wear, and explain that it's not evil--it's just different.
On a piece of paper, record all of the data you've uncovered.
Confront the person you are trying to convince. If they often come to you, be prepared. Maybe practice discussing it with yourself, a friend, or somebody you can trust.
Firmly tell them that your religion/belief is what you believe in. Stand up for it, and don't take their discouraging words. Have confidence that your belief is the right thing for you, because to the best of your knowledge, it is true.
Don't get offended if others question your beliefs. If you are truly secure about them, then you have nothing to worry about.
Understand that some beliefs are antiquated, and need to be put out to pasture.

  • Piece of paper (for extensive research and notes; questions and answers chart.)
  • Pencil/pen
  • Textbook/computer (research)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am a bodycology bath & spa, fragrance, skin care addict. What I mean by that is I love the product. The smell is so amazing, the body cream is so silky on the skin. You've got to try the product . It's availabe in several stores. I have tried gardenia body cream. my favorite is the fresh water. Of course theres the Bath & Body work store. I love thier product as well. I love the peony body cream,body wash,body lotion. You got to try it for your self make sure you'll know what I am talking about. If you do Enjoy!

One of the biggest sections of the test is the mile. To train for the mile, you need to build up endurance by running at least three times a week. You can start out small, then work up to running one or more miles. Ask your gym teacher what a good time would be for your age level.

Next is sit-ups. Start with small sets of 10-15 sit-ups per day, at least two times a week. Try to do these under 30 seconds or 60 seconds, which ever time your school uses. Increase the amount of sit-ups you do and maybe even how many times a week you do them. Not only will this help you get a good score on the sit-ups section of the test, it will give you killer abs!

Depending on your school, you may do pull-ups or push-ups, or *gulp*!, both! So to prepare, lift with small weights to build arm muscle three to five times a week. Then, you can start to do the actual pull-up or push-up. Start with small sets, then work up.
For the sit and reach, you want to be very, very flexible. Sit on the ground with your legs together out in front of you. Then, reach your hands out toward your toes. Hold this for ten seconds, then repeat 5 times. You can also do this by standing with your feet together and bending over. Make sure you always keep your knees straight. Do these stretches while watching TV, or whenever you have spare time!

For the shuttle run, you have to be very good at running short distances, than turning around quickly. So do exactly that! Stand about ten feet in front of a wall and practice running to the wall, touching the floor, then running back at touching the spot where you were standing. Keep doing this for practice every day, and you will be great!

Eat well before the test so you have a lot of energy. Avoid junk, as it will slow you down!
Make sure you do these steps. If you do them, and do them correctly, you will do great!

Do not exercise too much before the test, or you will be tired.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You watch your weight. You cut back on snacks. You even hit the gym twice a week. But no matter how hard you try, the pounds come creeping back. The culprit? It could be one of these inflationary foods. Each is so fattening that just the occasional indulgence could result in major weight gain--even if you do everything else right. Read on to uncover nine foods that can make anyone fat.

Muffins. Eating a muffin on your way to work may seem like a healthy breakfast, but most store-bought versions are simply cake in disguise. A Starbucks Blueberry Muffin contains 430 calories, an Au Bon Pain Corn Muffin has 530, and a Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate-Chip Muffin packs a whopping 630.
The bottom line: If you eat one of these three times a week, you could gain one to two pounds a month.

Cinnamon rolls. These sweet, sticky treats are favorites in shopping malls and airports across the country. But a regular habit could be enough to declare war on your waistline. A classic Cinnabon Roll, for example, tips the scales at a staggering 730 calories.
The bottom If you eat one of these three times a week, you could gain one to two pounds a month.

Cinnamon rolls. These sweet,sticky threats are favorites in shopping malls and airports across the country. But a regular habit could be enough to declare war on your waistline. A classic Cinnabon Roll, for example, tips the scales at a staggering 730 calories.
The bottom line: If you frequent the food court for one each week, prepare to gain an extra 10 pounds a year.

Onion rings. How bad could onions be? Well, it's the batter, the breading, and the deep-frying that make this crispy side order so diet-deadly. Jack in the Box's version has 500 calories, while Nathan's Famous Onion Rings weighs in at 745.
The bottom line: Eating one order of onion rings a week could translate to an annual weight gain of seven to 10 pounds.

Nachos. Fast-food nachos are usually one of the most fattening choices on the hors d'oeuvres menu. Taco Bell's Mucho Grande Nachos boasts 1320 calories, while On the Border's Stacked Border Nachos contains a mind-boggling 2,740.
The bottom line: With these kinds of calories, you could gain one-third to two-thirds of a pound in a single sitting.

Buffalo wings. These sports-bar staples are coated in butter and hot sauce, deep-fried to a crisp, then slathered in blue-cheese dressing. Is it any surprise that they can instantly undo virtually any diet? Denny's Buffalo Wings have 974 calories per plate, while Ruby Tuesday's popular appetizer boasts a whopping 1,090.
The bottom line: Indulging in just once plateful a month is all it takes to pack on four extra pounds per year.

Cheese fries. As if classic French fries weren't fattening enough, these cheese-smothered versions are positively calorific. One of the worst offenders is Outback Steakhouse's Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing, which contains a stratospheric 2,900 calories.
The bottom line: This appetizer can pack on the pounds almost overnight. In fact, you're almost guaranteed to gain an extra three-quarters of a pound every time you eat one.

Chicken pot pie. Once you look at the nutritional label, this classic comfort food seems anything but soothing. Pepperidge Farm's Chunky Chicken Parmesan Premium Pot Pie contains 520 calories, while Kentucky Fried Chicken's version packs 770.
The bottom line: Eat this diet-buster once a week, and you could weigh seven to 10 pounds more this time next year.

Carrot cake. It's hard to believe that only one slice of anything could undermine an otherwise healthy eater, but with carrot cake, it's almost guaranteed. A slice from Denny's contains 799 calories, while the Whole Foods version has 830.
The bottom line: Is this decadent dessert really worth the caloric cost? Just a slice a week could cause you to gain one pound a month.

Milkshakes. These beverages may seem benign, but don't be fooled: Milkshakes often contain more calories than banana splits or hot-fudge sundaes. A large Strawberry Milkshake from Dairy Queen contains 980 calories, while a Jack in the Box Chocolate Malted Crunch version has 1,310.
The bottom line: Sip at your own risk: Just two a week could make you gain two to three pounds every month.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From VIP treatment to box-office bank accounts, celebrities enjoy some amazing perks. But the fame and fortune do come with a downside—namely, an enormous pressure to stay slim. The extremes some glitterati go to? One starlet subsists on baby food, while another actress relies on lemon-juice fasts. A few have resorted to even more drastic measures.

While many people aspire to look or dress like the rich and famous, dieting like them could cause unhealthy consequences.

Facial Analysis Diet. It's hard to believe that anyone would choose a diet based on her face. Although there's absolutely no science to back it up, the diet claims that open pores indicate that your diet's too acidic, while under eye puffiness means that your bowels aren't working as they should.
IV Diet. It sounds too absurd to be true, but according to several sources, some of Hollywood's elite periodically check themselves into hospitals so they can get put on IVs and avoid eating altogether.
The Master Cleanse. Imagine a fast that requires its devotees to subsist on elixirs of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water. It's known as the Master Cleanse.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Everyone needs to know how to be nice to their own pets! Here are a few tips to being nice to your pets and other animals.

Groom your dog or cat a lot. Cats and dogs love to be groomed. And scratched. But if they do not like it, don't do it; that will just make them hate you.

  • Feed them not too little, but not too much either. You have to distinguish between the times they're genuinely hungry and the times they're just trying to get food.
  • Clean their food and drink bowls at least once a day. It's the same as with us. You wouldn't eat out of the same plate for one whole week, and you wouldn't drink out of the same glass, cup, or mug for a month!
  • Give your pets attention. Pets want as much of your attention as possible, dogs especially, however, this attention should be on your terms. In general, acknowledge your pet's existence; even saying "Hi , how are you doing?" Clearly they won't understand what you're saying but at least it shows that you see them.
  • Take dogs on walks. Most dogs don't like being holed up in a house or in the same backyard all day long; they like to get out and explore. They can also meet other dogs this way; if you only saw other people when you went on walks, wouldn't you enjoy them too?
  • Physical contact is very important to the socialisation of animals and makes them much more friendly. Play with your pet, stroke them or just sit on the grass and goof around.
  • Never treat a dog like a child. A dog is an animal and needs leadership. Don't pander to insecurity, instead be strong and lead by example.
  • Do not do anything to hurt it such as kicking or hitting it!
  • Take it to the vet regularly. Your pet may not like it, but in the end, it's better to cause a bit of discomfort now than to find out later that it has a bad case of worms that could of been stopped awhile ago.Reward it once in a while.

  • Be sure you don't have anything on your fingers that will bother your pet while petting it.
    • Your tone of voice has a lot to do with how your pet will react. Saying "I love you, you're the best pet in the world!" in a tone that implies you hate it won't exactly convey your message.
    • If your pet doesn't like what you are doing to it, then stop right away! However, there are exceptions; if you're doing it for its own good, like giving it a bath, continue doing it, but soothe them as much as you can.
    • Don't get your pet angry.

    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    In order to have a productive and enjoyable summer, you must first prepare. What you need to do is plan vacations if you wish to take any, but if you plan to stay in your hometown, all you need to do is relax. Summer is the best time of the year, but still, if you plan to have fun, you just need to follow a few steps.

    Buy the things you'll need like sun screen or season passes to a theme park. Buy cool clothes and accesories that are IN this season so you will look totally stylish. If you're on a tight budget then stay close to home.

  • You will feel very lazy during the summer, so don't wear a lot of makeup, but still, take care of yourself. Wear some waterproof mascara, full coverage foundation(be sure to take it off at night),add a small amount of blush to give you a shimmering glow, and don't forget lip gloss (you'll want your lip gloss that blends with your lips).
  • Sign yearbooks. All you need to say is, "I hope you have a good summer and I hope to see you next year!" Then sign your first and last name. If you don't want to say much to a person you don't like all you need to do is just sign your first name.
  • Buy a camera. It's good to make a photo album so you can visit memories whenever you want.
  • Get into some classes for the summer. Don't waste this season watching TV every day. Get into crafts classes, swimming classes or even dancing classes. Anything that can keep you from spending hours watchig TV.
  • Start working on your body. At a local gym you can play badminton, volleyball, frisbee, ping pong etc. Those are some favorites. If you aren't active much, a walk in the park will do you good. Maybe start eating healthier so you will feel your best when you wear that bikini.
  • Get a tan. Be careful, you don't want to end up looking like a carrot. Just buy a nice spray tan from a local drugstore, but never apply it with your hands.
  • Rent a beach house. There's nothing better than relaxing at the beach watching the ocean.
  • Work on your confidence. There's nothing better than someone walking with her head straight up feeling her best. Plus, guys will stop to check you out.
  • Make lots of plans ex. invite over friends, get a week to go on vacation, make plans with your boyfriend or husband

    • Plan out everything you will do each day.
    • If you live in a tourist city, then you have a big advantage to stay home and visit some hot vacation spots.
    • Don't watch TV all summer but go ahead and watch the early morning news for your weather.
    • Have fun, after all it's your summer. Live it like you want to.
    • If you can, invite a friend or two over everyday you want to stay in touch with them as the summer goes on if not call each other.

    • Do not get obsessed with losing weight.
    • Do not over-tan or you'll look disastrous.
    • Always wear sunscreen or you might get melanoma or worse.
    • Don't over party.
    • Do not spend too much money on new items. For all you know that nice outfit you saw earlier is marked down half-price somewhere else.
    • Don't ever tan without sunblock. Don't want to get skin cancer!

    Friday, May 23, 2008

    If you are interested in earning income from home its important to know the difference between a Home Based Job and a Home Based Business.

    A Home Based Business can be very rewarding. The earning potential is very great if you select an honest company with a proven track record. Select a company that has been in business for many years and which has verifiable proof that others have successfully earned a 5 for 6 figure income with them. Ask for this proof before signing up. The company should have an actual website that you can visit before deciding if the home business opportunity is right for you.

    You will know you are applying for a Home Based Business if...

    You are given a free website.
    You are being given the opportunity to purchase products from the company
    A mentor or program is in place where a successful and experienced individual helps you to learn the ropes, provides you with advice and information and assists you to grow your business.
    Referring others to the organization is your main source of making income and you are provided with the knowledge to do this successfully.
    Free offers and bonuses are provided to you if you chose to select the particular Home Based Business opportunity.
    There is no pre-requisite of education, experience or skills to sign up.
    Special home office equipment and location is not required to participate.

    The earnings potential is very great and you can earn a six figure income.
    A home based job can be very rewarding also. You receive a guaranteed bi-weekly or monthly salary regardless of volume or customer response. Although most home based jobs pay an hourly benefit (between $8 to $15 per hour) you can usually determine the number of hours you want to work. Many home based jobs offer retirement benefits and health insurance. There are close to a hundred home based employers, however the specialized educational, experience and skill requirements vary from employer to employer and you may only qualify for empoyment with a small percentage of them.

    You will know if you are applying to a Home Based Job If:

    You will not be required to purchase items, sign up for products.
    You are asked to submit an employment application (usually on-line) to a company that hires employees to work from home.
    You will need to submit a resume and references with your application.
    Specific home items will be required such as a computer, land-line telephone or private home office.
    Testing is necessary with the company. The testing will depend on the type of position you are inquiring about. For example you may need to take a typing speed test for a data-entry position; or you may need to provide voice samples for a customer service job.
    Specific skills, experience or education are mandated. These will be clearly identified in the job announcements. For example a proof-reading job may require several years of experience as a proof-reade; or a job grading school standardized testing may require you to be a college graduate.
    You will be required to have an interview (usually by telephone) before being hired.
    The company will provide andy specialized equipment free of charge. For example if you are hired as a medical transcriber, the transcription machines will be provided to you.
    You are asked to sign employment paperwork upon accepting the position.
    Salary (usually minimum wage or close to it) and benefit information is provided to you for your consideration in the job announcements.
    You are able to visit the company's website to read about what type of company it is and who they serve. You will also be able to contact them by telephone or e-mail to communicate with the company's Human Resoruces Department.

    • You can do both a home job and home business in order to have a steady income until your home business takes off.
    • Selece a reputable home business organization with a verifiable track record that has been in business for many years.
    • Avoid any home business where you are purchasing products you will never use or don't need such as 100 pounds of beef jerky a month.

    Keep in mind that for a home job there are usually thousands of applicants for a limited number of positions and some are part time needing workers on a seasonal basis during certain times of the year.

    Taking an afternoon nap may feel good- but did you know that it may also be good for you?

    Taking regular afternoon naps may reduce the risk of heart disease, specially for men.The risk of dying of heart disease was 37 percent lower for those who napped 30 minutes or more at least three times a week and 12 percent lower for those who took occasional naps when compared with people who never nap.

    Naps may help relieve stress, which is the risk factor for heart disease. Naps may also give you an energizing boost helping you feel more awake and alert.

    if you do nap, aim for a late-morning or mid afternoon nap.If it's any later, you might find it difficult to fall asleep at night

    Making friends can be easy if you're a social person. If you're shy, new or don't know where to start you should keep reading for great tips.


    Introduce yourself to people who you don't know, whether one of you are new to the school or not. Be especially welcoming to new people starting school.

  • Smile at that person and be friendly. People are much more approachable and less intimidating when they smile.
  • Make a great first impression. Most people form an opinion about you in less than 60 seconds.
    • Dress appropriately
    • Don't be rude or offensive
    • Remember people may not appreciate your sarcasm or sense of humor. Save it until you get to know each other.

  • Compliment them. Everyone likes a pat on the back. Don't lie but find something positive you point out. It will make them more comfortable around you.
  • Start a conversation with them.
    • Ask about their interests, classes they have, some people they hang out with, what sports they're in, etc. This should branch off of the introduction. Ask more about their classes. "Who's the teacher?"
    • Ask when they have lunch. If you have lunch at the same time you can suggest you meet there, eat together and talk more.

  • Extend an invitation. If you're going to the movies, mall, etc. you can ask if they'd like to go. If you can have people over to your house you can also ask them.
  • Talk in the halls and on your way to classes. You'll also get a better feel for where their classes are and if you have any together.
  • Offer to show new people around or walk with them to their next class to show them the way.
  • Befriend a group. If you want to make more than one, look for a group of girls/boys that you would like to get to know better. Repeat these steps with a few people in the group. They'll likely fit in once a few people know you.
  • Hold back a little bit because you don't want them to think that you guys are best friends; you guys aren't yet after only a few days. After you get to know them, and if you like them, then start asking them if they want to come to a sleepover or go to a concert, or other activities like friends would do. Ideally, they'll feel comfortable and ask you first.
  • Understand if there is a group dynamic. Often in groups of friends there will be one main character, someone who always seems to take the lead. Sometimes if you try to become closer to them the rest of the group will except you more easily but if this doesn't work, don't feel offended. Trying to be friends with someone who is close to the group leader can work too but make sure to include the others or they may become jealous.
  • Share your hobbies and interest. Invite them along to participate.
  • Avoid being co-dependent. It's alright to have other friends and interests. Don't let your world revolve around another person.
  • Be reliable, even if it may seem a little boring at first they'll appreciate it even if they don't immediately realize it.
    • If you say you'll bring in the rest of the physics project tomorrow, make sure you bring it in.

  • Keep private information to yourself. It's tempting to share your secrets to force growth of a friendship. Resist that urge.
    • Until you know they are trustworthy you should assume they could tell others your private information.
    • If you tell someone something you don't want shared, specifically let them know the information is private.

  • Understand that confidence is helpful but not a necessity to make friends. Look for others that seem shy if you are also very shy.
  • Look interested when people talk to you. Being a good listener is key to a friendship. When you talk to someone use their name. It is scientifically proven that people like the sound of their own name.
  • Laugh at people's jokes. If you can see they made an effort on a particular joke you should acknowledge the humor. Keep it subtle if it isn't very funny. You don't want to seem to laugh at bad jokes. It's alright to quietly chuckle or just to smile.
  • Ring one of your friends and talk to them for a while every so often. It makes them feel wanted and more important to you. If you see something that reminds you of them you can send an SMS to tell them about it. Don't send something you don't want read by others.
  • Keep some perspective. Not everyone is welcoming to new friends and some are just mean about outsiders. If you receive a negative or rude remark you should keep your distance from that person. Being rude is a sign of poor character and you probably don't need that sort of friend.

  • Tips
    • Believe in yourself, smile, have a few laughs together, be a good friend to them. If it doesn't work out, shake it off and keep trying.
    • Try to strike up a conversation! If you're shy, then add on to other people conversations.
    • Be as outgoing as you are comfortable with. If not, this will give you some practice on opening up and not being as shy.
    • Do not grovel and act desperate. This is easily spotted and people will push you away quickly.
    • Do not spread gossip about them behind their back. Is that a way to treat a soon to be friend?
    • Do not give up your old friends if they are nice. Try to keep both. If your old friends have a problem with your new friends, try to work it out to the best of your ability.

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    When it comes to migraines, it can be difficult separating fact from fiction.Millions of Americans are affected by migraine, the disease is often underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or simply misunderstood.

    Myth: A migraine is just a severe headache.
    In reality, headaches are just one symptom of migraine disease. Unlike a typical headache, migraine disease has many symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, auras (light spots), and sensitivity to light and sound. In serious cases, migraine can also cause numbness, difficulty in speech, and severe semi-hemispherical head pain. A single migraine attack can last for hours, days, or even weeks.

    Myth: People who are depressed, uptight, or compulsive are more likely to get migraine headaches, which are caused by psychological factors.
    Migraine is a neurological disease, not a psychological disorder. Researchers who have studied migraine disease have found no links to certain personality types. Migraine pain is caused when serotonin levels drop, and researchers believe this causes the trigeminal nerve to release substances called neuropeptides, which travel to the brain's outer covering. There they cause blood vessels to become dilated and inflamed, which results in headache pain.

    Myth: Migraine headaches are caused by allergies.
    There are no proven links between allergies and migraine attacks. Allergies and headaches are common occurrences, so when people have both, they may assume there is a connection.

    Myth: Both men and women are equally likely to experience migraine disease and will have the same type of migraine pain.
    In fact, about three times as many women suffer from migraine attacks as men, and women may find that migraine headaches begin just before or shortly after the onset of menstruation. Some women report improvement in their migraines later in pregnancy, but others report that their migraines worsened during the first trimester. If pregnancy or menstruation affects migraines, headaches are also likely to worsen if taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Ah yes, the show that all us Dancing With The Stars fans wait for impatiently – the finals. Kristi, Jason and Cristian performed two dances tonight – a Cha Cha Cha face off and then their freestyle routines. Tomorrow night the top two couples will perform once again for judges scores. The scores from tonight and tomorrow night’s show will count for 50% of the celebrity’s score while fan voting will count for 50% as well.

    First off was a first in DWTS finale history – a face off. In past seasons we’ve seen the couples dance to the same song, but this would be the first time that the finalists would dance back to back during the same song. The couples picked numbers out of a hat to determine their dance order. Cristian picked 1, Jason 2 and Kristi 3. The dance would be the Cha Cha Cha. The couples choreographed their routines on their own and then met for a group rehearsal. During the rehearsal the men performed their entire portion of their routine while Kristi only did 30 seconds. She and Mark said that was all they had completed – personally I think it was strategy on their part. Don’t get too far into the dance until you see what the competition is going to bring.

    The song they danced to was “Dancing on the Ceiling” by Lionel Ritchie and there was no contest in terms of who won that dance. Cristian was good but I didn’t care for his part of the routine. Jason was kind of stiff and it was obvious that this dance was not a strong point for him (give him a ballroom dance and he would have been right up there). Kristi kicked some serious butt. She was great and the dance was a real Cha Cha Cha in my opinion, without the tricks thrown in that the guys used to get audience support.

    The judges all thought Kristi was the best in the group performance, giving her a perfect 30. Bruno said that she was Dancing With The Stars, but then the kiss she gave him at the beginning of her dance could have helped too. The judges gave Cristian and Cheryl a 26 for their performance and Jason got a 24 for his Cha Cha Cha.

    The freestyle routines were up next, after what seemed to be 20 minutes worth of commercials. Kristi and Mark were up first and they just totally rocked it. It was exciting and fun and the judges loved it too. As with her Cha Cha Cha, she got a 30 for this dance as well.

    Jason and Edyta were up next. Edyta has no fear when it comes to lifts, and it seems as if she can move her body into any position and make the most awesome lines. Of course Jason pulling off his shirt at the end was a nice little bonus for all us female voters. The judges all commented on the lifts, and Carrie Ann said how great it was for Edyta to finally make it to the finals after being on the show all 6 seasons. He ended up with a 27 out of 30.

    Cristian and Cheryl danced last. He really tried hard and the dance had a great Latin flavor, but I think for the first time his injured arm really was a downfall. He just couldn’t do all the crazy things that Kristi and Jason could do in the freestyle. Len said straight out that the judges had to compare his performance to the other two even though he was injured. The judges gave him a 26 out of 30 for the performance.

    I think Kristi is going to make it to the final dance no problem, but it’s a toss up for the guys. Cristian will get sympathy votes while Jason is going to get all the husband votes. Either way it’s going to be a great final. I just hope that a woman wins the title again FINALLY after five seasons. It’s been too long.

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Sometimes you can't avoid negative people in life. Here's a how-to cope with them.
    Don't be around that person all the time if you can help it. If you live with them, try to spend as much time as possible with other family members or with friends outside the home. Do something that doesn't involve the other person too much. You don't want to learn their ways of thinking and add it into your own mind.# When you do spend time with them, try to have a positive attitude yourself. Balance it out! Try to think of good qualities about that person. Pay good attention. Everyone likes a bit of attention whether they think they do or not!
    Be very nice to them. If they are having a problem that you know you may be able to solve, jump in, and give them a hand. Do something unexpectedly sweet, like chores for a day, invite them to watch a movie with you, take a walk together with them, or stop doing something you know annoys them.
    Tell them how it is making you feel when they are negative around you. Be constructive; tell them something else they can do and or how they can change. Encourage, don't force. Most people don't like lectures on how to behave, especially when it's pointed towards them that they are horrible or so.
    Make a "hot-word" like "oranges", "butterflies", "ocean soul", etc. That you agree with the person you are going to say each time you hear them say something negative - this will act as a good reminder for them and will draw their attention to their own negative comments. Some people do it by habit. In a bad way.

    Try to understand why they act the way they do. There may be many hidden issues that you don't know about.
    Try to get close to these people; open your heart.
    Inspire them to change. Let them see the bright side and how it is to be an optimistic person.
    Include them in your life; make them feel needed. Most people are negative because of low self esteem, and by making them feel needed, you make them feel unique. Be a unique individual yourself and help let them breathe easier!

    Don't let negativity from these people turn you into a pessimist! Nothing ruins the happiness in one's life more than anxiety and letting their depressing imagination take over. Be yourself; love optimism!
    Someone who is negative all the time may be depressed. Ensure that they are not planning to harm themselves or others. Someone who is suicidal should be encouraged to seek professional help.
    Be aware of your presence and how the other person feels when you are around them. Perhaps they may be envious of you and what you have. Prove to them that you are not a threat, and that you could be a loyal friend they can come to when life gets hard.

    An estimated one in eight women will be afflicted with breast cancer in her lifetime. Although there is no guaranteed protection against the disease, there are things you can do lower your risk. Here are some ways to prevent breast cancer and to support finding a cure:

    Maintain a healthy weight. There is a strong link between obesity and breast cancer, particularly if extra weight is added after menopause.

    Schedule an annual mammogram. This is vital after age 40, as mammograms may help detect early signs of breast cancer, sometimes up to several years before a lump can be felt.

    Eat foods high in fiber. Try to consume 20 to 30 grams of fiber daily. Among its many health benefits, fiber may help reduce the amount of circulating estrogen in the body. Foods high in fiber include whole grains and beans.

    Avoid long-term hormone therapy. The link between postmenopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer has been a subject of debate for years, and research results have been mixed. For women approaching menopause and having frequent symptoms, experts believe it's probably safe to take hormones for as long as four to five years—any longer increases breast cancer risk, without conferring any clear benefits.

    Enjoy soy. Isoflavones in soy foods are weak estrogen-like compounds that block the action of estrogen, which may contribute to breast cancer. Use soy flour in recipes, add tofu to soups or main dishes, eat green soybeans, or drink soy milk.

    Limit alcohol consumption. Drinking alcoholic beverages is linked to breast cancer, and the type of alcohol does’t seem to matter. Consume less than one alcoholic beverage per day, or better yet, avoid it entirely.

    Stay physically active. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise on most days. Try to include weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, jogging, or dancing, which have the added benefit of keeping bones strong.

    Eat good fats. Certain types of fats seem to increase estrogen levels, which, in turn, raise breast cancer risk. Opt for monounsaturated oils like olive and canola and omega-3 fatty acids, found in salmon, sardines, and herring. Avoid trans fats, found in stick margarine, packaged baked goods, and snack foods, and the polyunsaturated fats featured in corn, sunflower, and safflower oils.

    Consider aspirin therapy. Taking an aspirin just once a week may help protect against breast cancer, but be sure to consult a doctor before starting an aspirin regimen. When used for long periods of time, aspirin can cause stomach irritation, bleeding, and ulcers.

    Avoid additives. When possible, buy hormone-free organic meats, poultry, and dairy foods. Be sure to wash fresh produce and remove peels to get rid of pesticide residue.

    Try vitamin E. In a small study at State University of New York at Buffalo, participants with a family history of breast cancer had an 80 percent lower risk for developing breast cancer if their diets contained 10 or more IU per day of vitamin E.

    Eat more fruits and vegetables. In particular, get enough calciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, which can boost cancer-fighting enzymes.

    Perform monthly breast self-exams. Women can detect lumps or changes in their breasts by performing exams every month. The best time to do a self-exam is a week after the start of your period, when breasts are less likely to be tender or swollen.

    Breastfeed if possible. Some studies have shown that breastfeeding may decrease the risk of breast cancer later in life.

    Participate in the fight against breast cancer. There are numerous ways to get involved in raising awareness and money for breast cancer research, so do your research and get started today.

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    When you're pregnant, almost everyone is eager to offer advice and a blueprint of what to expect during this monumental time. But moms-to-be may find that some aspects of pregnancy are rarely discussed. Here, we disclose some of pregnancy's best-kept secrets:

    Morning sickness isn't limited to the morning. Contrary to what its name suggests, morning sickness, which may include nausea and vomiting, can occur at any time of day. Nausea is often a result of the increased hormones in your body and usually tapers off after the first trimester of pregnancy. On the plus side, many health-care providers feel that morning sickness is a good thing, because it means the placenta is developing normally. To help alleviate your symptoms, experts suggest eating small meals throughout the day, staying hydrated, and avoiding warm places, as heat can contribute to nausea.

    "The blues" may find you. Pregnancy can be one of the happiest times in a woman's life, but for many expectant mothers, it's also a time of fear, stress, and confusion. 10 to 20 percent of women will struggle with some symptoms of depression during pregnancy, also known as perinatal depression. If you believe you or a loved one may have symptoms of depression, it's important to talk with your health-care provider immediately.

    You could become forgetful. Women who become a bit scatterbrained during pregnancy can attribute it to more than just a busy schedule.Pregnant women do, in fact, experience a slight decline in memory. The memory loss may last up to one year after giving birth.

    Your skin pigment may change. Many of us believe that all pregnant women "glow" with health and anticipation of motherhood. Well, some women do, but others may develop brownish or yellowish patches on their faces called melasma, also known as the "mask of pregnancy." Up to 70 percent of pregnant women experience this condition. These skin changes are the result of pregnancy hormones, which cause the body to produce more melanin. Melasma can't be prevented, but wearing sunscreen and avoiding UV light can minimize its effects. Fortunately, it usually fades within a few months of giving birth.

    Sitting down might be a pain. Many women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are varicose veins in the rectal area that can become extremely uncomfortable and bothersome. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy may be caused by straining during bowel movements, excess weight during pregnancy, or the pressure of sitting or standing for long periods of time. Drinking plenty of water, eating a high-fiber diet, minimizing weight gain, and getting regular exercise can help decrease your chances of developing this uncomfortable condition.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Spring is almost over and summer is just around the corner. Many of us love the outdoors . Love hiking and camping. If you love the outdoors activities, love camping and hiking .And if you are looking for some outdoor gear? Visit RockyMountainTrail.com . They have the great brand , great prices. You can shop by category at RockyMountainTrail.com . Shop for all kind of equipment you wanted. From dog gear ,tent,jackets sleeping bags, men's and women's clothings. You will find everything at RockyMountainTrail.com Visit now and start ordering. Take note , when your order is over $45 you will get a free shipping. Don't wait any longer, start shopping.

    Oil prices and the dollar have made the news lately. Oil prices have risen, while the dollar has simultaneously plummeted against the euro. We can measure how much these two prices move in tandem, using a correlation coefficient. This measure takes on the value of zero if there is no correlation, the value of one if there is perfect correlation, i.e. every time one price goes up the other one does, too, and the value of minus one if there is perfect negative correlation, i.e. every time one price goes up, the other goes down. The correlation coefficient between oil and dollar is -0.7. That is, most of the time, when the dollar fell against the euro, oil prices rose.

    Because oil prices and the dollar have moved in opposite directions, the increase of oil expressed in euros instead of dollars has been less pronounced than the oil price increase in dollars. This may not be coincidental. Oil producers sell their products in dollars. These dollars are used to purchase other goods in international markets. As the dollar lost its value starting in 2002, oil producers could afford to buy less in international markets with their dollars. To compensate for this loss of buying power, they may have raised the dollar price for oil. As a result, while oil prices in dollars rose by 162 percent from their low point in January 2002, they climbed by less than half that rate measured in euros, 77 percent. At that rate, oil prices would have only risen to $34 per barrel in October 2004, instead of the actual $52, without changes in the dollar’s value.

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Lots of girls play boys sports these days. so here are some things to help you not be nervous of being the only girl in a sport.

    When you go to recess with everybody in your grade some people might want to play soccer. You might want to play but you see there are no girls on the wall, who cares? If you like that sport, line up on the wall and you will get picked.
    Since your playing with all boys, people on your team will just ignore you, but if you play a couple of days they will see your good at the sport and they will start paying attention to you.
    Most boys can play sports really good, so if you play with then you might learn from them.
    If you feel lousy, kick the boys butts in the game, it will make you feel better fast.

    Never ever back down. If someone says you cant play just because your a girl, don't give in. Tell them that you can beat them, and challenge them.

    Boys can be a little rough on girls in a all boys sport. Be careful.Things you'll need : Confidence, Good skills, Lots of fun

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Do you have a friend who's really nice but also really bossy, and don't know how to handle her?

    Snobby people may never shut up about themselves or their things. Subtly divert the topic (aka if she is bragging about her horse, talk about a horse show you saw). If you do not wish to talk to this person, make an excuse and walk away.
    Don't try to impress the snob. They don't care.
    If you dislike the snob, don't spend too much time with them. When they want to talk to you, ignore them a bit so they realize that you're not all that interested in them.
    Don't gush over the snob, but don't insult them.
    If you have a friend who is a snob, either learn to love them for it (while slightly mocking them with mutual friends), or ditch them.

    Monday, May 12, 2008

    I know this sounds obvious, but the number of people I've met who have huge dreams and no plans astonishes me. The best way to make a plan that I know is to start with your end point and work backwards. Begin with your goal and of what would have happened just before you reached it, then what would have happened just before that, and so on till you reach the present day. Draw a graph of what you needs to happen when and be clear about the milestone, those key element that must be in place for your plan to work well. Put people's names to the milestone. And most important of all, make sure you create a budgets so you know what resources you'll have to call upon at each stage.

    A plan should make you fell supported, secure, freed up. If it feels like a burden, you've got the wrong plan.

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Tomorrow is Mother's Day . And it's a special day for everyone. We use this day to honor our Mother all over the world. I wasn't saying that you only honor your Mom on Mother's Day . As far as I know you have to honor your mom as long as you live. Because without them .. we are not exist on this world. Happy Mother's Day to All mom and Mom to be out there. Hope you all have a great and pleasant Mommies day.

    Be realistic. You may dream of being a ballet dancer at 45, but it's mighty unlikely to happen. However, you could get involved in set design, costume-making or any number of related areas. One of the problems that people with impossible dreams encounter is that they make them so big, that not only is it unlikely they'll be able to achieve them, it is equally likely that they will be the best excuse never again. I'm a great believer in impossible dreams, but make sure they can broken down into ' bite-size' chunks, so that you can see a beginning, middle and the end to each chunk. If my dream, is to be Booker prize winner I can stay in my head autographing first editions and never start the first page. Or I can keep a journal everyday, send short pieces into parish newsletter and write letters to the editor of my favorite magazine as a way of practising my skill as a blogger.

    Friday, May 9, 2008

    It has been a roller coaster to me. I have been having problem with my main blog updating the template. When I finally fix the template code and here comes another problem. Every time I tried viewing my blog LifeISWhatYouMakeIt . I don't know what is going on but it says that blogger knows about it and trying to fix it. Until now I still cannot view my blog. It has been so prostrating to me. I hope tomorrow it will be fix.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Fear, concern, anxiety are natural feelings so don't expect to be entering a new venture without some pretty intense emotions. You have to decide wether you're going to give them more room in your head than excitement, anticipation and joy that are equally present. If you listen too much to the anxious feelings, they'll tell in. you to stop before you begin.Get an image in your head of you at your most successful self. Start scrapbook and put her on page one. Do anything that helped you defined your dream.

    Monday, May 5, 2008

    These treats may seem harmless, but they could contain carcinogens.

    Microwave popcorn. The butter flavor in microwave popcorn comes from a chemical called diacetyl, which may cause serious lung and respiratory problems if an individual is around too much of it. Although most people who have gotten sick due to diacetyl exposure have worked in popcorn factories, one man developed a lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans after eating two bags of microwave popcorn a day.Most companies that manufacture microwave popcorn have stopped using diacetyl in the butter flavoring.
    French fries. When fried, potatoes release a chemical called acrylamide, which is known to cause cancer in lab animals and is considered to be a probable human carcinogen . In addition to being found in French fries, acrylamide is often in other starchy foods like potato chips, cereal, and bread. Officials in California even considered putting warning labels on foods that may contain acrylamide. However, so far, the most conclusive links between cancer and acrylamide have only been found in rats, not in humans.


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