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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Women over forty still need to express their sexiness and style but without looking like a teenager or a street walker. The secret is in clean elegant lines, high end fabrics that drape well and fit are the key points to remember when choosing your outfit. Let's look more closely at those points:

Choose clothes with clean, elegant lines. In a fashion world of layers and "more, more, more," clean lines slim the body, remove the overkill of too much volume and confusion and help the observer focus on the person, not the clothing. Look for lines that flatter your figure. Be adventurous and try on that wrap dress or long straight skirt with the fringe end. But keep the rest of the outfit in balance and opt for clean lines, less volume and simple cuts, like straight skirts or A line skirts. Look for details that enhance the quality of the clothing but don't add bulk.
Skip the cheap polyester. Women over forty need to wear the better quality fabrics. Choose silk, wool, cotton and high end blends of elegant fabrics that will drape over the body better. A better fabric adds to the life of the garment as well as the reflection on the wearer. Let the teenagers buy the cheap stuff since their styles and tastes change every month. You, a sophisticated woman, prefer a classic or updated classic in a soft or crisp fabric that holds up under seasons just like you do! Experience comes with age. So does an appreciation for silk. Better fabrics add to your worth and sexiness.
Get the right fit. Wearing clothes too tight screams that you've gained weight or you're trying to look like a streetwalker or teenager who is showing off assets. Women over forty are mysterious. And smart. Buy clothes that fit well but are not skin tight. Most women over forty need a hem line just below the knee but above the calf or just above the knee. Got great legs? Opt for a hem line two inches above the knee (the shorter look is younger looking) or add boots with a longer skirt that has a slit in a strategic place. If you have any weight in your upper torso, avoid patterns and horizontal stripes in your sweaters and blouses. If you prefer wearing black, always a classic, try for a touch of color to lighten your look. Red is powerful and requires confidence. Women over forty should have the confidence to wear red. Find the best shade for you: reds are either orange based (tomato red) or blue based (cardinal red).
Wear good jewelry. Make a list of jewelry that you would like to own and start acquiring those pieces. Start with classic but larger size pearls in your best shade (depending on your skin tone. Less is more with jewelry so stay with a few key pieces and avoid the overkill of jangle and dangle.

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So, you want to dress like an uber-fashionista. Layers, piles of colors, and tons of accessories! You can try that... but the balanced way!

Determine what colors you'll be wearing. If you are going to try three colors or whatever, stick to one basic color, like tan, black, white, or blue and wear it colors at least twice.
Determine the shape of your top, an add accessories with that. If you're wearing a tube-top, wear a long necklace. If your wearing a regular t-shirt,just a lot of bracelets piled up on one arm will do fine.
Give your self a signature item. For example, a necklace, a bracelet, a headband... An accessory.
Find a few pairs of shoes that work with everything. If you're a girl, some tennis shoes, ballet flats, and medium heels. For guys, sneakers, work shoes, and dress shoes. Preferably all black or a neutral dark brown color.

Add your own personal twist!
Find a signature accessory.
Keep shoes and other accessories a neutral to balance out one or two crazy colors that you change up each day.

Don't overdo it.
Change it up a bit at a time, so you don't freak everyone out.

Things You'll Need
A great personal style sense.
Good shoes
Good accessories
A signature item


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