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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Many tasks can seem far too daunting, especially to chronic procrastinators. So you procrastinate and procrastinate, and you never get the dastardly deed over with!

1. Remember that you'll feel much better once you've done it. You're already stressed out, or at least filled with dread. Keep in mind that, once you're done with this terrible task, that will be the end of it, and you'll be able to move on.
2. Eliminate distractions Think about what you have to do and nothing else. If necessary, unplug your TV, computer and phone to prevent distractions.
3. Remember that you're more likely to regret never having tried than you are to regret failure. Putting off asking out that cute girl? Just think how much worse you'll feel if you never ask her than if you ask her and she turns you down. What if you found out months later that she had once liked you?
4. Get any thoughts of failure out of your head. For example, if you can't bring yourself to write that English essay, visualize getting a paper with a huge "A+" on the top. Try your hardest to not think about rejection or failure.
5. Just do it. Block out all other thoughts, and put yourself in the "zone." Just run up there and do it; don't look back!
6. Set stopping points for rewards Just got through half your essay? Done with twenty of the algebra problems? Stop for a few minutes, do something you enjoy as a reward. Just remember to start again.
7. Congratulate yourself. You just overcame the hardest of all conflicts: man against himself. Bask in the glory, even if you didn't do as well as you hoped you might have!

Don't let yourself be talked out of doing what you want to do. That way, it'll never get done. Cut out all negative influences from your life.Once you've gone out into the firing line , do what you need to do and do it well. Wimping out makes you look weak and you'll look like you have no backbone.

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