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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After I first sign up at Rich PTC , I was not sure about it because you have to earn $1000.00 to withdraw. I kind of think twice before I begin, and I told myself what heck, I will take my chances. So, as I begun my daily visit at my account at Rich PTC and clicking those ads advertising about it! My earning started growing everyday. The more ads you click the more $1.00 gets added. Of course the putting rich ptc on my blog, referrals really help me build up my earning.

Just few hours ago I log into my account and saw that I made over $1000.00 already so, I click on my withdraw button and withdraw $1000.00 of my earning. To be able to get paid , you must have paypal or alertpay account. Right now, I am waiting for my payment time, like we wait to get paid for some advertsing cmpany. I think Rich PTC is so far so good!

Yesterday was my Biometric appointment at USCIS for my green card. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Anyway, woke up 5:45 AM to make sure I have enough time to get ready and make it there in time. Home Land Security Office was like 35 minutes without traffic. We left 6:50 AM... by the time we reach I5 south traffic was bumper to bumper. There was an accident both ways I5 south bound and I5 northbound. Two left lane was close so we weren't able to use the express lane. The flow was so slow, we were moving like a turtle. I was sure if I were gonna make it on my 8:00 AM appointment. I keep my self cool not to react and ruin my Monday morning just for some accident.

My hubebe was saying we could have left sooner, but with all the patient and praying I did :).We finally made it 10 til 8:00 AM at the Homeland security office. When we got there, we thought that there was a free parking as the sign said it was a public parking. But when we got to the gate , we end up paying $6.00. That was so ridiculous, public parking suppose to be free! But, anyway, had to walk .05 mile from the parking space to the office building. We gone through security screening, then had to fill up some paper and get in line to check in and gave my Id's. Then, had to be seated and wait for my name to be called for my finger print and picture taken done.

Waited for 30 minutes and then finally my name was called. Went in inside for my finger print and picture taken done, the women that was doing my finger print was having hard time completing my small finger because they were tiny. Had my ten fingers print done, then my signature and then picture taken. Make sure, I didn't do any violation (LOL). They had to put one year extension on my green card just in case I have to travel. That's done, all I need to do now is waited for my new green card on the mail. That's out of the way, finally.


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