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Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't have the space for a full-sized pumpkin to make a jack o lantern out of but don't want to disappoint your kids? This is a cute and alternative way to have fun this Halloween!

1. Buy a pomegranate at your local grocery store.
2. Set it out on a cutting board.
3. Grab a sharp knife and a spoon and start sawing through the top of the fruit just as you would with a pumpkin.
4. Start hollowing out the fruit's seeds, as you would with a pumpkin.
5. Set on a paper towel in the fridge for it to dry out for the decorating.
6. After half an hour, take out the fruit and start to trace the design on it.
7. Cut the shapes out.
8. Store the fruit in the fridge until Halloween night.
9. Set a candle on it, then light.
10. Set it out on your front steps or in your window for all to enjoy.

Keep it cold and fresh in your fridge.Don't let children do this without adult supervision! Watch out! The fruit inside stains. Clothes, curtains, wash clothes, towels etc. are all at risk when working with Pomegranates!


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