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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So your friend isn't giving the scoop of what's going on with them. Maybe there is a way...

1. First of all, let him/her believe that you trust them completely. Always try to stay besides no matter how busy you are. Don't expect any reactions while they are into some hardships. Showing your genuine suppport will be the key here. Talk practical, never guide them if you aren't sure.
2. Be open to talk. Don't encourage it too much but be opened up for it, and let your friend know if they need to get it out you're willing to listen.
3. Do small things to cheer them up for the moment, you cannot fix the problem but you can make them smile. Jokes, inside jokes, invite them along, do stuff they like to do, etc
4. If your friend seems to be getting worse and worse talk to them about talking to someone, but don't offer advice
5. When they cry, ask what is wrong, if he or she won't tell you then let them be.
6. Be a good listener.

Give personal space Offer help and support, not advice.If your friend does tell you what's wrong keep everything confidential unless it is suicide, abuse, rape, or anything where he or she can get hurt.


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