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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi guys, how was your 4Th of July go? Our went well, we were busy Thursday and Friday helping my in-laws cleaning their house to get ready for 4Th of July Saturday. They had a big family barbecue to celebrate Independence day. My in-laws hired a chef to barbecue and prepare the food for 4Th of July. The food was really good, we had rib and chicken, hot dog. Cole slaw, greens cooked with turkey, watermelon,potato salad, homemade ice cream and my favorite dessert peach cobbler (hmm yummy). There were 30 people, kids and adults, while porking out we were listening to Michael Jackson's songs.

After the dinner, and started to darken we all went out front my in laws house to lit the fireworks, we let the youngsters did all the lighting. I tried to capture the fireworks while climbing up. I had 3 successful shots, and I think they turn real great. Anywho here are some the picture that I tooked.

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