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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Okay, listen... I log in late today because I am not feeling well. This nasty cold got my butt! Well two things happened that I am not happy about. First..one of my blogs my PR of 3 went down to zero, don't know the reason but it did. Second thing was, my post at Social Spark got rejected again. They said that' my post is full of grammatical error. I have corrected it two times in a row and of course they send it back the third time saying...it's not qualified for resubmit. First of all, they have been doing this to me since last year. They rejected ten post ..oh no... I think it's eleven posts I had submitted for the same reason ( too many grammatical error ). I didn't have any problem on any pass posts that I had submitted and got paid for it too.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. No matter what grammar error fixing I do,It will be still rejected. I am not sure if anyone is experiencing the same thing as I do. Seem like they want you to write about the opps but they don't want you to get paid for it. So every time I have some opps that are qualified for me to post at SS, feels like I don't have the eagerness to do the task. Because, I am afraid that it will get rejected again. EWAN!!!


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