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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lung cancer kills more people annually than breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, and kidney cancer combined! The 5-year survival rate for lung cancer is only 15 percent. Sixty percent of lung cancer cases are now diagnosed as nonsmokers or former smokers. Two-thirds of nonsmokers diagnosed with lung cancer are women.

For hundreds of years, cultures all around the world have used fasting as a way to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. When done properly, fasting gives your body an opportunity to flush accumulated toxins, especially those which accumulate in fat reserves. Before you begin, you'll want to be sure you are healthy and well-educated on safe fasting methods.

Ease into your fast. Eat mild foods for one or two days.
* Try tofu, brown rice, steamed vegetables or toast.
* Drink lots of liquids, such as fruit juice, vegetable broth, water or herbal tea.
Switch to a liquid diet. Continue with just a liquid fast for about three days.
* Drink fresh fruit juice, vegetable broth, filtered water or herbal tea.
* Try to drink about two eight-ounce glasses of water for every eight ounces of fruit juice.

Exercise lightly. Walk, bike or jog slowly. This will help to increase circulation, process nutrients and stimulate digestion, yet not strain your energy reserves.
Break the fast slowly.
On the first day, have light vegetable soups and fruit purees.
The next day, add whole grains and lean protein, such as tofu or chicken.
By the third day, you can resume your normal diet.

Consult with your doctor before fasting Mint and parsley teas can help with digestion and speed the flushing of waste products. Mild discomforts may occur during a fast and for a few days following a fast. These may include headache, nausea and fatigue.

Be sure to take in nutrients during your fast. If you stop eating entirely, some processes may shut down and you will not flush out accumulated toxins.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Create an idea or product that you believe can be successful. This is easier said than done. Coming up with a viable product or idea is sometimes harder than constructing a business plan. Having a good business plan is important for every entrepreneur, but what if you do not have an idea upon which to build a plan?

Get your creative juices flowing. There are many different ways to accomplish this task. Play a game, read a book, paint a picture, play a sport, etc. The point is, do something that gets you thinking and then focus that energy into creating an idea/concept/product. Do not try to force an idea to occur because this will usually result in bad ideas! Take your time, focus your thought, and create the right product for you. Know your limits. Determining these factors will help you focus your thought process. For example, if you are interested in computers, but have no education or experience with computers outside of internet surfing or word processing, it will be difficult to create a marketable idea for computer software components. Keep your thought process reasonable. In other words, do not let your imagination run wild. When you become good at creating ideas, then you can let your imagination do some work, but not at first. Seize upon any inspiration. Sometimes, ideas will pop up at the oddest times. Get a small notebook to carry around with you and write ideas in. This way you can look at your notebook and later begin to develop your idea.

Identify a problem. For example, if you are interested in cooking, maybe you have a problem with the way an oven can dry out a chicken when cooking. Now that you have identified a problem, brainstorm and think of as many solutions as possible. It does not matter how crazy the solution is, just think about them and write them down. After you have written down every possible solution, no matter how crazy, go through the list and find the solution that you feel you can best accomplish. Surprise! You have probably come up with an original idea. This does not mean that you should pitch this idea tomorrow. All this means is that you should develop your idea, mold your idea, and perfect your idea into something you think people would buy if in the market. Also, this way of thinking will get your creative juices flowing. You may find yourself traveling a different path from your original field of interest. If this occurs, follow the thought until completion. You may be surprised where it leads!

Do not force your ideas, take a break if you need one, and be patient! Do not expect miracles the first time. Go through the process and everything should work out. Write down ideas when they hit or sit down, focus on your thought, find a problem, think of a solution, and develop your original idea.

Make sure to develop your idea before you attempt to write a business plan around it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ever had a friend take advantage of you? Well, some people don't realize that their friends are human. They also don't understand that their friends deserve respect. Don't jump to conclusions. If you think a friend is using you, think about it calmly and objectively. Think about how you think they are using you. If you are really stuck, it may be worth asking a mutual friend if he or she has spotted anything out of order recently.

Imagine your positions are switched and think up a possible situation (one where you think your friend used you is better). Think about your reactions to what your friends are saying/doing and vice versa. If they did something you'd never, ever do, then it's possible they are using you. (i.e.: friend asks for a CD, you'd give it back, he or she wouldn't and now ignores you = using) Confront your friend in a calm but assertive manner. Tell them your reasons for suspecting that they are using you. Apologize if you were wrong. It's not nice to be accused of using somebody.

Look them straight in the eye when confronting them. Don't joke around when confronting them. You want them to know you are being serious. Question them on their actions, they might have a reasonable answer that just needed explaining. Before you go around accusing people, make sure that it really is a problem and you're not just making a big deal out of nothing.

If you ask them once and are satisfied that they aren't using you, drop the topic. Don't ever accuse somebody of using you to get your own way, as this isn't nice. Don't bring along another friend, or the accuse might feel surrounded. Make sure it's one-on-one and you're in a comfortable setting. If you are not sure the friend is using you wait a while, ask other people and don't ask them about it right away because it may not be true!

I have two stress days. I was so stress yesterday and still stress today. Felt like I wanna punch somebody. Gusto kong manabunot ahhhh. Here is the whole story: Eto ba namang step daughter ko, he begged my husband ho buy a puppy 4 months ago. Well, she was so excited at first to have the puppy. She feed and played with the puppy, take her to the bathroom, after a few months the excited was gone, kasi she does not want any responsibility. Sabi ko to have a dog is life time commitment, she should have though of all the responsibility that she will be facing before asking for one. This step daughter of mine, ni mag wash ng damit at ng bedsheet di pa magawa. Super tamad! Nag decide ba naman sya a few days ago na ayaw na daw nya ng puppy, stress daw sa kanya. What! kako, ni wala na nga syang ginagawa d2 sa bahay. All she does is sleep,eat and shit.

She is so lazy, I don't hate my step daughter or anything like that but man.....she is so lazy, she doesn't even clean her bedroom if her dad does not tell her so. me and my husband exchange words about her. Sabi ko sa asawa ko that puppy is a living thing, she can't just dump the dog if she doesn't not want it. Is that what she is going to do if she get's pregnant? Take not.. this girl is 20 years old. so irresponsible! Of course , who am I to say things like that... Im just the step mom ..right? Every time I tell my hubby that, he doesn't say anything so, his side is with his daughter, its very obvious!

That's not the only problem I am having with his daughter, a lot more.... But I don't have any say about it. That is why I am so stress, no body to talk to about it...not even my husband. All I can do is voice out my anger blogging.Maybe it will ease the madness I am feeling right now. . No matter what kind pf patient I have, anyone who is facing the same issue as me, I am sure their patient will run out too. Ewan.......... buhay nga naman. I hope I can still hold on.

Friday, March 27, 2009

You may have taken travel for pleasure off of your priority list, but it's likely that you just altered how you're going to do that travel. What elements make travel worthwhile, fun, memorable? And let's not ignore that category of 'mandatory travel' that involves business, family crisis, job change, school, etc.

here are ways to improve your life, as long as you're willing to work at it.

Admit that you are imperfect, and/or that you have areas in your life that need improvement. For example if you need money a practical solution might be to get a job or to start your own business. In some areas of your life you may need some financial security to really assist you in reinventing your life. Determine specifically what areas of your life need changing. Perhaps you need to shift the way you think, the way you relate to others. It is possible that you may need to adjust your personal character, or that you may need some external inspiration. Making changes in your external environment can assist you in the way you live your life, by allowing your creative impulses to flow. Work on your social skills. It is important to be able to have friends in your life, even if you undergo changes you may still want to maintain long-term friendships. Develop self-confidence. Continuously encourage yourself to do better. Sometimes it may be necessary to push ourselves beyond our limits in certain situations in order to see that the limitations we have placed on ourselves were innaccurate. However, we may need to take risks that do not push us too far beyond our capabilities. In this area it may be difficult to determine specifically what risks are necessary, be cautious in areas that may endanger you permanently, but allow yourself to be free enough to try new things that may help you progessively.

Make use of the good qualities and talents you have, even if you feel as though you've only got a few (surely you have a lot, but let's say you've only discovered a few) . Take care of yourself in a multitude of ways, including spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. If you have trouble in a certain area seek help, but realize that you may need to be careful which advice you accept. Give yourself plenty of time to re-create your view of yourself and the world. Although you may be anxious to be a wiser and more capable person, you may need to relax a bit and not take yourself too seriously.

If you have on a small mistake then it's okay. Whether or not people remember your mistakes and hold grudges, even for the smallest infraction, is not a definitive trait of your own level of internal improvement. Don't adhere to advice simply because someone gives it you, instead view it within the context of your own situation and look at as many possible alternative solutions as possible.

Open up your availabilty to resources that will empower you rather than disempower you. Some of the ways to do this are the following suggestions: indulge yourself in great books, great paintings, great music that contain certain themes which are related to your life, preferably these should be books and music and paintings that inspire you and convey messages which you feel are related to your life aspirations or experiences. ("The Arts serve a great purpose for the human race"). People are social creatures. You don't have to be extroverted and socialize with everyone if you're somewhat introverted in nature. However if you feel isolated you may need to exert that certain part of yourself that branches out and reaches people in the most loving and benificial manner. And finally remember no one is perfect. It's a matter of being comfortable in your skin.

Don't overdo it. Personal change takes time. Forcing yourself to change before you are ready will ultimately be ineffective. Be frugal in the areas of your life that require it. The most common example in this area is that of finances, however frugality may be a necessity in other areas such as how much you give and take from others as well. Pampering yourself sometimes is not a bad idea, but doing so while neglecting others will make you appear to be arrogant and self-centered.Don't rely on others for every problem in your life. There are certain areas of your life that you may need to correct using your own intellect and/or intuition.

If there is a problem, correct it as immediately as possible. However if you could not or did not do this allow yourself some time to adjust to it and to make better decisions in the present and future.Don't tell anyone that you are perfect... or even that you are trying to attain perfection. But you can tell people that you are trying to make changes in your life. Yet do not rely so heavily upon the expectation that they will be favorable of your choices, even if they are beneficial for you. You cannot expect to get everything you want out of life, doing so is not only disempowering but purely unrealistic and illogical. But you can expect that you can make a better life for yourself and others if you decide to work hard enough toward it.

We all have bad days periodically. Here are a few tips to help yourself get back into your own "groove" and love your life.

Pamper yourself. Get a facial, a manicure, a massage or a haircut.Try not to dwell in self-pity. Take an extra long shower or an aromatherapy bath. Listen to your favorite music. (If it is depressing consider listening to something happy). Curl up with a book you've been meaning to read, while you enjoy a favorite refreshment or snack. Go for a walk. Get outside. Breathe some fresh air. Move around. Make a list of things you're thankful for. Count your blessings.Consider the things that you enjoy in your life and that make you happy; like sunflowers, watching an old movie, playing with your dog/cat, etc. Love yourself.

Appreciate the little things in life that YOU love- don't follow someone else's tastes: they'll never make you happy. Do what you believe and what makes you happy- it doesn't matter what other people think. Although this is true, try to stick to some moral standard. I'll make you happier in the long run. If you don't like something about yourself, make it a point to either work on it or accept it. Moping around through life will never make anything more bearable. Repair broken frendships. Talk to that sister (remember her?) in Canada. Forgive those who have hurt you- it'll make you a better person and make you more likeable anyway. The happiness is another bonus. Surround yourself with people you love, and love you. Don't bother yourself with people who put you down- be pleasant and polite, but don't waste too much of your time. Concentrate on the good things.

Focus on the things you like most about yourself. If you have beautiful skin on your arms or have the perfect feet, then focus on that. Wear clothes and try to be with people who make you feel good about yourself. Compliments make us all feel good. Say "Really? Thanks!" to the people giving them to you and more will surely come your way!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ArnieV tag me with this Uber Amazing blog award. I would like to thank you Arnie for tagging me. This Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

1. inspires you
2. makes you smile and laugh
3. or maybe gives amazing information
4. a great read
5. has an amazing design
6. and any other reasons you can think of that makes them...
7. uber amazing

The rules of this award are:

* Copy the badge and put the logo on you blog sidebar or post.

* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!

* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.

* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

* Come back and comment here so that your link could be added to the master list of awarded. I would like to pass this tag to the following friends:

This tag is also open for a grab. Enjoy tagging guys.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We seem to do things by years -- 12 itsy-bitsy months ... school, bonuses, taxes, subscriptions, holidays, board membership, ... Oh, sure, Mother Nature gives us the earth's journey around the fireball, but does that mean we have to follow suit?

Happy Monday you all. How's your Monday so far? Mine started to be busy.Make some few things done around the house. After that did my usual work out everyday which is walking. After that I eat breakfast and started my day blogging. I have some task waiting for me at PPP, blogvertise,social spark. But for some reason my brain isn't working properly. Anyway, I just want to see how you all doing today and I hope you guys are having a great Monday.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Make A Change With The Biggest Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Phenomenon Of 2009!Scientific Breakthrough With New Natural Plant Stem Cells Skin Rejuvenating Skin Care.
Emerge Labs Organic Skin Carepresents a revolutionary technology that protects skin stem cells and combats chronological aging. The breakthrough patent-pending active organic ingredient, PhytoCellTec Malus Domsestica, boosts the production of human skin stem cells and protects human skin stem cells from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresher-looking skin.

Using patent-pending plant cell culture technology, Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care introduces PhytoCellTec - cells from a rare Swiss apple that studies show protect skin stem cells thus promoting self-renewal capacity of the skin. The application of plant cell cultures to maintain the function of skin stem cells is a breakthrough in anti-aging. Today, all people want effective ingredients, natural, organic skin care formulas, real results. This is why our products are developed by leading scientists and constantly reviewed to take account of the latest scientific discoveries and the newest, most effective active principles. Each organic skin care product then undergoes rigorous checks and tests of effectiveness in our research laboratory, in order to ensure its total safety and maximum efficacy.

Like NO other organic skin care products available today, Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care offers a complete line of professional organic skin care, high performance organic skin care products using the latest in Plant Extracts, Bio-Peptide and Plant Stem Cells Technology and a common sense "be good to yourself" approach by blending the best of both science and beauty!

Emerge Labs OrganicSkinCare.com is 100% fresh, organic skin care conceived and formulated from the "molecules up" to be clearly the most advanced therapeutic and anti-aging skin care products that you'll ever use! Your skin has never felt so clean, soft, balanced and pure.If you want a younger looking skin then Emerge Labs OrganicSkinCare.com is the place for you. Their product is 100% natural organic skin care and high performance skin care,order your's now .

How to make a stiff, melted ice cream-like froth for cappuccino by using one of those little battery-operated drink whisking gizmo's.

1. Place a tall narrow drink glass in the freezer the night before (or 4-6 hrs. before). You can make the Espresso without freezing the glass but it won't be as good.
2. Make your espresso and while the espresso is being made, take glass out of freezer.
3. Get one of those little battery-operated whiskers (you can also make salad dressing and all kinds of stuff with these).
4. Fill the glass with about 1/3 cup of cold milk (skim/non-fat milk is easiest to froth; start with this and graduate to other types).
5. Stick whisk end into the glass and put it in almost all the way and turn the thing on.
6. Keep it on and watch the milk begin to froth and as it does, slowly and gradually pull the whisker up closer to the surface. Do this slowly enough and you will find you can almost pull the froth and entire volume of milk up with the whisk
7. When the milk is almost a little stiffer than you'd like, stop whisking (turn gizmo off before withdrawing from glass).
8. Place glass of frothed milk immediately into microwave and nuke for 30-45 sec.
9. Use spoon to hold top part of frothed milk back letting more liquefied milk from bottom half of the drinking glass pour into your coffee cup.
10. Slowly pour/drizzle espresso into the middle of this lovely creamy froth of milk in your cup (you can make some designs now like at the fancy coffee places).
11. Spoon the rest of the froth on top.
12. Finish with a little more drizzle of espresso (to make more designs)

You can add, chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon, to your taste.

Don't use the hand-operated pumping type ones - that kind of constant hand and wrist use even if you only do this once a month or so - can cause RSI. (That's nonsense) - "the hand-operated" types make very good foam with smaller bubbles when the quirks ...

Friday, March 20, 2009

To watch news everyday is part of my to do list, watching news is great anyway. It's where individual keep up on what is going on around the world. I love watching nightly news, The World News with Charlie Gibson. Three day ago, when I was watching ABC's world news, and one of the topic was about dolphin bubbles. I totally love dolphins, I think they are the most friendlier sea creatures you can ever interact physically. You can swim and even play with them. I think they are very harmless and gentle. Watching the world news by Charlie Gibson three day ago was overwhelming, my mouth dropped wide open and I didn't want to blink my eyes. I never seen such a thing, I was so amazed how the dolphins can create such a cool behavior and learned from each other doing such amazing things to entertain their self. The dolphins can blow a bubble from their blow hole and maintain the bubble ring from smaller size to a bigger size.

As I watched the video online today, I still can't believe how can a dolphins create such a magnificent shape under water. That tells you that dolphins are smart too. And it's still amaze me, how the dolphins maintain the small bubbles and make it into a larger shape and maintain the bubble in sizes that the dolphins want. It's amazing how quickly they learn from each another.

I never thought that I would be writing something like this. It is my pleasure to write and post how the Dolphins in Sea World Orlando can make such amazing behavior under the water. If you haven't seen this amazing dolphins bubble video then you must visit dolphinbubbles.com and watch and witness the SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove as they artfully create and play with underwater bubble rings and hear what Sea World’s trainers, educators and guests have to say about this fun and fascinating behavior.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheese cake is my favorite dessert with or with out strawberry on top. Every time we go to jack and a box I usually order a slice. When we went to LA California last year, we were able to go to Cheese Cake factory. I ordered shrimp pituchinni and a slice of mouth watering cheese cake with whip cream and strawberry on the top. You cannot imagine how the cheescake tasted like. The cheese cake melted on my mouth. Love it, love it, love it! I can eat it everyday.

If you have problems shopping for clothes that your friends will like on their birthday, here are a few guidelines to help you get the perfect gift for your friend and build a smile.

When you are shopping together, try to remember which stores your friend likes to pick their clothes from. Do they like to go to places like Hot Topic? If so, then what types of clothes do they like there. Take notes on something that you can see and find easily. Keep them for future reference. Take your friend out for a shopping day. Go into stores and see what they pick out or say is "cute". Remember to take notes on this too. Pick out a nice day to shop for clothes that your friend will like. Try to watch the news the night before to see the weather. Its best to pick a sunny day instead of a rainy day, unless you have someone picking you up and dropping you off.

Try to find another friend that may be able to drop you off at a store and pick you up. Pick a friend that you know that wouldn't mind and wouldn't let the cat out of the bag and tell your friend who you are buying clothes for. If you and your friend aren't able to drive yet, ask your parents to drive you, but if they are going to work or are too busy, then wait for a few days. Find out your friend's clothing size. Keep in mind that a size 5 in one clothing line may be a 7 in another. To help you, try to find a friend that is almost or exactly the same size as your friend you are buying clothes for. Remember to bring enough money. Sure, you have found the most cutest blouses and jackets for your friend, but do you have enough money for it? Try to bring at least $100 or $200, or if you are shopping in a department store, an amount under $100 is best. Keep the receipt. If your friend doesn't really like that bright yellow sweater you gave him/her, politely say that you will return it and that they can come with you and pick out what they want with an gift card instead.

When buying any type of clothes, stay away from busy patterns and tacky color combinations. If the choice is between rugged and squeaky clean, pick rugged. Girls dig the 5'o'clock shadow and ripped clothes look. If you aren't strictly shopping for clothes, fragrances are also nice, but don't pick any really old geezer colognes.If your friend has been hinting at something, then get it for them!If you know your friend likes a band, get them the bands shirt. If you still cant find something, just get your friend a gift card. When taking notes on things your friend likes or what size clothes, it doesn't have to be boring. Try to write on some colorful paper with a gel pen or scented markers.

Men: *Never pick a pair of shorts that are above the knee. Women: *Never pick a pair of shorts that are below the knee. If your friend doesn't look happy when they receive their present, don't be discouraged and just try harder next time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nobody likes to live in an area with trash everywhere and all types of pollution. Unfortunately, many people live in this type of place, but there are ways they can contribute to making the area nicer for everyone around.

First of all, set a good example and don't litter. Besides the fact that you won't be contributing to the trash on the ground, other people may see what you do and follow suit (this is especially true if you are somewhat famous in your community). Get the message out that you want a cleaner neighborhood. However, this does not mean participating in wild protests or engaging in violent actions; these will only hurt your cause. Get permission from local stores, churches, restaurants, etc. to put up signs encouraging people to give the environment more consideration. While this may seem cliche, it can make a difference if your signs are good and get people's attention. If your town is always plagued by litter, organize a town cleanup. This can be done by schools, churches, clubs, or any other groups of people willing to help pick up the litter.If your area has pollution, your best bet may be to cut down on activities that contribute to it. Try carpooling or public transportation, and if you smoke, try to quit. To help prevent water pollution, only flush or pour things down the sink that will not damage the water supply; avoid putting paint, old medications, glue, and other potentially damaging items down the sink or toilet. Learn what the appropriate ways of disposing of these things are.

See if there is anything the city could be doing to help keep the area clean. For example, if you feel there aren't enough trash cans around town or that your town doesn't have a good recycling program, write to the appropriate people to let them know.Depending on the type of people in your town, you may or may not convince others to help you in your effort. If this is the case, don't give up; remember that everything you do counts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The mind, the body, the family, the society ... let's talk about the bod ... why not, afterall there are mirrors all over the place ... and o yeah, that bod is the container in which we carry our minds around.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is your front room stuck in the '80s? Does your house beg for a make-over? Here are some tips on how to save money and still get the look that you've always wanted.
15,000+ Decorating Photos.

Choose a style that you like (contemporary/modern, country, french country, victorian etc.). Decide on a wall color to fit the whole look of the room. For victorian, a rosy pink, or an off-white, country can be anywhere from blue and yellow, to pink and white. Select furniture. If your furniture already matches your style, then consider yourself lucky. If your furniture looks unpleasant, purchase some slip covers, they come in all different styles and patterns. Buy cheap rugs and draperies. You can save a lot of money by purchasing solid color rugs and draperies that are in your colors, and places like Wal-Mart carry them.

Find artwork. It isn't as expensive as you may think. You can buy from a retail or craft store, or photocopy images from a book, and frame them.Alter the things you already have. A black lamp may not go with a nautical theme, so what do you do? Paint it, using spray paint or textured paints, found in arts and crafts stores. Clocks, coat racks, vases(using glass paint) shelves, bookends, even baskets and furniture can be transformed by paint.

Toss some pillows and a blanket on your couch, to give your guests a comfortable feeling when they walk through your door. Want to paint a design, but don't have the painting genie? Use stencils and stamps instead. Choose lighting in harmony with the mood. Bright for modern and dim for classic.Use a higher number of weak light sources instead of a lesser number of strong light sources.

Fuel prices have gone up and down like a yo yo in recent years, with the going up being the more common state of affairs. Although dips in fuel prices are a welcome relief, this is no reason to be complacent about fuel conservation and finding alternatives to fuel usage. The trend in the long-run points to increasing fuel prices, so it pays to use the times of dips in price to shore up your household's wealth.

Continue to act as if fuel prices are too high. All the things that you do when fuel prices skyrocket should continue as your regular habit. This is good for your budget, good for your health, and good for the environment. Most of all, it means you are continuing to shape the habit of less reliance on fuel. So, keep:
* Leaving the car at home unless you really need to use it
* Walking to the local stores, clubs, sports activities etc. that are within walking distance
* Preferring public transportation over your own car use
* Cycling to and from work, school, studies, activities

Put the savings in the bank. You will know how much extra your fuel cost you during a rise in prices. Try to put that difference into the bank account. Of course, if you were barely making ends meet during a price rise, you will need to focus on bill payments and grocery shopping but try to put aside any savings possible. This will become a form of future-proofing against the next round of fuel price rises. Avoid buying gas-guzzling cars. Keep on the plan to reduce the amount of cars in your household and trading gas-guzzlers for smaller models, or even for a hybrid. Think long-term rather than about the short-term benefits of a dip in fuel prices.

Continue to learn as much as possible about the depletion of the world's fossil fuels. This will be the ultimate price-driver as new fuels are barely in testing mode and are totally inadequate at this stage to take the place of oil derived fuels. Lobby your local representatives for helping and funding research and development of alternative fuels. A dip in prices can mean a boost in research money for the future. Encourage friends, family, neighbors and communities to demand wider availability and usage of alternative fuels. It is important not to become complacent and feel seduced by lower fuel prices - we need to be planning now to improve the viability of alternative fuels.

Keep your car in good shape so that it uses less fuel.Leave messages when you travel asking bus, rail, and aviation companies to let you know what they are doing to find alternative fuel solutions for their transport fleets. You opportunities to get around, to vacation elsewhere, and to receive reasonably priced goods in the store are all reduced as the fuel prices continue to rise.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We sometime have our moment. When I am feeling down, I listen to this song to make myself feel better in a ways.


I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they're worth taking
Lovin' might be a mistake
But it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance

I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)

I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

The world is forever changing and the roads are becoming more and more busy. Therefore, we should take extra precautions to assure us of a safer trip, even if it is only down to the corner store. Here are a few steps that may help us all to stay safe on the highway.
1. Stay alert.
2. Focus on your driving, as well as the vehicle behind you, in front of you, and to either side of you; make sure that your rearview mirror and side mirrors are adjusted.
3. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
4. Drive cautiously. Stay at a safe speed to allow you time to stop.
5. Respect others. Do not drive with a cellphone stuck to your ear. Pull over if you plan or need to talk on the phone.
6. Turn your radio or car stereo down. Don't have it blaring – if an ambulance, fire truck or a police car are needing to get by, you need to be able to hear their sirens. Otherwise you could end up in a wreck and riding in an ambulance.
7. Make sure that you have a good spare tire and tire jack in your trunk, as well as a jumper cable and any other tools that may be needed. It is also a good idea to carry a warning triangle (in some European countries this is required by law).
8. Pay attention and obey road signs, such as STOP signs; come to a complete stop, and look both ways, before advancing. Keep an eye out for the people that may not obey road signs.
9. Slow down, below normal speed, while driving on winding roads... meaning lots of curves in the road.
10. Pull over to the shoulder of the road: If your car is driving harshly over the roads, and is even causing a problem with your power steering, then the first thing to look into is your tires.


* Keep coolant in your radiator to prevent rust, and in order to keep your vehicle from over heating.
* Keep your air filter changed, for better gas mileage and vehicle performance.
* Keep your tires rotating and balance, the best tires always go to the front.
* Keep a tire gauge in your glove box, and make sure that your tires have the right amount of air pressure. Check them quite often during the summer, when the weather's hotter; also, check for tire rot.
* If you have bought new tires, a lot of tire places will check your tires out for you each month – meaning air pressure and other wear issues. You may want to inquire about it.
* Keeping good tires on your car can save you money on gas, for you'll get better gas mileage. Better tires may save you from getting in to a serious wreck. Discount Tires is a great place to purchase new tires, check for one in your area.
* You might consider having your tires filled with nitrogen by a trained mechanic. This can reduce the risk of minor air leaks caused by bumps or simple wear and tear.
* Keep your vehicle tuned up and windshield wiper blades changed out. Be sure that your brakes are good, keep brake pads changed out once the pedal becomes too slippery.
* Ref. to Step #5: Now, if you are being chased by another motorist that is another issue; by all means stay on the phone and call the cops. Try to stay where there are lights and people.

Do not be a hothead, nor use foul or finger language with fellow drivers, especially in these days and times. Try not to cut other drivers off, for that does fire them up.Try to stay 'low key' while driving in rush hour traffic – in other words, don't lose your temper, for there's a lot of road-rage these days.

Watch out for large holes in the roads. There are holes that are big enough to fit an entire tire in, due to lots of wear and tear from traffic.Watch out for deer or other animal life crossing.atch out for children that are playing on or near the street. If you should see a ball roll out in front of your path, a child is probably nearby. Therefore, slow down and take precaution.

Never try to outrace a moving train. Back away from the railroad track until the train has passed, wait for the signal light to go off and the protective arms to come up. Don't drive while under the influence of alcohol, nor while you are sleepy. Also, don't be talked into riding with a drunk driver – try to get them not to drive.Don't give a young adult a set of car keys, nor buy them a car, until they take driver's education or have been taught to drive well. They need to fully understand the dangers of driving.

If you are a woman driver, and making a long trip, at night wear a baseball cap and tuck your hair up inside. That way, you may not attract unwelcome attention. If you are driving alone, use two pillows (long wise) in order to make it appear that a person is sleeping in the back seat, simply add a blanket over the pillows.
Keep your vehicle's doors locked while driving, so that an attacker cannot force a way in by wrenching open a door. Don't worry about being trapped inside in the event of an accident; most modern cars have locks that spring open should this happen, so the emergency services will definitely be able to get you out.

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123SPOOF.com is the only Caller ID Spoofing service that truly masks your Caller ID so you can remain Anonymous. Try Free Spoofing. No tricks, No gimmicks, No long forms to fill out. Just visit 123 spoof to place your free call. Make a spoof call anywhere and everywhere you want with no cost, only with 123Spoof. com.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When you are having a really rough time at home, it doesn't really help when your friends turn against you or hurt you. This can happen when you least need it, or expect it, and you don't really know what to do when nobody is on your side and you just end up thinking that you are the 'loner'. Don't worry, there are ways to help sort things out.

Hang around with older students you know or with people who are out of school/college. That way you will let your ex-friends know they aren't the only people you need.Don't let your friends scream or shout at you. If you do, other people will think that you're really soft and you can't do anything, so don't shout or scream back at them - you will be just as bad. Just speak in a calm tone and tell them if they don't want to treat you like a human being, then you don't really want to talk. This should earn you a little respect. Stop apologizing. If you aren't talking to your friends and you really want to, don't keep going to them and saying sorry. You are really wasting your time and you are going look desperate.Let them think that you don't need them and you are doing much better without them, that way you can earn some respect. Seek out support with a counselor or somebody you can trust. If you are experiencing hard times at home and a loss of supportive friendships, it can be emotionally damaging and you need support from somewhere to tide you through.

Be careful when you are around your mates, cos' you don't wanna trip and be scarred for life of total embarrassment. Watch your back,your friends may do things behind your back which they may think funny, but you'll take it in a wrong way and think they were being cruel.Let your friends get the message, by which things you do, that you can't be bossed about.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Got tag by Arniev and MsRay. Thank you guys for this tag and thanks for your friendship.

Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.

1.) First and for most I love God above all things.
2.)Love my kids dearly,they are my heart.
3.)Love my Family that are here with me (US), my family that are in Philippines;
4.)Love my friends,even though I have not seen them for almost 7 years.
5.)Love to shop (lol).
6.)Love eating chocolate, I have only one chocolate I can eat and that is the Lintdor brand.
7. Love, love,love cheesecake with strawberry on the top(Hmm yummy).

This tag is open to everyone. Grab it and happy tagging.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We all know that pasta is great for you, but can be very fattening depending on what's added. It doesn't have to be such a struggle though. Just follow these steps to get a quick low fat pasta meal.

1 small red onion peeled and finely chopped (for a sweeter sauce, use a larger white onion instead)
1 can tomato sauce or diced tomatoes
1 small bunch flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
1 to 2 cups pasta or about 20 to 30 sticks of spaghetti/angel hair
spices to taste, including salt and pepper

1. Cook your choice of pasta in a large pan of boiling water (add a touch of salt to raise the boiling temperature). Angel hair pasta is especially healthy for you, but be careful - just because it's thin and light doesn't mean that you can eat more.
2. Heat a heavy based pan with your choice of tomato sauce. Don't use pre-made sauces like Ragu, instead buy cans of diced tomatoes or even just tomato sauce. These can also come flavored/spiced like Ragu, but are much healthier and give you more options about what to add.
3. Cook for two minutes, then add the onion and simmer until transparent. Throw in any form of spices that you like, things like paprika, salt, pepper, and anything you want to experiment with (all in moderation). Cook for a further 2-3 minutes, then stir in parsley and pull off the heat.
4. Drain the pasta and serve immediately. Keep separate from the sauce until it's in your plate. You will tend to eat more if they are pre-mixed because you will subconsciously think that the sauce is taking up more room.

Throw in fresh vegetables like broccoli or mushrooms to add extra flavor and not many calories. You can also make a thicker sauce without adding fat by chopping up small red potatoes and cooking them in the tomato sauce until slightly soft.
To add protein, throw in lean ground beef with the tomato sauce and onions and cook until brown, then continue with the spices.
Another way to make it even more fresh is to buy whole tomatoes and blend them. This however makes the sauce very watery, so you will have to be sure to cook it over a lower heat for a longer time so that it evaporates without burning.
Spices can be hard to add without going overboard, so when first starting out, it’s ok to use pre-mixed spices like the “Magic Pizza and Pasta” spice mix you can find in any grocery store. However, if you’re using pre-mixed spices, check the label. Most of them already have salt and pepper in them, so you don’t want to add any more of your own, or it will be overdone.

Look at that guy next to you. He's stuffing 6 fries into his mouth at a time. He's chewing with his mouth open! And he's blowing bubbles in his drink! Don't let that be you.

First off, remember that you are eating fast food. This food is meant to be fast and cheap, not good and nutritious. When eating fast food, know that you have already abolished all rules of service and manners. That said, read on.

Remember those manners your parents taught you? Ok good, that's your basic foundation. You might be the only person there who does, but remember those manners before you go to your local McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant.
Go to a fast-food restaurant, order your food, grab it, and sit down.
Use your tray paper for its purpose: to make less work for the guys who wipe them. Stand your side container upright. Even a little grease can penetrate through that paper that you usually don't even look at (look at it after your meal)
Go ahead and fill your cup with a beverage. Grab a cap and straw also, and construct your liquid-holding vessel.

Inspect Your Food;
You will be eating food prepared by people who may or may not find it important to keep your food free of foreign matter. Inspect all food before eating.
Eat your main course:
If your main course is a sandwich, unfold its wrapping. Lay your burger on the wrapping, and encase 70% of the burger in it. Eat your way through, and gradually fold back the wrapping. Beverage should be drunk in moderation with this main course.
If your main course is a salad, lift the lid off, and fit it (if possible) under the container. Apply dressing first, and then croutons (if applicable). Fork through your meal. If there is a side for the salad, eat that in moderation with the salad, along with the drink.
Grab your side -- only one at a time! Dip it in the condiment.
Drink politely -- no slurping or blowing bubbles.
Throw away your trash. If possible, throw all objects on the tray, one-by-one, into the trash can. Keep the napkins for later.

If with someone else, do not bother them if they are breaking any of these rules. Don't start a fight over food. Just set a good example with your good manners!
The maddening rush hour for the store cannot be silenced. You may have to change your rules during the wait for you food.
If you are paying for your meal with cash, and (as an example) your order rings up $3.02, give them the extra 2 cents along with that $5 or $10 bill. It makes the transaction quicker, and easier for the cashier.
This is only good for a meal of a sandwich/burger/salad with french fries/onion rings and a drink.

Monday, March 9, 2009

After being motivated initially, there comes the second part - staying motivated when you don’t feel the same excitement as you did in the beginning. Perhaps something new has come into your life and your old goal isn’t as much of a priority anymore. Perhaps you skipped a day or two and now you can’t get back into it. Perhaps you screwed up and got discouraged.

If you can get yourself excited again, and keep going, you’ll get there eventually. But if you give up, you won’t. It’s your choice — accomplish the goal, or quit. Here’s how you can stop from quitting, and get to your goal.
Hold yourself back. When you start with a new exercise program, or any new goal really, usually you're rearing to go, full of excitement, and with enthusiasm that knows no boundaries. You have no sense of self-limitation and think you can do anything. It’s not long, however, before you do learn that you have limitations, and your enthusiasm begins to wane. A great motivator is that when you have so much energy at the beginning of a program, and want to go all out — hold back. Don’t let yourself do everything you want to do. Only let yourself do 50-75 percent of what you want to do. And plan out a course of action where you slowly increase over time.

For example:
if you want to go running, you might think you can run 3 miles at first. But instead of letting yourself do that, start by only running a mile. When you're doing that mile, tell yourself that you can do more! But don’t let yourself. After that workout, you’ll be looking forward to the next workout, when you’ll let yourself do 1.5 miles. Keep that energy reined in, harness it, so that you can ride it even further.

Just start. There are some days when you don’t feel like heading out the door for a run, or figuring out your budget, or whatever it is you’re supposed to do that day for your goal. Well, instead of thinking about how hard it is, and how long it will take, tell yourself that you just have to start. For example, just put on your running shoes and close the door behind you. After that, it all flows naturally. It’s when you’re sitting in your house, thinking about running and feeling tired, that it seems hard. Once you start, it is never as hard as you thought it would be. This tip works well every time.
Stay accountable. If you've committed yourself publicly, through an online forum , on a blog, in email, or in person, stay accountable to that group of people. Commit to report back to them daily, or something like that, and stick to it! That accountability will help you to want to do well, because you don’t want to report that you’ve failed.

Squash negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. This is one of the most important motivation skills, and it is important to practice it daily. It’s important to start monitoring your thoughts, and to recognize negative self-talk. Just spend a few days becoming aware of every negative thought. Then, after a few days, try squashing those negative thoughts like a bug, and then replacing them with a corresponding positive thought. Squash, “This is too hard!” and replace it with, “I can do this! If that wimp on TV can do it, so can I!” It sounds corny, but it works. Really.
Think about the benefits. Thinking about how hard something is is a big problem for most people. Waking early sounds so hard! Just thinking about it makes you tired. But instead of thinking about how hard something is, think about what you will get out of it. For example, instead of thinking about how hard it is to wake early, focus on how good you’ll feel when you’re done, and how your day will be so much better. The benefits of something will help energize you.

Get excited again! Think about why you lost your excitement, then think about why you were excited in the first place. Can you get that back? What made you want to do the goal? What made you passionate about it? Try to build that up again, refocus yourself, get energized.
Read about it. Just read a book or blog about your goal. It will inspire you and reinvigorates you. For some reason, reading helps motivate and focus you on whatever you’re reading about. So read about your goal every day, if you can, especially when you’re not feeling motivated.

Find like-minded friends. Staying motivated on your own is tough. But if you find someone with similar goals (running, dieting, finances, etc.), see if they’d like to partner with you. Or partner with your spouse, sibling or best friend on whatever goals they’re trying to achieve. You don’t have to be going after the same goals — as long as you are both pushing and encouraging each other to succeed. Other good options are groups in your area (be part of a running club, for example) or online forums where you can find people to talk to about your goals.
Read inspiring stories. Inspiration can come from others who have achieved what you want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. Read other blogs, books, magazines. Google your goal, and read success stories. Look at sites such as Zen Habits for inspiration, not only from the author but from many readers who have achieved amazing things. You will soon grow to love reading success stories.

Build on your successes. Every little step along the way is a success — celebrate the fact that you even started! And then do it for two days! Celebrate every little milestone. Take that successful feeling and build on it, with another baby step. Add 2-3 minutes to your exercise routine, for example. With each step (and each step should last about a week), you will feel even more successful. Make each step really, really small, and you won’t fail. After a couple of months, your tiny steps will add up to a lot of progress and a lot of success.

Just get through the low points. Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tide. But realize that while it may go away, it doesn’t do so permanently. It will come back. Just stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. In the meantime, read about your goal, ask for help, and do some of the other things listed here until your motivation comes back.
Get help. It’s hard to accomplish something alone. Whether it's quitting smoking, running a marathon or writing a thesis, it is important to find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both.

Chart your progress. This can be as simple as marking an X on your calendar, or creating a simple spreadsheet, or logging your goal using online software. But it can be vastly rewarding to look back on your progress and to see how far you’ve come, and it can help you to keep going — you don’t want to have too many days without an X! Now, you will have some bad marks on your chart. That’s OK. Don’t let a few bad marks stop you from continuing. Strive instead to get the good marks next time.

Reward yourself often. For every little step along the way, celebrate your success, and give yourself a reward. It helps to write down appropriate rewards for each step, so that you can look forward to those rewards. By appropriate, this means 1.) it’s proportionate to the size of the goal (don’t reward going on a 1-mile run with a luxury cruise in the Bahamas); and
2) it doesn’t ruin your goal — if you are trying to lose weight, don’t reward a day of healthy eating with a dessert binge. It’s self-defeating.

Go for mini-goals. Sometimes large or longer-term goals can be overwhelming. After a couple weeks, we may lose motivation, because we still have several months or a year or more left to accomplish the goal. It’s hard to maintain motivation for a single goal for such a long time. Solution: break it down into smaller goals along the way.

Get a coach or take a class. These will motivate you to at least show up, and to take action. It can be applied to any goal. This might be one of the more expensive ways of motivating yourself, but it works. And if you do some research, you might find some cheap classes in your area, or you might know a friend who will provide coaching or counseling for free.

Never skip two days in a row. This rule takes into account our natural tendency to miss days now and then. We are not perfect. So, you missed one day… now the second day is upon you and you are feeling lazy; tell yourself "No! You will not miss two days in a row!".

Use visualization. Visualize your successful outcome in great detail. Close your eyes, and think about exactly how your successful outcome will look, will feel, will smell and taste and sound like. Where are you when you become successful? How do you look? What are you wearing? Form as clear a mental picture as possible. Now here’s the next key: do it every day. For at least a few minutes each day. This is the only way to keep that motivation going over a long period of time.

Be aware of your urges to quit, and overcome them. We all have urges to stop, but they are mostly unconscious. One of the most powerful things you can do is to start being more conscious of those urges. A good exercise is to go through the day with a little piece of paper and put a tally mark for each time you get an urge. It simply makes you aware of the urges. Then have a plan for when those urges hit, and plan for it beforehand, and write down your plan, because once those urges hit, you will not feel like coming up with a plan.

Find pleasure again. No one can stick to something for long if they find it unpleasant, and are only rewarded after months of toil. There has to be fun, pleasure, joy in it, every day, or you won’t want to do it. Find those pleasurable things — the beauty of a morning run, for example, or the satisfaction in reporting to people that you finished another step along the way, or the deliciousness of a healthy meal.

Find a song that makes you feel good. For example, is there a particular song that makes you feel great about yourself or gives you determination? Listen to a positive song that has meaningful and cheery lyrics. Turn the volume up full blast and sing your heart out then get going again. You can also listen to music as you are running using a portable player.

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This tag was given to me by Amy and Demcy. It's kind of unique tag and it will make you think hard! Thanks amy for passing me this tag.

Anywho, Let me think: Okay here are the 5 women that are very important in my life.

1.) My Nanay - of course she is the # gal in my life. For she carried me in her womb for great 9 months. Feed, clothed and raised me. She lift me up when I was down. Encourage me. She was always there to put band aid and medication on my knees every time I scrape it up from rough playing. No words can measure how my Mom impact my life. Love her to death.

2.) My sister (Penny)- she is the oldest. My best friend, miss her dearly. She was always there when some other kids pick on me. I admire her how she take care of my parents.

3.) My Lola- Love my lola, she was always there for me, take me where ever she goes. Spoils me (LOL)

4.)Donna- I known her since I was 11 years old.She is like my big sister here. She is always there every time I need someone to talk to.

5.) Manang Nida- well she is like my mama over here. She is always there verytime I do something stupid. Which I needed her guidance once in a while. Love u manang.

This tag is open to all bloggers. Happy Tagging.

Got this tag award from Aniev. Cute smile heh! Thanks arnie for passing me this tag.

I wasn't sure if I have to copy the image, but I did anyway:


Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name : Anne
2. A four Letter Word :Acne
3. A boys Name : Annie (my best friend name)
4. A girl's Name : Andres( My uncles name)
5. An occupation : Aerospace engineer
6. A color : Amber
7. Something you'll wear : Anklets
8. A type of food : Anchovies?
9. Something found in the bathroom : Air freshener
10. A Place : Angola
11. A reason for being late : Accident
12. Something you shout : Ain't gonna happened
13. A movie title : Abyss
14. Something you drink: Alabama Slammer
15. A musical group : Alliyah
16. A street name :Avery
17. A type of car : Accord
18. A song title : Another way to die by alicia keys n jack white
19. A verb : Automate

I would like to open this tag for everyone. Everyone are welcome to grab this tag. Happy tagging folks!

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What would you prepare, being a stay home mom or being a career women?

The "Let's Be Friends" Award represents:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Before I move to Seattle, I had few friends to hang around and do things with.I moved 4 hours away from I use to live. It's been 4 years now since I moved here in Seattle. I must admit that I don't have any friends over here. The only friend physically I got right now is my hubby. But I am glad to be a part of the blogosphere, for I meet so many wonderful mommy to be friends with. That leads up to Cecile . Thanks for giving me this one of a kind tag and thanks for being my friend. I meet so many wonderful friend here over the blogosphere, I can't name them all but you know who you are.I just want each of you to know that I appreciate your friendship and I am so blessed and thankful to have a friend like you guys and hope to meet some more friend in the future.

Now, I would like to pass this friendship award to the following:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you have a need to be the center of attention, but don't know HOW to get it? It actually is quite easy, but you have to be ready to have all eyes on you! It just takes a little style, a big smile, and some confidence!

Wear truly fabulous clothing. Check Teen Vogue, Cosmogirl, Glamour and other high-fashion mags for inspiration. Try to find outfits that look similar to those you've seen in those magazines and add a personal touch. For example, if you want a romantic look for a change as you normally prefer rock-chick style, add jeans with studs. Find a fashion idol such as Peaches Geldorf for the britain-rocks-style, Sienna Miller for bohemian and vintage, Ashley Tisdale for the happy-go-lucky-LA-look :)Think of matching colours (for example: blue and turquoise, red and brown, orange and yellow, black and white and so on), matching styles (Never mix emo with preppy. It looks ridiculous!) and all that stuff.
Be a positive person. You don't want to seem as if you are always complaining about something. Show people that you love life! Smile and embrace the world every day :) You gotta be thankful for the life god gave you, so use your chance and live it the way you like it! Have fun and enjoy it! Being fabulous is also about being unique, and that shows through your lifestyle especially!
If you wish to talk to someone whom you do not know, do it through a compliment or a statement about something you have in common (i.e. "This gym class sucks!" not "I read your facebook profile and I found out that you love Ugly Betty! I do too!") You may build off of this, slowly. Try: "Where'd you get this skirt? It looks really cute!") Or for a boy (flirtatious): "Hey, you do some sports? Those muscles are awesome!"
Be sure to keep yourself looking lovely! Remember to bathe, brush your teeth, etc. It's VERY important! Also, don't forget to put a little make up on! But less is more, so it's best to just keep it natural and wear foundation to cover imperfections, a coat of mascara before curling lashes and a pink lipgloss slightly darker than your lips.
Get involved! It's good to be well rounded. Join clubs you're interested in. You can do sports, arts, design, photography, literature and many others! There are so many opportunities to style up your social life. Go to every party you're invited to and show off you're open and nice! And of course, totally fabulous!
Be confident! Don't be ashamed of your body. If it bothers you try eating healthier and working out. Go through school with your head held high and be proud of what you got! Always think of yourself as unique, smart and beautiful. But don't be nasty or arrogant. People hate that.
Consider reading some of the popular style books about being fabulous, like, Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It. by Kimora Lee Simmons. Style, Beauty, Trimness: The art of easily being stylish, attractive and well turned out. by Nancy Marie. or Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe.

Have good posture.
Get decent enough grades that you will be able to do the career of your choice.
Be confident, but realistic.

Don't try too hard. It will be much easier to be "fabulous" if you act normal. Be yourself!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I know for fact that being pregnant was not that easy. Specially, when it comes on using product while still carrying the baby in a womb. Pregnant women and the baby inside can be very sensitive with a lot of things.For a women who is pregnant have to be very careful of using any products while pregnant so that the baby would not be harm in anyways. Women who is pregnant are commonly gets some skin problem. Like acne, stretch mark and more. For pregnant women, it can be very difficult to just use any common product for their skin.

If you are pregnant and having a problem finding some beauty product that are safe for you and for your baby? Beaute de Maman is the answer for your problem. Beaute de Maman is an online store where you can get some health and beauty product that can help treat pregnant women skin problem during pregnancy.

Beaute de Maman is a place where you can find beauty products that are specially made for pregnant women. Now you can treat your stretch mark, sore nipples by using Beaute de Maman product. Beaute de Maman also carry some product for face and body cream for oily blemished skin, facial scrub to use during pregnancy. And don't worry all their product are safe for you and the baby.Beaute de Maman products contain only natural and herbal ingredients and are safe for both mother to be and fetus.

Finding beauty products that are safe for both mother and fetus is essential. Beaute de Maman is a unique line of health and beauty products developed by a board-certified obstetrician to treat problems specifically related to the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy. Infact, Beaute de Maman products have made it into the hands of such Hollywood celebrity moms-to-be including actresses Penelope Ann Miller, Salli Richardson-Whitfield (“Eureka”), Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Jennifer Blanc. Brooke Mueller Sheen, wife of actor Charlie Sheen, as well as Jane Hajduk, who is married to actor Tim Allen, and The Insider’s celebrity correspondent Victoria Recano, can also be counted among expectant Hollywood moms who have been seen and heard referencing various products in the Beauté de Maman line.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009


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