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Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is always a good idea to make your room a little more comfortable. If your bedroom just feels like another room in the house, why not add things to make it feel more like your own special place, more homey? Why not make your room someplace that you look forward to relaxing after a long day at school? Here's how.

Paint the walls warm colors and try to steer away from harsh colors on the walls or floor. White is a very neutral color, and good colors also include cream or pastel colors. Harsh colors will make your room look smaller, and sleeping will be more difficult in a bold, dark room. Choose a carpet that feels comfortable. If you already have a carpet down, but want your room to be more cozy, put down a fluffy rug. Put up pictures, photos or posters on the walls. Anything that makes you feel at home, or you like to look at, will make your bedroom feel more homey and more like yours. Choose some curtains. If you have pale walls, you could hang warm colored curtains which could be a feature of your room. An example of this is warm colored curtains such as brown, orange or red against cream or white walls.

Make your bed feel cozy. This could mean buying a larger duvet, buying new bed covers or putting throws on your bed. Add finishing touches to the bed, such as cushions. Try and get some that blend in with the colors of the room. Put up some shelves and display your things. This could be photos, ornaments, anything you want. Putting personal items around you will make your bedroom feel more like your own private place and not just a room.

Add some finishing touches. This could be a noticeboard filled with photos of friends and family or a row of pictures you have chosen. You could display your own art work, a painting you like or drawings. If you are quite girly or like quirky things, you could attach fairy lights above your bed or somewhere in your bedroom, or hang wind chimes near the window or charms on the walls. You could put scented candles around or incense sticks. Anything that you like to look at will make the bedroom more homey! Buy an oil burner. Get an oil scent you like. Try apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice; usually fall smells are warm and inviting. Lighting. If you want a room to look and feel cozy, use normal incandescent light bulbs that make yellow light. Fluorescent lamps make white light, witch isn't cozy at all. However, if you're an environmentalist, you can put yellow filters on your florescent lamps, achieving the same effect.

Think about lighting. Decide whether to have a light that can be dimmed so you can lower the light at night to make it less harsh, or have lamps around your room for when it gets dark. Fill your room with comfy cushions or beanbags to make it more cozy.Keep the bedroom tidy or it will start to feel cluttered and you won't want to be in there. Quiet music is good, it relaxes people. And if you aren't a music person then don't. It will make the room a place you don't want to be. It's okay if you want to put some pictures or posters up, but don't overdo it.

If you do light scented candles or incense sticks, always be careful and responsible with them and extinguish them properly before you go to sleep or go out.
If you share a room with someone, make sure they agree with the changes you make to the room. If you are still with your parents, make sure they give you permission before you make any big changes (like painting the walls).


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