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Friday, May 29, 2009

Orlando, Florida is one of the top vacation destination's in the WORLD. But very few know how to enjoy it perfectly . There is so much to do! From the Big Mouse, to the local zoo's, there is so much to do! Are you planning a family vacation for your family? Sea World Orlando is the best place to be this summer vacation. Enjoy the different attraction that Orlando have. Have you heard? Sea World Orlando has open their latest attraction this May.

Manta is the newest attraction of Sea World Orlando. Explore the depths of the sea and roam among Manta's freshwater lagoon and saltwater habitat . Manta has the ten amazing and unique aquariums surrounded by the beauty and mystique of Manta's underwater creature's. Experience the trilling manta roller coaster ride and the incredible underwater worlds of tropical fish and rays, visit ridetheflyingray.com and buy your tickets. Participate and choose any activity and win prizes or participate all the six activities and win the front of the line pass at manta at Sea World Orlando.Don't waste your time, hurry and visit the ride the flying ray, explore the Website and see what the Sea Wold manta can does with you and your family for fun. Make your summer vacation enjoyable and fun. Experience the new fun ride and the amazing surrounding at manta the newest Sea World attraction


It's pretty warm today, the temperature was up to 80 degree. I am enjoying it, I said that because you cannot predict what gonna be the weather here in Seattle. Even though if the weather channel would say it would sunny and nice,sometime the weather will go nuts and go the other way around if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I got to wear my shorty-shot (lol) and sleeveless top. I'd got the chance to take a picture of my mother-in-laws flower. She had a bunch of different kind of flower on her backyard, I love taking picture of anykind so I went ahead and took some. I will be sharing it here sometime soon, i have to download it first.

Green lake and beaches here are full with people. I hope the warm weather will last more than a day. Well! we will see .... I hope you are enjoying your weekend folks!


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