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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Have you heard about www.mysuitny.com ? If so, her is your chance to know more about it. Mysuit.com is a global company with a long period of time manufacturer and retails.It is a division of one of the largest suit makers in the world. Mysuit.com make custom suit starting at $ 495.00 . Mysuit.com is the Made to measure suit.You can make your own custom suit in just 3 simple steps .When you visit the link ,do your measuring, select your styles and the fabric you got the eye on . Once you make your choices of pants and jackets, you can as well personalize your selections with detail options. Is this sound so wonderful and easy? Actually it is! Storefront_logo
So , ladies if you are haunting for a christmas gift for your man, this is the place to be. Mysuitny.com is a place to shop for mens’ suit off the rack. Get that mouse and aim it to the link above and make an appointment to be measure online .You would be amazed with the outcome .In just 2 weeks you could be wearing a Made-To-Measure suit
from MySuit.com.


If you are tiny like me, you are absolutely and will have trouble finding clothing that fits you.Alam nyo na, mga filipina, mga petite masyado LOL. I remember the first time I got here(US) , I was having real trouble finding my size. I was size 0. Back then of course I didn't know anything about where to shop for my size. I remember, my sister-in-law took me to JCPenney. Whew! It didn't take long for me to find some outfit that really fits me. It took while for me to get use to shopping over here since they have different sizing. It wasn't like in Philippine, their sizes over there are from S,M,L only . But over here, yes, they do have that sizes S,M,L and so on, but their sizes goes by the number as well.

You just know where to go to shop for your right size. Most of the shopping store have small sizes. Like Victoria Secret,Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer,JCPenney,The Bon,GenX,Foever21,Target, hmmm what else?? Oh yeah! as well as wallmart.


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