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Sunday, September 27, 2009


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New Mexico is a great place to visit. It has a beautiful climate, fantastic people and a unique culture. However in order to get the most out of your trip to this fair state, do the following steps:

1. Eat the local food. Go to either a Mexican or New Mexican restaurant when you are here.
2. Understand our state's official question "red or green?" This means "do you wish to have red or green chile on your food?" I suggest that you have green chile - it's usually the most flavorful.
3. Visit a Catholic church. Many of the Catholic churches in this state are hundreds of years old. Catholicism was and still is very important to native Hispanic New Mexicans.
4. Visit an Indian Pueblo. However, please respect their privacy and traditions.
5. Visit Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Ruidoso, Gallup and Taos. These cities, among others, give you a good sense of what New Mexico is about.
6. Go off the beaten path. Check out Chaco Canyon, the Very Large Array, and the many little towns, villages, and ghost towns in the state.

If you live in the United States, you don't need a passport to visit New Mexico. New Mexico is the 47th state of the United States.You usually can drink the water! Wear sunscreen! New Mexico is sunny, and much of it is high elevation. You may get sunburns that may lead to skin cancer if you don't take care of yourself. Be prepared for cold and/or inclement weather. Not all of New Mexico is desert, some places are cooler than others. Also, it can get fairly cold in the desert during the winter. Be wary of tourist traps! Remember, one person's treasure is another person's trash.

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Getting caught up in popular music? Want to know how to like it and your own favorites? Read on for instructions...

1. Appreciating and liking are two completely different things. Listen to all sorts of music, even if some of it might not be your absolute favorite. You don't have to like the music, just listen to it and try to understand it. Listen to a little bit of everything, from Bach to Billie Holiday to Less Than Jake to Liquid Tension Experiment to Michael Buble to Slayer.
2. Most songs are written for a reason. There is usually a message being sent. If you don't understand it upon first listening to a song, look up the lyrics. This is hard to do in classical music, as there are not necessarily any lyrics. For that, you have to try a little harder when you listen.
3. Don't criticize the first time you listen. Just sit back and let it wash over you. If you start complaining or griping, you have no hope of appreciating it.
4. Do your best to expose yourself to new kinds of music. Go out and buy a random used CD or listen to a different radio station each day. Go on sites like allmusic.com, pandora.com, myspace, or purevolume.com to find new bands.
5. Research underground music or listen to garage rock/pirate radio stations. These types of music are usually unique and tend to expose you to different.ideas and styles. Research music like ska, two-tone, and experimental. All of those less popular genres will help you to better your understanding of different music.
6. Don't limit yourself to "Pop" music. Go for some opera, classical, jazz, techno, reggae, and heavy metal, too. Also, look up music from different countries.

Go to your local library and take out some CDs that you normally wouldn't listen to. That way, if you don't like it, you didn't lose any money! Some music stores allow you to preview a CD with a quick scan of the album, such as Barnes & Noble and FYE. This is also true of most online retailers, and there are many places to find free samples, such as videos on Youtube, Pandora.com, or the band's website. Try it before you buy it!

Be aware of your surroundings. Headbanging at the office usually isn't acceptable. Keep it down. The guy a block over probably isn't as interested as you are in hearing opera or the latest techno remix. It's a hobby, not a chore. Don't feel like you HAVE to go listen to the new track you got RIGHT NOW. Music can be better appreciated if you actually want to listen to it.


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