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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Keeping a baby entertained is really quite easy. They enjoy exploring almost everything,and love to take things out of a purse, or from drawers.

Place the baby on the floor on their stomach or back or place them in a bouncy seat. Make sure with this that there is a toy or an on object in front of him so he could focus on that and play with it.Find a set of keys and jingle them in front of the baby. They can get easily distracted by something like this, if you can’t find a set of keys try a toy that shakes or rattles. Make funny sounds, talk to him, or even make faces. Babies love to be talked to and have the attention focused on them. Walk around the room with them in your arms so they can see what is going on. Sing songs. Play "patty cake" or "itsy bitsy spider" or other hand games. Play "peek-a-boo" - teach the baby to lift the blanket up and down himself. Give the baby something she isn't normally allowed to play with - plasticware, pots and pans, empty boxes and your purse.Go on an outing - babies love to watch other kids. Take a little one to the park and let her watch the bigger kids play. Even going to a nearby area, like the backyard, corner store, or checking the mailbox will entertain a baby. Read a Book to a Baby or Infant. Try using different voices, tones, pitches, gruffness, and accents to make it more entertaining. Point at and name things on the page. Build a tower out of blocks together. Or build a tower and let the baby knock it down. Try moving the baby around the house, apartment, or whatever every half-hour or so. To the baby, it may seem like an entirely new place to play.

Take off the baby's clothes, and put him or her in an empty bathtub to play for a while. Many babies love having some time without clothes on, and it can be good for treating and preventing diaper rash. Bathe an Infant; many rugrats really enjoy a bathtime. And parents love coming back to a clean, happy baby. Put on some music and dance with the baby held in your arms (not too rough)! Many babies love ripping paper, like newspaper. Just be careful that the paper doesn't get into the mouth. To help prevent such a problem, offer the baby a pacifier as he or she plays with the paper. Try to find paper that's very clean or uses soy-based ink if possible. Make room for baby in his toy box and sit him in there with his toys to play. Play in the closet, or under a blanket tent with flashlights and other toy lights.

Shiny or noisy objects and toys always seem to help. When making faces you want to be careful as to what faces you make, you don't want to scare the baby and have them crying. Also when talking to him you want to talk in a nice soothing and calming voice, nothing to alarming for them.If the baby does start to cry, blow a stream of air towards his or her face, gently like you were trying to cool a bowl of soup. This will calm the baby and he or she will usually stop for a deep breath; this is your chance to amuse. Babies respond better when you talk in a voice that is a little higher pitched than its normal register. Be creative. A lot of everyday objects and situations can become a source of entertainment for a baby. For more detailed ideas listed in a month by month guide, visit best kids activities

Make sure you play gently - babies are delicate creatures! Keep your eyes on the baby at all times (or make sure someone else in the room is watching). Avoid objects that are sharp. Avoid playing in areas where a baby could easily bump his/her head and furniture with sharp corners.Babies need their own space also. They like to be left alone with books to check it out. Watch your child, but also allow them to have time alone. Do not think you have to entertain them all the time!


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