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Friday, October 23, 2009

We, sometimes get so hooked up on what is going on around us and on our lives. Sometimes we take things for granted and forget to look back and thank someone who made a difference in our lives. I often sit back and think about what life would be like, if I did not do this, what if I did not do that, what if I did not listen to my best friend.

I was low of self confidence and felt like nothing good was going my way. But because of my best friend for seven years, my life changed. My best friend was my mentor. My best friend was there for me when I needed encouragement, whenever I am down and felt like I cannot accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in life, he was there to pushed me up emotionally and mentally. He used to tell me "stand out for yourself because nobody will". Life is what we make it, these words are true! Nobody will change things for me but me. He was the one who gave me courage ,who gave me advice, who helped me with my personal problem. He was the one who encouraged me to go back to school. Without his patient, his encouragement, I would not be here where I am now. I would not have a better life without his support. I would not have a better education without him pushing me to finish what I have started when I was about to gave up. Life has changed, he and I got so busy with our own separate lives that we have lost communication. It has been four years since we last talked and the last thing I knew was he was moving to Florida.

MyLife make things easier for us to locate someone. Mylife.com can help us search for anyone like our mentor, so that we can thank them for what they have done in our lives. If you have someone who made a difference in your life and wanted to thank them? Mylife.com can help you find that someone, myLife.com is America's number one people search. Mylife.com will help you and I find the person who made a difference in our lives no matter where they are. Join mylife.com now and search for someone who is close to your heart, who changed your life, your mentor. Mylife.com one way to find that person, so that you can let that persons know that you appreciate him/her. So, visit now!



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