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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheese cake is my favorite dessert with or with out strawberry on top. Every time we go to jack and a box I usually order a slice. When we went to LA California last year, we were able to go to Cheese Cake factory. I ordered shrimp pituchinni and a slice of mouth watering cheese cake with whip cream and strawberry on the top. You cannot imagine how the cheescake tasted like. The cheese cake melted on my mouth. Love it, love it, love it! I can eat it everyday.

If you have problems shopping for clothes that your friends will like on their birthday, here are a few guidelines to help you get the perfect gift for your friend and build a smile.

When you are shopping together, try to remember which stores your friend likes to pick their clothes from. Do they like to go to places like Hot Topic? If so, then what types of clothes do they like there. Take notes on something that you can see and find easily. Keep them for future reference. Take your friend out for a shopping day. Go into stores and see what they pick out or say is "cute". Remember to take notes on this too. Pick out a nice day to shop for clothes that your friend will like. Try to watch the news the night before to see the weather. Its best to pick a sunny day instead of a rainy day, unless you have someone picking you up and dropping you off.

Try to find another friend that may be able to drop you off at a store and pick you up. Pick a friend that you know that wouldn't mind and wouldn't let the cat out of the bag and tell your friend who you are buying clothes for. If you and your friend aren't able to drive yet, ask your parents to drive you, but if they are going to work or are too busy, then wait for a few days. Find out your friend's clothing size. Keep in mind that a size 5 in one clothing line may be a 7 in another. To help you, try to find a friend that is almost or exactly the same size as your friend you are buying clothes for. Remember to bring enough money. Sure, you have found the most cutest blouses and jackets for your friend, but do you have enough money for it? Try to bring at least $100 or $200, or if you are shopping in a department store, an amount under $100 is best. Keep the receipt. If your friend doesn't really like that bright yellow sweater you gave him/her, politely say that you will return it and that they can come with you and pick out what they want with an gift card instead.

When buying any type of clothes, stay away from busy patterns and tacky color combinations. If the choice is between rugged and squeaky clean, pick rugged. Girls dig the 5'o'clock shadow and ripped clothes look. If you aren't strictly shopping for clothes, fragrances are also nice, but don't pick any really old geezer colognes.If your friend has been hinting at something, then get it for them!If you know your friend likes a band, get them the bands shirt. If you still cant find something, just get your friend a gift card. When taking notes on things your friend likes or what size clothes, it doesn't have to be boring. Try to write on some colorful paper with a gel pen or scented markers.

Men: *Never pick a pair of shorts that are above the knee. Women: *Never pick a pair of shorts that are below the knee. If your friend doesn't look happy when they receive their present, don't be discouraged and just try harder next time.


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