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Friday, March 13, 2009

Have you heard about 123spoof ? They are the telecommunication company. They work with latest technology and take them to the next level. They create unbelievable product, something that would combine many good ideas and create one product that can do it all. Product like spoofing card, with the spoofing card, you will be able to disguise your voice and it works anywhere in the world at anytime. Withe spoofing you will be able to be able to make a truly unique business tool by adding features such as notes after a call, a phone book and call log that links with Outlook, and to be able to manage everything from a web control panel.

123SPOOF.com is the only Caller ID Spoofing service that truly masks your Caller ID so you can remain Anonymous. Try Free Spoofing. No tricks, No gimmicks, No long forms to fill out. Just visit 123 spoof to place your free call. Make a spoof call anywhere and everywhere you want with no cost, only with 123Spoof. com.


  1. nukemdomis said...
    I've recently heard about this new site. I use SpoofCard myself and I know that everyone wants free SpoofCard pin numbers so this site will make some people nice and happy.
    Joel said...
    123spoof.com allows UNLIMITED free spoof calls and that other site mentioned above spoofcard only gives 7 minutes free. anyways 123spoof has a lot more features.

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