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Friday, March 27, 2009

here are ways to improve your life, as long as you're willing to work at it.

Admit that you are imperfect, and/or that you have areas in your life that need improvement. For example if you need money a practical solution might be to get a job or to start your own business. In some areas of your life you may need some financial security to really assist you in reinventing your life. Determine specifically what areas of your life need changing. Perhaps you need to shift the way you think, the way you relate to others. It is possible that you may need to adjust your personal character, or that you may need some external inspiration. Making changes in your external environment can assist you in the way you live your life, by allowing your creative impulses to flow. Work on your social skills. It is important to be able to have friends in your life, even if you undergo changes you may still want to maintain long-term friendships. Develop self-confidence. Continuously encourage yourself to do better. Sometimes it may be necessary to push ourselves beyond our limits in certain situations in order to see that the limitations we have placed on ourselves were innaccurate. However, we may need to take risks that do not push us too far beyond our capabilities. In this area it may be difficult to determine specifically what risks are necessary, be cautious in areas that may endanger you permanently, but allow yourself to be free enough to try new things that may help you progessively.

Make use of the good qualities and talents you have, even if you feel as though you've only got a few (surely you have a lot, but let's say you've only discovered a few) . Take care of yourself in a multitude of ways, including spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. If you have trouble in a certain area seek help, but realize that you may need to be careful which advice you accept. Give yourself plenty of time to re-create your view of yourself and the world. Although you may be anxious to be a wiser and more capable person, you may need to relax a bit and not take yourself too seriously.

If you have on a small mistake then it's okay. Whether or not people remember your mistakes and hold grudges, even for the smallest infraction, is not a definitive trait of your own level of internal improvement. Don't adhere to advice simply because someone gives it you, instead view it within the context of your own situation and look at as many possible alternative solutions as possible.

Open up your availabilty to resources that will empower you rather than disempower you. Some of the ways to do this are the following suggestions: indulge yourself in great books, great paintings, great music that contain certain themes which are related to your life, preferably these should be books and music and paintings that inspire you and convey messages which you feel are related to your life aspirations or experiences. ("The Arts serve a great purpose for the human race"). People are social creatures. You don't have to be extroverted and socialize with everyone if you're somewhat introverted in nature. However if you feel isolated you may need to exert that certain part of yourself that branches out and reaches people in the most loving and benificial manner. And finally remember no one is perfect. It's a matter of being comfortable in your skin.

Don't overdo it. Personal change takes time. Forcing yourself to change before you are ready will ultimately be ineffective. Be frugal in the areas of your life that require it. The most common example in this area is that of finances, however frugality may be a necessity in other areas such as how much you give and take from others as well. Pampering yourself sometimes is not a bad idea, but doing so while neglecting others will make you appear to be arrogant and self-centered.Don't rely on others for every problem in your life. There are certain areas of your life that you may need to correct using your own intellect and/or intuition.

If there is a problem, correct it as immediately as possible. However if you could not or did not do this allow yourself some time to adjust to it and to make better decisions in the present and future.Don't tell anyone that you are perfect... or even that you are trying to attain perfection. But you can tell people that you are trying to make changes in your life. Yet do not rely so heavily upon the expectation that they will be favorable of your choices, even if they are beneficial for you. You cannot expect to get everything you want out of life, doing so is not only disempowering but purely unrealistic and illogical. But you can expect that you can make a better life for yourself and others if you decide to work hard enough toward it.


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