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Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to make a stiff, melted ice cream-like froth for cappuccino by using one of those little battery-operated drink whisking gizmo's.

1. Place a tall narrow drink glass in the freezer the night before (or 4-6 hrs. before). You can make the Espresso without freezing the glass but it won't be as good.
2. Make your espresso and while the espresso is being made, take glass out of freezer.
3. Get one of those little battery-operated whiskers (you can also make salad dressing and all kinds of stuff with these).
4. Fill the glass with about 1/3 cup of cold milk (skim/non-fat milk is easiest to froth; start with this and graduate to other types).
5. Stick whisk end into the glass and put it in almost all the way and turn the thing on.
6. Keep it on and watch the milk begin to froth and as it does, slowly and gradually pull the whisker up closer to the surface. Do this slowly enough and you will find you can almost pull the froth and entire volume of milk up with the whisk
7. When the milk is almost a little stiffer than you'd like, stop whisking (turn gizmo off before withdrawing from glass).
8. Place glass of frothed milk immediately into microwave and nuke for 30-45 sec.
9. Use spoon to hold top part of frothed milk back letting more liquefied milk from bottom half of the drinking glass pour into your coffee cup.
10. Slowly pour/drizzle espresso into the middle of this lovely creamy froth of milk in your cup (you can make some designs now like at the fancy coffee places).
11. Spoon the rest of the froth on top.
12. Finish with a little more drizzle of espresso (to make more designs)

You can add, chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon, to your taste.

Don't use the hand-operated pumping type ones - that kind of constant hand and wrist use even if you only do this once a month or so - can cause RSI. (That's nonsense) - "the hand-operated" types make very good foam with smaller bubbles when the quirks ...


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