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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Be realistic. You may dream of being a ballet dancer at 45, but it's mighty unlikely to happen. However, you could get involved in set design, costume-making or any number of related areas. One of the problems that people with impossible dreams encounter is that they make them so big, that not only is it unlikely they'll be able to achieve them, it is equally likely that they will be the best excuse never again. I'm a great believer in impossible dreams, but make sure they can broken down into ' bite-size' chunks, so that you can see a beginning, middle and the end to each chunk. If my dream, is to be Booker prize winner I can stay in my head autographing first editions and never start the first page. Or I can keep a journal everyday, send short pieces into parish newsletter and write letters to the editor of my favorite magazine as a way of practising my skill as a blogger.


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