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Friday, May 23, 2008

If you are interested in earning income from home its important to know the difference between a Home Based Job and a Home Based Business.

A Home Based Business can be very rewarding. The earning potential is very great if you select an honest company with a proven track record. Select a company that has been in business for many years and which has verifiable proof that others have successfully earned a 5 for 6 figure income with them. Ask for this proof before signing up. The company should have an actual website that you can visit before deciding if the home business opportunity is right for you.

You will know you are applying for a Home Based Business if...

You are given a free website.
You are being given the opportunity to purchase products from the company
A mentor or program is in place where a successful and experienced individual helps you to learn the ropes, provides you with advice and information and assists you to grow your business.
Referring others to the organization is your main source of making income and you are provided with the knowledge to do this successfully.
Free offers and bonuses are provided to you if you chose to select the particular Home Based Business opportunity.
There is no pre-requisite of education, experience or skills to sign up.
Special home office equipment and location is not required to participate.

The earnings potential is very great and you can earn a six figure income.
A home based job can be very rewarding also. You receive a guaranteed bi-weekly or monthly salary regardless of volume or customer response. Although most home based jobs pay an hourly benefit (between $8 to $15 per hour) you can usually determine the number of hours you want to work. Many home based jobs offer retirement benefits and health insurance. There are close to a hundred home based employers, however the specialized educational, experience and skill requirements vary from employer to employer and you may only qualify for empoyment with a small percentage of them.

You will know if you are applying to a Home Based Job If:

You will not be required to purchase items, sign up for products.
You are asked to submit an employment application (usually on-line) to a company that hires employees to work from home.
You will need to submit a resume and references with your application.
Specific home items will be required such as a computer, land-line telephone or private home office.
Testing is necessary with the company. The testing will depend on the type of position you are inquiring about. For example you may need to take a typing speed test for a data-entry position; or you may need to provide voice samples for a customer service job.
Specific skills, experience or education are mandated. These will be clearly identified in the job announcements. For example a proof-reading job may require several years of experience as a proof-reade; or a job grading school standardized testing may require you to be a college graduate.
You will be required to have an interview (usually by telephone) before being hired.
The company will provide andy specialized equipment free of charge. For example if you are hired as a medical transcriber, the transcription machines will be provided to you.
You are asked to sign employment paperwork upon accepting the position.
Salary (usually minimum wage or close to it) and benefit information is provided to you for your consideration in the job announcements.
You are able to visit the company's website to read about what type of company it is and who they serve. You will also be able to contact them by telephone or e-mail to communicate with the company's Human Resoruces Department.

  • You can do both a home job and home business in order to have a steady income until your home business takes off.
  • Selece a reputable home business organization with a verifiable track record that has been in business for many years.
  • Avoid any home business where you are purchasing products you will never use or don't need such as 100 pounds of beef jerky a month.

Keep in mind that for a home job there are usually thousands of applicants for a limited number of positions and some are part time needing workers on a seasonal basis during certain times of the year.


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